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12 Feb Dating in itself is already stressful. The problems that typically plague standard relationships, from forgetting an anniversary to cheating, create an almost impenetrable barrier in the relationship. Add in a drug-ridden past or present into the mix, and the relationship is not only stressful, but also very. These days, I'm a pretty easy-going guy about a lot of things, but about have a really tough time dating someone who can't say %, "I don't do drugs." Anyway , after dating her a couple of months it's apparent to me she has some friends who are still very much into the drug scene. I don't have a problem. 26 May It's hard to explain to someone who's never done drugs before that you can do that shit, and it's more of a celebratory thing in some cases than nerdy type, and then it turned out she was more of a bohemian than a nerd. So we're both totally into drugs. I'm like, "Hey, I got some acid." This is our first date.

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Could you date someone who does drugs?

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Towards a culture of responsible drug use. A list of active clinical trials researching drugs like Ketamine and Magic Mushrooms. Dating someone who is very into drugs, I am not self. I use reddit for all of the weird questions I have that I can't ask in real life, this is no exception: I started dating a guy a few months ago, and I'm finding out that drugs are a really important part of his life.

I admire your maturity in thinking this through. Yeah, I feel that people who really try to pressure other people into doing their frequent drug of choice are either immature, or addicted and uncomfortable with that. Nah, I couldn't stand by watching them destroy their body and kill themselves.

While I consider myself educated http://1dating.me/co/11-signs-youre-dating-a-psychopath.php drugs, I'm not a big user, and definitely not in on the culture. I smoke weed on the weekends, have taken LSD and molly a handful of times, and drink socially.

I'm not opposed, it just isn't a scene I got very into. He smokes pot and uses coke near daily throughout the week, and trips on various things pretty often as well. He's really just ok to take whatever when offered, and since he's really involved in drug culture, and has a lot of friends who are, things are offered really frequently. He asked if I was alright with it, I said yes as long as he can handle himself and I don't end up babysitting him.

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He confessed his last gf dumped him because she didn't like his coke habit. So far it's been ok, bar a few sloppy moments. He holds down a good job, pays his bills on time, has his own place. Overall its been good but theres already been a few weird moments. Visiting a friend of his who is clearly suffering from his drug use sold all of his furniture, house was disgusting, we got really drunk there and had to spend the night on the floor then got woken up to gtfo at 7am Dating A Guy Who Does Drugs the guy was paranoid about me.

He said this was normal, and I should be understanding towards a guy down on his luck. And walking in to his apartment a few times to find a friend living on his couch for a few days between other living arrangements, or to sleep off some kind of trip. I guess I just want an opinion. Would you date someone who isn't as into drugs as you? We get along really well, but I'm afraid that the lifestyle he lives is not compatible long run.

I'm afraid I'm missing out on connecting with him by not being in on this important thing in his life. Also afraid of him getting into harder things and losing control down the line. Anything I should know? Thinking its ok to take your partner Dating A Guy Who Does Drugs a flat with no furniture, getting wasted and sleeping on the floor.

Yeah, this is more than just different amount of interest in drugs; this is a responsible, occasional user and a guy addicted to cocaine. It's hard, I don't think I could. I mean I enjoy drugs mostly for the bonding experiences I have, and if I can't have those with my girlfriend I don't see the point. You http://1dating.me/co/scully-and-mulder-dating-in-real-life.php to find a way you both connect and can grow together, or else it might just not be meant to be.

Just from experience, I used to do and be addicted to a multitude of substances, and my ex was not. She dealt with it, but it strained us financially and put strain on our relationship, but, she pretended to be happy for my sake.

That ruined us because after 8 years, she up and left me out of the blue, said she hadn't been happy for awhile.

Dating A Guy Who Does Drugs

Just be honest to him, don't pretend to be ok with it if it makes you uncomfortable This is my fear. We're both in our 30s, its not like we're teenagers just figuring out life, and he so far seems to have his finances in ok order, but I know drug use can have a huge impact on responsibilities like that.

I'm not a total stranger to it either - my last relationship was 6 years long. He was an alcoholic, Dating A Guy Who Does Drugs I watched him go from a happy daily drunk to getting a DUI, to getting another DUI, to being suspended from work for showing up drunk, and missing several days due to being too hungover to go in, and pouring money into an uber when he lost his license to make it to work.

