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The Defiant Ones: Cut To The Chase Tease (HBO)

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HBO Announces 4-Part Documentary on Dr. Dre Jimmy Iovine Partnership The music doc will premiere in and feature exclusive interviews with Bono Nas Ice Cube Gwen Stefani and Snoop Dogg. read more. 3 Aug August 3, Natasha Lomas News. Don't describe YC-backed Muzmatch's dating app as a 'Tinder for Muslims'. Co-founders Shahzad Younas and Ryan Brodie are very clear about what sets their target audience apart from the casual dating/hook-up crowd: a genuine intent to find a partner in order to. 14 Jan Veteran music mogul Jimmy Iovine, now head of Apple Music, charmed the Television Critics Association press tour crowd on Saturday with tales of his time in the trenches with everyone from Dr. Dre to John Lennon to U2. Iovine’s partnership with Dre is the subject of the HBO.

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All three tackle their respective histories with a combination of refreshing honesty and a sometimes inflated sense of self-importance — yet each must also function as entertainment, and how skillfully they incorporate drama largely determines how successful they are.

Actually, it feels more like it quadruples down, because at four-and-a-half hours, this comprehensive series examines two indisputably forceful, fascinating, innovative and important characters and the people and events around them with a level of detail more suited to a completist study of the Great Depression, the Civil War or The Bible.

Bozoma Saint John Hookup Jimmy Iovine Documentary Hbo Go

Its Tolstoyan length aside, this series, directed by Allen Hughes, does not lack drama or star power. The roughly chronological storyline follows the two principals, alternating between s Brooklyn and s Compton, progressing to their respective rises as record producers Iovine with John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith and Stevie Nicks; Dre with N.

A, other acts on the Ruthless label and his own solo career.

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There is also an unusually frequent use of reaction shots, whereby interviewees are seen sitting silently, apparently reacting to quotes or voiceovers. The drama comes from the principals and their stories: A and Ruthless Records cofounder, the late Eazy-E.

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Much of this takes place against a backdrop that includes the rise of N. One such highlight is the humility exhibited by Dre in describing some of his angrier formative years as a rap upstart.

Yet the most compelling segment of the series — Episode 3: The s — requires no injection of drama. At the same time, the ominous pound figure of Death Row Records founder Suge Knight enters the picture. The fourth and final episode begins with the arrival of Napster, which Iovine immediately sees as the crippling blow to the industry that it quickly becomes.

And like virtually everyone else who has continued to thrive in the music business in the years since, he and Dre find another revenue stream: Beats by Dre and its designer headphones and portable speakers.

Bozoma Saint John Hookup Jimmy Iovine Documentary Hbo Go

Sure, the footage is fascinating, but do we really need to see two full minutes of Iovine and Dre testing out Beats speakers in an SUV — does anyone? You will be redirected back to your article in seconds. Premier Logo Created with Sketch.

Behind the Deal - The Weekend That Nearly Blew the $3 Billion Apple Beats Deal

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Jimmy Iovine Talks HBO Dr. Dre Documentary, Apple Music and Getting Fired by Foghat