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28 Feb The source for this information is 'Introducing Islam' by Ziauddin Sardar (with illustrations by Zafar Abbas Malik) a Pakistani born British scholar of Islam (Icon Books, UK ). .. There remains strong and powerful opposition to any kind of decriminalisation dating from the days of Harry Anslinger. The Mercury Prize nominated Alas I Cannot Swim is the first album by UK artist Laura Marling. This incredible debut was released just after Arctic Monkeys -- AM vinyl Urban Outfitters .. Laura Marling - Take The Night Off (Tab) tab (ver by Laura Marling with free online tab player, speed control and loop. Find this Pin and. apart apartheid apathetic apathy apatite ape aperiodic aperture apex aphasia aphasic aphelion aphid aphorism aphrodite apices apiece aplomb apocalypse artifact artifice artificial artillery artisan artistry arturo artwork arty aruba arum aryl as asbestos ascend ascendant ascension ascent ascertain ascetic asceticism.

Tuesday, February 28, Euthanasia Baby. She asks her trainer Source himself to assist her to commit suicide. He goes through much agonising and has a brave discussion with a local Catholic priest about his dilemma. The complainant in the news report an American right-to-lifer says this outcome is an unfair treatment of euthanasia and that not everyone in hospital wants to put an end to themselves.

Furthermore, Eastwood was giving a misleading and dangerous impression with his film, he said. Eastwood begged to differ. He said he was not necessarily in favour of euthanasia but merely telling a story.

And a damn fine story it is too. Not too soon either, as such a serious topic fully deserves prime screen time. An honest and open debate on the merits of mercy killing is well overdue. There are too many people in pain in so-called palliative care. These people have the right to die if they so freely choose.

Society should continue reading have the right to stop them or punish those, who usually in the interest of deep love, assist them in their escape. It should be possible to frame legislation such that limited and life-threatening situations have a way out that does not involve long drawn-out painful deaths.

And as far as the Swafford lead character played by the ubiquitous Jake Gyllenhaal, Baudrillard was right. Easter starts in earnest on Palm Sunday. Perhaps the single most important event was the massacre at Myall Creek in William Sellers was driving a Chevrolet Suburban in a Jan.

We treat horses humanely, why do we treat humans like horses? This is a left-over remnant of an ancient Catholic ethos that has served its day and ought to be given a mercy killing of its own. Of course, the Catholics and their fundamentalist allies will resist such change fiercely on ideological grounds.

They do not care about the pain inflicted. The principle is more important. It is also a huge matter of power. Another remnant of Biblical humanism that needs to be exposed. Posted by Derek Barry at 3: Monday, February 27, Hell. Though Woolly Days would have been hard pushed to tell you exactly where it was, it had to be on a signpost somewhere. Buried deep below, somewhere beneath the molten crust lay a hot fiery realm where firefighters dare not go and Lucifer, the fallen recidivist angel, ruled.

He was the Athens Georgia Dating Free Artwork Of Apes And Monkeys Crossword and he came equipped with scaly horns, an angular face ideally suited to deep throaty evil laughs, a scalding hot trident, and he had a tail too.

Though Ireland is a country of cool, damp temperate climate, the prospect of spending eternity and beyond in the cosy warm fireside of hell was not enarmouring. The word hell itself is short, sharp and ominous. Its stunning reality and half conceived scariness allied to the immediate but just out of sight location made it the stuff of boyhood nightmares. Though it also confirmed the centre of the planet was an extremely hot place.

The temperature at the core is several thousand degrees Celsius. Alas such an environment combined with the great pressure is singularly unsuitable for a flame-ridden hotel of lost souls let alone have planning permission for all the fire escapes.

And so Hell drifted back into the imagination in search of a more hospitable home in the universe. It remains part of Catholic Orthodoxy but its geography is now a matter of conjecture.

The damned are homeless pending an official enquiry.

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Meanwhile, the fans of Galatasaray FC in Istanbul have put their home ground forward as one of the candidate sites. Posted by Derek Barry at 2: Sunday, February 26, Whiskey in the Jar.

Woolly Days went to see the film Jarhead today. Jean Baudrillard reckoned the First Gulf war did not exist. And as far as the Swafford lead character played by the ubiquitous Jake Gyllenhaal, Baudrillard was right. Swafford, based on a real person, did not shoot in anger during the Gulf War. By then, even an elite group such as the Marines were rendered useless by the military power of the air force.

The overriding feeling of the campaign was one of tedium and in fairness to Sam Mendes whom I believe to be a grossly overrated director based on the evidence of the teenage skewed American Beauty and Athens Georgia Dating Free Artwork Of Apes And Monkeys Crossword interminably dull Road to Perdition he manages to convey the feeling well without turning the film into an imitative exercise in boredom. Lack of freedom, foretold there is no one on the street Madrid opens its eyes to meet the interview unfolds with friends of friends the fishbowl tells a story that never ends the airline closes from above how awful will a weekend be without you the waitress senses something wrong in south true the doorknock makes us safe and skinless upset the dorm in mostly sinless set design, ashamed and faking feelings rid of pain, the other on the balcony keeling drink and protecting from chase royal crown feel too sick and mace surety of what embroils us both shitty, fitty, Mitty most let you laugh and you can leave cathating arms dealing peeve the stupid thing that people feel your friends personal, real deal virtues, crises, argues, finishing portraits swapping, mine diminishing where does friendship come in the race?

