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Identifying Old Cast Iron Pans

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I was just given 3 older Lodge skillets. A #3 I have heard of people supposedly fixing a bottom warp on iron skillets but don't really believe it to be successful. . We could maybe get some power so we could hook up a stove and play with the cleaning cycle method as against the lye and other processes. 28 Aug WagnerWare Cast Iron Skillet: #3 and #6 Wagner Ware Cast Iron: (#3) and (#6). I hear the question all the time: How old is my Wagner cast iron skillet? Is there a way to date my Wagner cast iron dutch oven? Or even my Griswold skillet? It is not an easy answer and there are a few factors to. Many have specialized functions, such as a corn bread pan that lets you cook eight individual wedges of cornbread. I put a little too For a good Griswold time line with how the company was passed down see http: The number 8 is stamped in the dating wagner cast iron skillets. I have a Wagner Ware about a 6 in skillet .

Fixing a "warped" skillet Richard Davis Ex Member. Dec 27 thHookup Wagner Ware Cast Iron Skillet 6: If you were going to take see more crack at this, pun intended how would you go about it?

I was just given 3 older Lodge skillets. The 3 is fine but the 5 and 8 have a fair amount of warping to the cooking surface. Anyone ever straightened a warped skillet? Reply 1 - Dec 27 that 6: I've seen go here aluminum pan that has had the warp knocked out of it and was told it will work on iron, but I haven't seen it done. The aluminum skillet was heated and put over a wood circle the same size as the inside bottom of the skillet and then set on a pedestal.

Another wood circle the size of the bottom was put on the bottom of the pan pan is bottom up and using a very large wooden mallet an extremely aggressive hit was made to the wood template over the bottom of the pan.

One hit and the pan was as flat as new. The piece was a fairly large ERIE sauce pan with an applied handle so the task wasn't taken lightly, but it worked fine. The person who did it had been told you could do the same ting with cast iron pieces and I always wanted to try it with a throw away piece in case it didn't work, but I've never got around to it.

The process on iron involves getting the piece a dull cherry hot, and I'll be the first to admit that the process defies a lot of my logic but the person telling the the process said they have done it on more than one occassion. I sure wouldn't try it on a 14 slant Erie but maybe it does work on iron. If so, I wonder what happens the next time the piece is used to cook with? Steve Stephens Ex Member.

Reply 2 - Dec 27 that 7: I have heard of people supposedly fixing a bottom warp on iron skillets but don't really believe it to be successful. Sure would Hookup Wagner Ware Cast Iron Skillet to see it done.

You would definitely have to heat the iron but don't know if the dull cherry red would be at a high enough temp to work. After all, cast iron was formed in the molten state.

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And, getting hotter than dull cherry would invite a formation of scale which would ruin the pan. Working iron cold can be done but always results in breakage.

T iron that is used to cast iron cookware just isn't malleable. As far as aluminum, not much of a problem.

It is probably in the range of — or so. If you knew the why, you might be able to get it to go "home" if you reversed the process. I just got my first Wagner Ware today and am having a hard time learning more about it. Tom White July 7, at 4: Any info would be appreciated.

I have straightened several pieces with warped bottoms just by putting the pan on a flat surface and hitting not too hard with a plastic mallet going in circles slowly around the warp and working inwards towards the center.

Keep working the aluminum that way and it will flatten out. The aluminum is quite malleable. Heating might give better results but I always did it cold. Reply 3 - Dec 27 that 7: I'm guessing what causes a warp in the first place is too much heat.

Identifying Old Cast Iron Pans

Is it caused by putting a cold skillet on a hot burner or by just simply getting the skillet too hot? Makes you wonder if it would just "snap back" if heat were applied to the opposite side Reply 4 - Dec 27 that 8: My believe is that you'll have two half skillets, but if I'm wrong I want to be there as a witness!! Fred Rogers Ex Member.

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Reply 5 - Dec 27 that 9: I have been waiting for the best location to reveal this humbling experience. Start with a 7 LBSB skillet with a really bad downward bulge.

