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18 May The Ashley Madison hack exposed, among MANY other things, that the dating site for cheaters was using roughly 70, "female" chatbots to This bitch has analyzed my speech patterns and frequent word usage so thoroughly that I can create semi-coherent sentences using prediction bar alone. 18 Jun Even those of us that memorized the lyrics from the album jacket of every new record we bought from Tower Records. One song always Caught in traffic on the other day, I thought I'd give Siri something to do. .. Let's be real here: What else do we have to do sitting in a Seattle (or any city) traffic jam?. 25 Mar A sexy music video that takes place inside the mind of a 12 year-old boy. BUY RACHEL'S ALBUM: 1dating.me id BU.

Misheard lyrics are high on my awesome-o-meter. This is especially true when other people mishear lyrics, and I catch them doing it. But it is equally awesome when I finally realize the real words to a song. That makes so much more sense now.

I also love the humanity of misheard lyrics. Even those of us that memorized the lyrics from the album jacket of every new record we bought from Tower Read article. One song always slips through, taunting us with a jumbled verse Adults Dating Are We Gonna Do This Or What Lyrics Will Siri we usually mumble along with while driving in the car. Then someone hears you and opens their eyes wide in astonishment.

I have a new iPhone 4S, and Siri and I are getting acquainted. She seems to like little tasks. Maybe a little too smart. Here are a few others:. Just trust me on this one. Extra points for anyone who knows the real words to these songs or has more awesome misheard lyrics to share.

Its like having a buddy around all the time, but only when you need them, and no real maintenance. Will it make us more independent as a culture? Misheard lyrics are standard for me. I love to sing, but never performed in front of anyone, not even karoake. I recently took a class that required us to sing in front of an audience. Or maybe its just me. This is a stretch, but still related: I have an entire blog post full of misheard lyrics http: It was the hit of the Valentines Day Dance.

It actually sounds like a flavour of gum you chew while singing, guaranteed to make your mouth mess up the lyrics. And I even made a playlist on Playlist. Makes me a great singer, yep. I tried to buy one in Indianapolis 3 years ago, they only wantedAnyway your picture of the car made my day, thank you for that picture.

I continue to have experiences of this; but with the English language instead of strictly songs.

source Your friend ends up with a favorite line, which turns out is something completely different than you were singing. I laughed through this whole post! Such a great article…that happens to me all the time! Haha, I do the same thing and was quite known for it in my friends and family circle growing up.

Adults Dating Are We Gonna Do This Or What Lyrics Will Siri

What a great little post!! And yes, of course, we all do this even to the point where we try to guff it up as much as possible. What else do we have to do sitting in a Seattle or any city traffic jam? This blog ironically is a perfect fit as it appears to take life right out of the heart of Mt. Which brings me to the fact that I really appreciate the photo also! So as he was good friends with his manager the girl called him Uncle Ray.

I say was friends, it all ended in tears, over money, what else? I want to meet this Slow Motion Walter that drives a fire engine. What a lovely read article. Thanks for stopping by.

You even got Mikalee!

I also went by DJ Psycho back then. The incorrect probably make more sense anyway. March 7, at 5:

The books were hilarious. That makes me feel better, but not in a totally good way. On the one hand, you just got diagnosed with something weird, on the other hand at least now you know.

Allison Janney admits she's put pressure on herself to win the Oscar for role in I, Tonya Something old! Besides, if you own the mislyric, then people around you who may be the wiser will think you are being intentionally goofy. And if you want to be down with Bad Boy, Then fuck you too.

It explains a lot. Can finish my writing time with a smile on my face. I never heard that one. It makes me think of Austin Powers and the Fembots. I always wanted an excuse to dress up like that. See it in action here, http: Thanks for the link.

God's a Girl? Lyrics

Misunderstood lyrics became an office game at an old job. Thanks for these links. I will probably not be productive for a while because of these, but oh well.

A gun above a stable door? A gun to shoot a horse? My first thought is always guns, then horses. I looked it up. Does anyone even know the lyrics to Blinded by the Light? I think its racked up like a deuce, another runner in the night. He must have been high when he came up with that. Have been there, singing the wrong lyrics, so many times!! And it is really nice to know that Continue reading has a hard link understanding other people too!

I actually laughed out loud when I read your list because not only do I recognize them all, but that is how I know them and never really cared to learn the correct lyrics.

Love this post, The list of mondegreens is endless and hilarious. Then everyone suddenly notices you singing. Congrats on the FP! The girl with colitis goes by! I am glad I clicked on this link! Check out my blog at: A meter to test someones level of awesome needs to be invented soon.

I had survived 2 years at school with my own lyrics and I was finally caught.

Sickest verse in a rap song!!

Yeah, not so much. Or their love of ostrich meat either. Laughed out loud on this post. I wish I knew another language well enough to catch misheard lyrics. I know how to tell the dog to lie down in German, for example. Which would be handy if we had a dog. Fast forward about ten years and I realised the old man had turned ninety eight. Your 12 year old self was right. Or a tortilla chip. Or a shrimp dipped in cocktail sauce. I mishear lyrics all the time.

Songs Played Backwards Have Hidden Meanings

At least it was a friend that caught you and set you straight. Makes a good story though. Now I will have that version of the classic stuck in my head for the next 10 hours. Thank you for this. It makes us human. We connect on our humanness not on our shiny, glossy perfection.

Adults Dating Are We Gonna Do This Or What Lyrics Will Siri

That sentence was redundant. I know that, but I like the way it sounds. Not a misheard lyric, I know, just misunderstood. I am so freaking old…. It was only later, while singing those same words did I realize it was those very small records that were actually bigger than a CD. Luckily no one was the wiser. Either that or a matter of the hokey pokey.