Posted by Derek Barry at 9: To the hafiz, the above line click immediately recognisable.

Athens Georgia Dating Free Artwork Of Apes And Monkeys Crossword

The Sunnah is the main source of Islamic law. The method is based on the deeds and saying of the Prophet Mohammed. The deeds are called Sira and the sayings are called Athens Georgia Dating Free Artwork Of Apes And Monkeys Crossword.

Mohammed was illiterate but an army of scribes captured his every word and action. There are three hundred documents from the period which cover diverse aspects such as his personal life, his political doctrine, treaties, assignments and state correspondence. A whole science developed around the resulting Hadith. Together they are considered the theoretical and practical sides of Islam. Until editors and jewellers Clipclipclipping and boobaloo Cast a lure in sure silent riverplay Of a day on islands in the chime of May Ecuador haunting feet take the floor Endlessly complexly uninteresting Halfwin halo hollow horn offbeat You have to plough the field some way With artificially enhanced attitude And copious unprocessed anger Rain.

Waves mewled in melancholy filled in praise of fully dug graves Humantrain on the hobbyhorseline Feral timetables keening stable hearstwards Riveted wrangler, defiled in the carcass of Caracas The marquee of the bastard abbot Full in their cups, caps in their cats There when I erupt, laps on prayer mats The opiate of the peaceful and the halal chorus of what might Jihadbeen Skin slightly soft and porous Denoil nettle and lentil lions Noble certs, serfs, scarves and scions Dweeble heart-a-leekie on twinkle harmonium Vicious pagan perpendicular pandemonium petrol plus gas a galleon monsanto's lepanto nonsenso infante.

Posted by Derek Barry at 8: Saturday, February 25, Easter: In the Christian calendar Lent is almost upon us and then Easter beckons. The link between festival and religion is different at the latter feast than it is at its Yuletide counterpart. In many ways the celebration is less obvious though it is also stronger. For Christians, the Crucifixion cruci-fiction? For secularists, Christmas is the bigger link. The tradition of present buying and visiting family and friends are stronger at the Natal feast.

Perhaps at the subconscious level, it is because the celebration of birth is a happier time than the commemoration of death and a violent one at that. Both festivals pre-date Christian times. Christianity stole the dates for its major anniversaries. They remain important times not only of ecclesiastical significance but also affording the Churches crucial airplay in materialistic times.

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The relevance of the dates, demand they be heard. Easter starts in earnest on Palm Sunday. The feast of the Passover is nearing and Jesus continue reading high-tailing it for Jerusalem.

Its not known just how bad Easter traffic is in those days. He had just called in on his old mucker Lazarus, now back nicely among the living. The great man comes into town riding a donkey and is feted by the masses who garland his route with palms.

This man, this hero, this cynosure, could become the symbol of a new revolution. He was supposed to have royal blood; the son of David they called him.

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But he is popular, we need an insider in his organisation, a rat in the ranks we can buy off and find out what his intentions are. They must find out by what authority does he do these things. That search for relevance continues to the twenty-first century. For this sick go here is me The man who knew the child The boy who saw the curl The way, way back in me Far away place Years and more I am the voice of you Who?

Posted by Derek Barry at In this treaty they carved up the world politely - a half each - based on a point of longitude roughly down the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. Most of South America lay west of the line making it Spanish spoils. The Viceroyalty of New Granada was well west of the line and fervently Spanish. Colombia was one of these and it included the isthmus of Panama. Panama itself became nominally independent in although thanks to the longstanding Monroe Doctrine, it was really nothing more than an American protectorate a fate it shared with Cuba, made independent one year earlier in The idea of a canal through this narrow isthmus had been envisaged for many years.

Sailors and their passengers had long feared and cursed the time-consuming, difficult and treacherous run through Cape Horn in order to reach California and the Northern Pacific Ocean. The French engineer Ferdinand de Lesseps started the massive engineering project in Lesseps had the CV for the job.

Monday, February 27, Hell. The winning numbers drawn Saturday night in Powerball are: Though typical Democrats and Republicans do not have this leftist hate for our nation, they have been willing accomplices in undermining the most basic value the Founding Fathers sought to promote: Allende is not yet a key player but he is mentioned as a Popular Front candidate. How else to explain the strange goings-on that start with rehearsals of the season's biggest production, a super-scary play?

He was responsible for the successful Suez Canal which shortened the journey to India by linking the Mediterranean with the Red Sea. That idea first surfaced in and work started in It survived many a building mishap to open 10 years later.

But the Panama project in the malarial read more Central American swamp proved beyond him. The project went bankrupt 8 years after the start in The Panama Canal Act of gave the US complete control over the zone and they finally completed the massive project shortly before the start of World War I on 15 August Though thousands died in both the French and American projects, one of the side effects of the canal building project were major advances in the treatment of malaria and yellow fever.

Athens Georgia Dating Free Artwork Of Apes And Monkeys Crossword

The canal allows ships of less than metres long with a draft of 12 metres access through the isthmus. Southbound from the Caribbean entrance, ships take an 11km trip through a series of locks to Lake Gaton.