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Flying House Are Military Helicopters Why Over My

U.S. Military helicopter flying around my house

Military explains Special Ops units doing 'urban training'

This photo is us entering H4 soon after departing Northolt - my Observer has his head down and is map-reading and providing exact timings and positions (btw - the RN I suspect that many of the large military helicopters you see flying over central London are probably flying to or from the landing area in the grounds of the. 23 Jan BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Have you seen low-lying military helicopters in the area over the last few weeks? You're not alone. Many viewers reached out to NEWS CENTER asking what we knew. We continued to make several calls, but no one seemed to know what the helicopters were. 26 Oct People spotted the impressive aircraft from Spondon.

Discussion in ' Skydentify - What is that Thing in the Sky?

Noise and training notices

Log in or Sign up. Previous Thread Next Thread. Hello, I just saw 3 brand new looking military helicopters fly over my house, the sun behind me so it wasn't an optical illusion but there was quickly dissipating black contrails following each of the 3 helicopters.

Why Are Military Helicopters Flying Over My House

I haven't seen helicopters shoot behind contrails before. Any advice on whether this is normal for new choppers or what the government agency that oversees geo-modification programs or their contact number?

I didnt't have my phone at the time when I was shoveling or I would have gotten a video. This is in Connecticut and it is just before noon and the temperature is around 38 degrees so it is not ideal for contrail formation at low altitudes. The helicopters were flying low, only ft or so.

Why is this military plane flying over my house? Scary!

ZfacilityFeb 6, Military helicopters flying on the weekend means they are almost certainly National Guard. Backtrack their flight path and figure out which base they came from.

ChewFeb 6, Coincidently I also saw three military helicopters fly over me today. Not sure what they were doing.

Helicopters don't have the range of fixed winged aircraft so they need to stop for fuel more often. Link only answers permitted if the question happens to be "What is a good subreddit for? A chinook almost landed in my yard here in Bonney lake I could see the pilot and I hope he could see my naked shlong. Former Rams midfielder assesses Rams' promotion push - and top scorer Matej Vydra - after defeat at Sheffield Wednesday.

Suggestions were Superbowl Security, or something to do with fire damaged areas. No trails, they seemed to be flying maybe feet above ground level. Mick WestFeb 6, Did you actually see the military markings? THe Us latest Military prototype helicopter looks like this: Did it look like this?

EfftupFeb 7, The picture is of a experimental prototype. The one and only of it kind as far as I can tell. GalanFeb 7, I see military copters fairly regularly in SW Conn.

Why Are Military Helicopters Flying Over My House

But they dont look like those, they sort of look like the CHK on the sikorsky page except the ones i see are grey like an elephant. But Sikorsky IS somewhat near the poster, so perhaps what he saw is "new", although why they would be testing 3 at once seems weird. WhitebeardFeb 7, EfftupFeb 8, Could you have been witnessing rotor-tip vortices?

They flew low and fast between buildings in Oakland. Uniformed troops with guns drawn? I have seen a couple black choppers flying by Derby County Craig Ramage: No, create an account now.

TEEJFeb 8, American BuffalopeFeb 8, One possibility is helicopters practicing for some flyover with a smoke display: Mick WestFeb 8, I did not get all of them in one frame, sorry. There are no good close-ups either, but probably they were French.

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TrailspotterSep 22, TEEJSep 22, Black "contrails" can also be exhaust - particularly if you are looking click at the front or rear of the aircraft MikeCSep 22, I flew several types of Helicopters in the US Army. The large turboshaft engines, like those used by Igor S, sometimes run a bit rich, and leave a black exhaust trail. Usually this happens under certain conditions of of Air Temp,humidity and pressure, This is caused by the way the fuel control on the engine is designed and not a nefarious plot to smoke out Stratford or Milford CT.

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