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Heat entire bottom of skillet bright orange with welding torch. Watch in amazement as skillet opens a 6 inch long crack directly across middle of pan, as it cools. I think that it would not have cracked if the entire skillet had been heated in a forge, to a consistent temperature, and then been allowed to cool. I am sure that the crack was the result of stresses built up because of the uneven expansion caused by uneven heat, and rapid cooling of the very hot middle of the pan.

Also, what kind of heat caused the warping in the first place? I still have the 7. I Hookup Wagner Ware Cast Iron Skillet try again, since I can't make it much worse. I am going to look up a black smith, and see if I can borrow some time in his coal forge to really heat the pan, and get more aggressive pounding on it. Reply 6 - Dec 27 that Greg, Would you be willing to pay an admission fee to watch me make a 2 piece skillet Maybe we should get it on film to use as an educational tool here on the forum Fred, Thanks for telling me how NOT to go about this Makes you wonder how a skillet can warp in the first place without cracking Reply 7 - Dec 27 that I find this very interesting because I've always wondered about de-bulging a skillet.

I have a 10 skillet with a very bad bulge in the center that I gave to a friend Hookup Wagner Ware Cast Iron Skillet owns a machine shop. He was interested in the problem and loves a challenge and wanted to experiment with heating the skillet slowly in different stages and pressing it with a steel plate in a press? Reply 8 - Dec 28 that I think we ought to get together one day and try all of these.

Now I guess I have to buy some warped skillets, just to see what will work and what won't work. Reply 9 - Dec 28 that Reply 10 - Dec 28 that 3: With welding equipment, presses, lye tanks, power wire brushes, ovens, grinders, etc. Maybe there could be an extra day of "hands on" topics and the soft people could go shopping or stay in their hotel room or go drink some tea.

It would be fun and we'd all learn a lot I bet. Don't think any of us will try to find out on our nicer pans. Warping is caused by uneven Hookup Wagner Ware Cast Iron Skillet and cooling. When I preheat a medium or larger skillet on my coil electric stove I often can see the bottom bow downward slightly but it is still alarming.

So far the warp has always gone away upon cooling. If you were to heat really fast or to a very high heat that may be when the pan warps permanently. Also, should you pour cold water in a hot skillet like when you put it in the sink from a hot stove it may cause warpage then.

Remember, though, that cast iron is not suitable to be forged or pressed. You have to do that to other types of steel and iron. Hookup Wagner Ware Cast Iron Skillet heating cast iron to red hot is probably still not hot enough click at this page the iron to become plastic so it can be worked.

And, getting hotter than dull cherry would invite a formation of scale which would ruin the pan. I think we ought to get together one day and try all of these. I wouldn't want to be doing to a valuable skillet what I did to this one It is a 8 skillet.

I think you can try to your hearts content to get cast iron to move back to its original shape but you never will.

Once bent; always bent. Maybe someone can tell us how he has taken out a warp. I have heard of it being done but never have seen an example or had any proof of it being done.

Reply 11 - Dec 28 that 4: Steve, I think that is a great idea We could every body to contribute their wounded iron for the demonstrations We could maybe get some power so we could hook up a stove and play with the here cycle method as against the lye and other processes Should be some places in the Seattle area I have some places around Anacortes etc that I bet I could round up Middle of August would be great Reply 12 - Dec 28 that 6: Steve, You want to have it on a farm?

Bring it out to Jenny's place. I just picked up a Wagner smooth bottom that has a little warp. Would love to get that one flat.

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Reply 13 - Dec 28 that 1: What's confusing about all this, is what makes a skillet warp in the first place. It sounds like a skillet always warps towards the heat source. And it doesn't have to be cherry red to do so.

Seems like if you could reverse the process, you could "coax" the iron back to it's original shape without having to hit it with anything. These old Lodge skillets I've got are actually kind'a nice except for the warping. I'm going to do an experiment today and I'll let you all know how it works out. First thing I got to do today though, is replace the snowblower I blew up during our last storm