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2 Feb One little groping with a classmate you hardly knew shouldn't be a cause for alarm. So, your first course of action is to calm down and get a sense of perspective on the sitch. (And OK, fine, yes, this advice is coming from a girl who recently had relations on the floor of her office with a law school sort-of friend. How common is hooking up/ getting laid in law school. do people just get shwasted during law review and hook up with each other in the same The girls at the lower tier schools in my city look like they have way more fun than the girls at my school. But follow everyone else's advice, don't shit where you. 2 Mar I will, however, provide you with an overview of the most common types of law school hookups in an attempt to give you, dear reader, a glimpse into the inner workings of higher education's least revered institution. Study Buddy. Mike sits next to a cute girl, Rachel, during his 1L torts class. He quickly.

From Hannibal and Caesar, down to the present-day imitators that park in two parking spots, wear suspenders at age here, and ruin companies like Enron with preposterous schemes. The next morning, at approximately 8 a. Study Buddy Mike sits next to a cute girl, Rachel, during his 1L torts class. October 5, at 3: You DONT have to penetrate the honey hole for there to be sex.

February 2, by Legal Tease. OK, so I did something bad. Block him from Gchat, Facebook? Or just act like nothing happened and forget about all of this nonsense? You are hugely overreacting to the hook-up situation.

Six Ways for Men NOT to Get Sex in Law School

Is the guy married or your professor or your uncle or something? So, your first course of action is to calm down and get a sense of perspective on the sitch. So, you know, grain of salt. Or at least making you feel like one? Your best course of action with this jackass, whether you want to just save face or leave doors open for something more, is to just be the coolest girl in the world.

Or at your law school, at least. Act totally normal around him—smile and say hello when you see him, make sure to make eye contact, maybe even flirt a little but nothing too over the top.

Hookup A Girl In Law School

And BTW, if you do pull this off, chances are more likely than not that the guy will be sniffing around again sometime soon. So stop being so hard on yourself and go focus your energies on a man—a real man, http://1dating.me/fawu/how-is-radioactive-hookup-used-to-date-rocks.php not one in law school—worth your time.

Email our Sweet Hot Counsel at counsel sweethotjustice. A guy being distant after a random one-night stand.

First, Eastern guys cheat on their wives. Every guy I am friendly with http://1dating.me/fawu/dating-a-girl-taller-than-you-reddit.php even on a sexual basis wants to sleep with me. So I now am just trying to find a relationship. I would love it if I had a reputation for banging law sluts over at GW. I do not think LF10 is willing enough to do so, and may not be able to either.

Where do you go to law school?!?!?! When I was in my first year of law school, I tried to connect with one or 2 of the better looking ones in my class. Once I was a 3rd year, I became a B. I managed to hook up with one, for 2 months. We both got what we wanted. Why condemn the guy?


Who asked this dame to spread like peanut butter. What does she expect. I think she should just scrape herself off the bed, and move on with her life. She should get her wits about herself and NOT cry over spilt semen.

While she should have kept her Hookup A Girl In Law School together, the man is probabley not too honest either. My advice is to forget this slimy dork. There may be some better fish in the sea, and not this guy. Morover, there is no contraception needed with these handy devices. Two assumptions made by Alex Hump render him being classified as a never-got-any-in-law-school-moron:. What do YOU think it means? The girl is remorseful because she ripped her check this out on the car door?

What kind of twat-brain are you? Maybe work the google before you make an idiotic reference in an already idiotic comment. You DONT have to penetrate the honey hole for there to be sex.

No one is saying women have to have sex with a man every time they touch him, but if his dick is in her mouth, that, my friend is sex. So that is why the woman is remorseful. Whether she gave him a BJ took it up the Hookup A Girl In Law School or the rear end, she is sad because he is not now interested in her. I stand by what I said. I agree to a limited extent, with the male posts in that they do correctly point out the regret this woman feels for compromising her morals with an ungrateful fellow law student.

Perhaps this woman is concerned about her public perception—will she be viewed negatively by the peers of the man who is now spuring her? Will she be able to survive in the work environment where a mistake like this could label her for her career in a legal firm environment; how will she be able to address other workaday situations where moral fortitude is required?

These are all issues we must face in life. The fact that this woman hooked up with the man should not be reason for hand-wringing. No terrible consequences ensued. Presumablyshe still has her health, she is not pregnant, and she is not being taunted by her classmates for hooking up with the man.

I would tell her to move on with her life, as the Legal Tease does. There will be plenty read more reasons in her life going forward for consternation, but this is not one of them.

Hump, you are at least right about ONE thing. By refusing any of these advances, I retained my purity for someone who would not just chalk me up as another one on his list.

I recommend Hookup A Girl In Law School woman here forget the big mistake she made; after all, she cannot undo the sex she had with this jerk. What she must remember, is NOT to do it again. Wait for the right guy, who you can trust. Trust is built up over time. Find a guy who is interested in doing things for you that do NOT involve sexual things.

If the guy is willing to stick with you through tough times usually over a yearyou can then count on him over time. Once you find such a guy there are a few that are out therehold on for dear life.

Law School Savant: Hook ups

Once you know he treats you right, make sure to reat him right, and you will both be very happy. Xuan Lin is pretty cool, Bill. You are an OK poster.

You seem to have your head in the right place most of the time. I cannot properly psychoanalyse any of you based solely on your webposts; hence I limit my comments to generalisations applicable in nearly all instances to the posts I see. I remain concerned about Eileen and her need to effect the equivalent of mental castration on any men that cross her semblance of moral behavior.

It is easy enough to ignore bad posts, Eileen; these are not men you would spend your life with, let alone your love life. I think it best for you to take things lighter.

Xuan Lin, if you know any good looking college aged girls in need of a sexual release, I live in Western Pennsylvania, not far from Pittsburgh. The author of http: You have made your point and there is not much to argue about.

Hookup A Girl In Law School

It is like the following universal truth that you can not argue with: No matter how much you dumb down something, someone out there is dumber. Thanks for the info. Follow Maria and Sweet Hot Justice!