It got to be too much, and I'm sad that it took me too long to figure out it wasn't working. Guy I am dating now doesn't seem to be "addicted", he handles the drugs he does like a champion, and I've seen him go a week without coke without even missing it. He's said that's the one substance he wants to cut down on so it doesn't click here out of hand.

I think I'm afraid of missing the signs of it being a problem See, I feel you because this girl watched me become an alcoholic, and didn't even care or see it as a problem. We slowly drifted apart. I hate thinking of all the years I wasted away.

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Coke was a big problem for me too, until my daughter was born. Not ex's baby the woman I'm with now saved me because she actually noticed I had a problem, and showed she cared, and I just realized it had to stop. Now we're happily married. If his drug use isn't a deal breaker important first steptry your best to see his point of view click. But don't be afraid to ask for some compromise when it comes to something you aren't comfortable with like visiting sketchy friends or people staying over his apartment.

Meeting each other halfway is the key to any healthy relationship in any matter, as you're both equally important and have the same say in everything. Well I'm assuming if they've been dating a long time that she spends a lot of time there or sleeps over there a lot, making it more of a shared space. I'm calling it, he's prolly a dealer. Definitely the biggest alarm in this post is daily coke use.

Not because of any moral opposition I love drugs but something will go wrong eventually, as in. Daily cocaine use is almost never sustainable. Plus above anything else, daily coke use is extremely bad for your health. Does OP really want to watch this guy have a heart attack at 40?

Sounds like he's a functioning cocaine addict. You can date him, but remember coke will always come first over you. There's nothing wrong with moderate use of drugs, but using them everyday like that is not a healthy lifestyle. Id think long and hard about whether you want to be in a relationship with someone like that. But if you really like or love the guy, it's time for a talk. There's gotta be compromises on both click here, and from what you said, sounds like you are the only one making compromises for the sake of the relationship.

When a relationship in the long run depends on one of the two fundamentally changing and that's clearly the case hereyou know it's not going anywhere. I understand, you guys are only together for a couple of months. But unless you get into a serious drug habit which I do not recommend your annoyances will turn into bitter frustrations which will turn into big fights, which could very likely only worsen his drug use.

And I'm saying Dating A Guy Who Does Drugs as a drug user myself although not nearly as often as your boyfriend.

A daily coke habit doesn't sound good to be honest with you. You're afraid of him turning to harder things, that makes me think you kinda underestimate a daily coke habit. This is coming from someone with no first hand experience with source so take this with a grain of salt.

It sounds like he abuses coke.

Dating A Guy Who Does Drugs

Even though it doesn't affect his job if he is a near daily user he is probably addicted. It's fine now that he has a job but if shit hits the fan would he make his priorities paying the rent or getting coke? I have been with my wife for seven years, since high school.

It's crucial to know the rules of any community you join. It would have more integrity, to my mind, to just say, I like getting high. But if you want a realationship, she is not the 'one'. How do you think that person uses MDMA.

She has always been ok with my drug use because i am respectful about it and she knows i am responsible. She looks forwsrd to my weekend meth binges now because we Dating A Guy Who Does Drugs have a blast together, and rarely she even joins in. If he puts you in uncomfortable situstions or isnt respectful with his use, i wouldnt stick around. Hey, I consider someone reasonably into drugs to be at your level. Drugs are viewed healthily if they're something that enhances an experience, not something that is required to have an experience.

Now, he may be all good and well, but there is such a thing as a high functioning abuse problem. Coke daily isn't a good thing. It really isn't about how into drugs either of you are, it's really that he may have a dependency on a drug to feel himself, and that is bad to him and unfair to you.

If you want to help him, help him, but I, like many others here, recommend you do it at a friend level. He may have a lot of issues that the coke helps him forget. Drugs are fine, and I think your view isn't the wrong Dating A Guy Who Does Drugs right, differing or dividing, or smart or not smart decision, but it is the healthier one. This is not how someone who really cares about their relationship would treat their spouse.

The "understanding" bit was a bit of a stretch. Being "into drug culture" and using cocaine near daily are two very different things. Not that I have source personally bad to say about his person as I do not know him and am certainly not against drug use, but someone who equates somebody selling all of their belongings for drugs to be being "down on his luck" definitely does not understand how bad things can get in an addicts head.

That person has a real problem, and the fact that this guy is trying to justify that so easily, I feel, is a huge red flag. Near daily coke habit If it's pure shit that's not necessarily bad, just expensive and perhaps annoying.

I personally wouldn't go for it. There's a lot of downsides to that level of dependence and very few upsides.