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Love & Hip Hop Star Shay Johnson Spills Sex Secrets "Erica Dixon Got Pregnant by Married Man"

Erica Mena Sheds Light On Break Up With Bow Wow: “He’s An Abuser”

28 Jan Marriage. Babies. Inspiration for hit, ex-hating revenge songs. The possibilities are endless. And you thought you saw it all until you witnessed Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace get pregnant by the same man AT THE SAME TIME on this season of Love & Hip Hop New York. And trust that there's more love. 6 Aug Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Recap: Mona And The Technicolor Dream Coat . Erica wonders if this is season two, not a rerun of season one, while Shay reminds Erica that she still isn't married to Lil' Scrappy. CLICK THE Drew admits that he was jealous when Traci started seeing that other guy. 9 Dec Love & Hip Hop Episode 7 Recap: Royalty Or Ratchetness on his relationships at the first whiff of commitment, because the first thing he did after he received a wedding ring from Amina was go hook up with Tara. Erica has a more emotional explanation for the way she behaves — she still loves Rich.

TMZ broke the story Normally, not a big deal but Berg had a 9-year-old warrantso they arrested his ass. He was later released, but was supposed to appear in court for his arraignment in the weed case on January 11 but -- you know how Berg's favorite game goes -- he never showed.

It's like a technicolor explosion. He just wants Myles to own up too. This is going to be a tight race!

Music producer Luis Vargas is going after James R. Here's the backstory -- Vargas says he signed James R. Vargas claims James R. Vargas says James R. According to the docs To make it worse -- he claims James R. Amara ultimately stormed off after he referred to her as "Nutella Queen" You see Rah says "hi" to Sky, and then acts like she's going in for a hug Sky immediately starts hitting back, and the pair falls into Diddy's Ciroc backdrop before being broken up.

This ain't the first time the 2 reality stars came to blows -- they went at it in after getting into an Instagram beef about eyelash endorsements Fetty Wap 's baby learn more here, Alexis Skyyis about to give birth any moment now Alexis' water broke early Tuesday as she was seen being rolled in to a Georgia hospital with Fetty by her side.

She's only 6-months pregnant at this point, so you'd think they'd be worried.

However, he jokes that he could post a picture of his aunt and Traci would start screaming about her being a nasty groupie. Erica has a more emotional explanation for the way she behaves — she still loves Rich. This will be Alexis' first.

Fetty didn't let on this video. In fact, Fetty says he was a premature baby, too, and the kid's gonna be a soldier like her pops. This will be at least baby 4 for Fetty, and he has here more on the way with a different baby mama.

This will be Alexis' first.


A source close to Nikki tell us she and Stephen's dinner at Mastro's on Christmas day was just a business meeting to discuss a shoe line he's developing with her. While they left in the same SUV Stephen brought some of his associates, and Nikki brought hers Even though Stephen's officially a single guy now Here's what we know. Berg was in Miami in October for the BET awards, when cops were called to the hotel where he was staying after a woman claimed he unwantedly wrapped his arms around her.

There was some sort of altercation in the hallway where one of Berg's friends allegedly put hands on her. But here's the problem Atlanta " production came to a screeching halt after one here its staffers was allegedly run over in a parking lot.

Production sources tell TMZ But we're told things went south read article cameras started rolling -- a security guard was allegedly run down by an angry mall customer. We're told security was saving a parking spot for the production, which pissed off the customer.

Love & Hip Hop Star Shay Johnson Spills Sex Secrets "Erica Dixon Got Pregnant by Married Man"

Witnesses tell us he revved the engine and struck the security guard According to cops, the driver went inside a nearby golf store before fleeing. Cops spoke to staffers at the golf store to ID the driver, and got surveillance footage of the incident from another store. Hazel will be canned ASAP. Mona doesn't get final say on personnel decisions.

Our sources say it's not just the homophobic rant that pissed her off Hazel's negative remarks about women of color have disgusted her as well.

We're told Mona's production company is not the only one involved source 'LHHH' so Hazel's fate will be a group decision -- but she's pressing the network hard to 86 her.

Erica From Love And Hip Hop Hookup Married Man

We spoke to Hazel Thursday Hazel admits it wasn't the brightest thing to do, especially because she relies heavily on the LGBT community's support. She's now backing off the death wish, but she's clinging to the religious part of her rant. The Fulton County D.

Erica Dixon Dating William Gay

No witness, no case. The judge dismissed the matter, but prosecutors ain't giving up just yet. They've got 6 months to do so. Ex-Lakers player Jordan Hill is getting called out by one of the most famous booty models on the 'Gram -- with Ghetto Barbie claiming Hill tried to fly her out to smash, but she burned him good instead. Blaze shouted out Hill as her crush -- and that's when Ghetto Barbie revealed that he once slid into her DMs and bought her a ticket to fly.

Barbie says she wanted to teach Hill a lesson -- don't think a free airplane ticket means you automatically get the booty. A post shared by Iloveghettobarbie. Rodney says it not your typical reality show fight -- he explained all that led up to it, and claims Myles is just as much to blame, if not more, Erica From Love And Hip Hop Hookup Married Man he is.

Erica From Love And Hip Hop Hookup Married Man

Cops in NYC, where the show was taped, want Rodney for questioning -- and he's ready to take his medicine. He just wants Myles to own up too. Email Or Call Happy Chinese New Year Home Love And Hip Hop.

Yung Berg Wanted Man Again!! For Missing Court Date.