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The National Data Book, containing a collection of statistics on social and economic conditions in the United States and selected international data. . Primary source collection on social, political, health & legal issues impacting LGBTQ communities internationally: covers the gay rights movement, activism, the HIV/AIDS. Maybe where you daughter lives there is a heavy lesbian presence, but within the entire Smith community the lesbians are a minority, albeit a vocal one. Want to live with mostly straight women? No problem, live in the quad. Fer kirst sake, San Francisco has a vocal minority gay population, but no one. and personal safety on the Smith College campus, educational programs available and certain crime statistics from the previous three years. Copies of the annual report are available from the Department of Public Safety, Tilly Hall, Smith . College, Northampton, Massachusetts Please direct all questions regarding.

Today in the U. However, that has not always been the case. Although they were once plentiful, there are now just a few dozen women-only colleges across the United States. What do these schools look like today, and how do they compare to other private, coeducational colleges? After providing some helpful background information, we will address these questions by exploring the data.

How Do Women’s Colleges Compare?

In the early s, almost all universities and colleges were exclusively for men. Beecher, saw these limitations and began to promote education for women that was equal to that offered to men. The Seven Sisters included seven elite, women-only schools that were founded between and Smith College Gay Statistics Charts In Excel Seven Sisters became a model for the many other women-only schools that emerged from the mids through the mids. Creighton, a former Mount Holyoke College president points out, many still practiced various forms of gender segregation during the early years.

There are several reasons for the rapid move to coeducation, including increased demand for coeducation, increased enrollment as a result of becoming coed, and several Supreme Court cases which determined that single-sex public universities violated the Equal Protection Clause of the U. Radcliffe College, whose merging with Harvard University took place from toand Vassar College, which became coed in after declining an offer to merge with Yale University.

Back in the s, these schools emerged to give women access to equal education.

Smith College Gay Statistics Charts In Excel

Women earn, on average, 77 cents for every dollar of their male counterparts. They represent only 2 percent of Fortune CEOs, and they are underrepresented in Congress, the Supreme Court, and other positions of power. While the truth or relevance of this can be debated, the stereotype is indeed widespread. Dozens of past and current students at schools like Smith CollegeMount Holyoke and Wellesley have responded; the primary stereotype mentioned is homosexuality.

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They wonder whether the lack of interaction with men is a good idea if attendees miss out on the social life of traditional coed schools and if these women will face limited career opportunities after they graduate. In this group, there were 25 schools in total. IPEDS includes a variety of college-level data, from tuition and fees to graduation rate and more.

There are a number of measures in the IPEDS dataset that can be a proxy for how competitive a school is. As mentioned above, we used average ACT composite score when creating the groups, choosing comparable colleges whose average ACT ranged from 27 to But how do the two groups compare on other measures of competitiveness? Next, we examined the financial assistance that is available to those who are accepted at each type of school. Financial aid only tells part of the story.

The other part of the equation is the college cost — tuition, fees, room and board, books, and other expenses. Those figures aside, the average net price can be estimated more specifically when breaking it down by income level, since much gift aid is awarded due to need versus merit and this gift aid lowers the net price that must be paid back. Here are the average net prices rounded to the nearest hundred dollars for each income level for both types of schools.

Retention rate refers to the percentage of students who return to the school after their freshman year. It is a proxy for measuring student satisfaction since dissatisfied students will likely drop out or transfer to a different school. The group of comparable colleges averages to 91 visit web page, with individual schools ranging from 79 percent to 96 percent.

It appears that, on average, students at both types of schools are satisfied with their experience and highly like to return after their freshman year.

Returning to college for sophomore year is one thing; graduating is another thing entirely. You can ice skate on the pond at Smith!! Massachusetts is cooooold in the winter and hot and humid in the Fall and late Spring.

Returning to college for sophomore year is one thing; graduating is another thing entirely. The IPEDS dataset includes multiple measures of graduation rate to show the percentage of students who finish their degree in 4, 5, or 6 years.

However, it should be stressed that these are aggregate numbers, and read article school varies in its individual graduation rate. These wide ranges in graduation rate demonstrate that although the averages of the groups are quite similarthe differences between individual schools can be quite large.

A final area of IPEDs data comparison is what happens after the students graduate: Of course, this difference could simply be a result of the pay disparity between men and women which was mentioned earlier. However, college-level data—like financial aid, price and graduation rate—does not tell us much about how students experience the school while attending. That said, researchers who study customer experience have found that asking individuals how satisfied they are does not actually tell us much; in fact, satisfied customers and dissatisfied customers often act quite similarly.

What does have predictive power is when we ask people how likely they are to recommend a brand or product or in this case, a college to a friend.

Smith College Gay Statistics Charts In Excel

In general, NPS can tell us not just who is satisfied…but who is actually willing to take action based on that satisfaction. Not only have college presidents and boards made conscious decisions to keep these schools as women-only, but also the female attendees themselves are eager to recommend their school to other women. Before moving on to other measures of campus and academic life, it is important to address another issue that was raised in the opening sections of this article: The CRC asked students about their sexual orientation, and there are indeed large differences in our two groups.

Other questions in the CRC data set can offer related information to help us understand not just the percentage of gay students but also school climate and behavior. However, there appear to be more cliques, alcohol use, and drug use observed and reported by students at the comparable coed schools.

On other measures of relationships with professors and advisors, the two groups were almost identical. For the comparable colleges, these numbers were 80 percent and 71 percent, respectively.

Both are outstanding institutions, you can't go wrong. Not impossible, but your best bet is if you know someone at a college there and can stay for the week-end. Business Premium Collection This link opens in a new window.

Based on the responses of current students, there are differences in the academic environment of the two types of schools. Comparable schools tend to give more students aid and institutional grants. The majority of students at both types of colleges say that they feel safe on campus. A much higher percentage of students at the comparable colleges say drugs and alcohol are an important part of campus life.

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On the other hand, students at comparable colleges were more likely to describe their school as collaborative, and they indicated that they have close relationships with their professors. We have seen how they are similar, where they differ, and how stereotypes stack up against the data.

While this information can help parents and students who are deciding on which colleges to apply to, it is important to point out the weaknesses in aggregated data. When applying for colleges, a student is asking to attend a school that has its own specific numbers — and it is those specific numbers that should be researched and considered before sending in the application form. This analysis demonstrates Smith College Gay Statistics Charts In Excel, while the average numbers used here can be helpful in your college research, your actual application decisions should be made by examining and comparing the data of individual schools.

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