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Know the relationship between TAURUS WOMAN AND PISCES MAN. I'm a Taurus female and only 21, the Pisces I was dating is 34 we got together when I was 19, I tried my best to stay away from him when we first 1dating.me he was persistent wrote me things everyday, told me I was beautiful everyday, and how he treated me attracted me. He is also a family man which I loved,I treated him. She is not only realistic but also sentimental. In a Pisces Man Taurus Woman relationship, both will be able to offer each other emotional stability and security. Then what could possibly When the Pisces man is dating a Taurus woman, his ability to be more refined and charming and will inspire her to keep returning to him.

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I am a Taurus woman with a Pisces boyfriend that I know is into me. How do I let him know I respect him? He is already talking marriage but I cant handle kids now, which he is unhappy about. How can we make the relationship last longer - like another years before marriage? How do I love him - or rather what is it that he needs from me? I'm a Taurus woman dating a Pisces man. During our relationship he has been a faster mover than me, wanted to move in after 3 months, get married, etc.

Pisces Man And Taurus Woman Dating

I know he basically lives for me his own words but I am constantly afraid that he is too wrapped up in me and his past is plagued by unfinished things. I am worried that he incapable of sticking and finishing something he starts without getting bored and moving on to the next whim.

We have an amazing relationship in that I feel needed, appreciated and loved no matter what but I get frustrated sometimes at how impractical he is. I want to be with him and have fought my parents and friends to stand up for our relationship but I want to be sure that I am not being devoted to something that is to good to be true and won't last.

Taurus Woman In Love With Pisces Man

I am a Taurus woman and I just started dating a Pisces man. It's only been 2 months since I met him, he's amazing in so many ways. I would say he's the best I've ever had compatibility, communication, and sex wisemy only problem sometimes is when I feel like he's very secretive, making me think that he's hiding something.

The Pisces Man has the ability to create wonderful ideas. He does have kids and I treated them like they were my own and I loved them so much! This can be very appealing to the simple Taurus woman who is generally much grounded. Tip of the day Source: He really knew exactly what buttons to push and is definately the best I've ever had.

I get so paranoid. I am a Taurus woman and I have been involved with two Pisces men, you should be paranoid they are always hiding something, find yourself a Scorpio and you'll never look back.


I am a Taurus women involved with a Piscean man since last one year. I'm a Taurus woman, been going out with my boyfriend for about a year now, but he never compliments me or even buys me a gift for my anniversary or birthdays, I tend to be the one only caring in the relationship. Now I just wait around to see what happens next. Im a Taurus female with a male Pisces. We've been together seriously for about a month.

It took him a while to commit because he just got out of a relationship. Our sex life is amazing and he can be the sweetest most romantic man at times, but his elusiveness drives me crazy!!!

I scared him with my temper a couple times but I think he appreciates my apologies cuz im not afraid to say im sorry. We always tend to make up right away and I feel we get closer and closer every day.

O and trust me that he is very jealous too he's just much better at hiding it than I am. All and all we have a passionate growing relationship. I am pieces man and going on with Taurus women and ask her she might be the happiest women alive on this earth.

I just asked her to hold my hand doesn't matter what ever happens just don't leave it can you do this and she said sure and now see I had given her every thing that a one can dream of. I am a Taurus woman and I've been with my Pisces man for about 4 months now. Everything's so perfect when we're together, so perfect that sometimes I feel like it's too good to be true. I totally agree with some of the things I read up there.

He's soo mysterious and it seems like he's always hiding something. It drives me crazy literally. On our 3rd month, he broke up with me, I was heartbroken but we got back together and I was the happiest girl in the world.

And today, he broke up with me again. It hurts so bad. I have strong feelings for him to the point where I can say I'm in love but every time he does things like this it just crushes my heart: Now I don't know if he's ever coming back to me. I'd still say yes if ever. I'd say yes over and over and over again.

He's the best I ever Pisces Man And Taurus Woman Dating. I know he loves me and I believe in US. I'm wishing and hoping and praying that someday, we'll be happy together forever. I am here Taurus woman dating a Pisces man we clicked like we were best friends it is so true about the Pisces male the first time we made love or have sex it was so magical.

Every time we bond is through music and movies but he also had a way having you cling to them I hate to have to say this but they tend to be a charmer and we got swooped up in their dream world and I have been trapped. Also he made me feel so good that I couldn't stop thinking about him I miss a lot I wish we haven't separated. I am a Taurean, long distance dating a Pisces for a year now. Great sex, communication, self sufficient, but I don't see the "secret" side to him as I am never around.

But truly loyal when I am with him and would travel across the country if I was in need of any type of help. I would do the same, but unfortunately my heart is not where his is: I have to move on.

He will never move from his home and a bit stuck in his own ways, which I can totally respect, but not sure how long I would be able to deal with it. He is very thoughtful, sweet, please click for source. He calls me everyday just to say hi. He is totally Pisces Man And Taurus Woman Dating me already. We never mentioned commitment, which I don't want to but yet he calls me his girl.

Pisces Man And Taurus Woman

Im not sure if it has anything to do with the signs but he's a little mushy for me. For all of us Taurus women, we need Pisces Man And Taurus Woman Dating that are loyal, sensitive, affectionate, great in bed, not afraid of commitment and a Pisces Pisces Man And Taurus Woman Dating may just be the perfect match.

I just met one myself and we live in different states, thank God they are next to each other! My new man actually calls when he says he will and is very clear about what he wants which is a total turn on to me as a Taurus, I love that.

We haven't met in person yet but our connection is unlike anything I have experienced because we talk for hours on the phone about everything and even though this is all so new, there is something very special about our little connection.

I plan on visiting him next month and hopefully our chemistry will be the same or even better in person. I am a Taurus woman. We quit talking about a year ago. I contacted him and we reconnected immediately, by phone, he begged me to have sex with him After we reconnected by phone, we stopped for a week or so, and started emailing and texting each other, then the truth click out about him dating some girl Pisces males what do you think?

I am a Taurus woman and have been in a 9 month relationship with a Pisces man. He is very secretive and it pisses me off. We have moved very fast in our relationship but certain parts of it is still standing still.

I don't trust him and cant find it in myself to do so again. As a Taurus woman, once my trust is broken it is best that we break up. I need to break up with him.

I don't even know where to start. Taurus and Pisces are both all about pleasure. I left for Mexico.

Taurus woman in off and on relationship with Pisces man for 15 years please don't be like me let it go better off with just friendship if that Pisces men go in two different directions at the same time Taurus women are steadfast and one dimensional! I am a Pisces man. I met a Taurus woman in February of I some what question how much she is really like a true Taurus woman. I was constantly insecure with her and by Pisces Man And Taurus Woman Dating end it was for good reason. I don't know exactly what she wants to happen.

I guess what I'm trying to say is once you have a Pisces heart, you may as well put a brand on it like cattle. I would also like to add, just because you think we are hiding something nag, it doesn't make it so. I hope this helps. I am a Taurus woman and somewhat dating a Pisces man this has been going for about six years he is very sensitive, a great sense of humor and I just feel so comfortable around him but we have been friends for so long I am more afraid of losing his friendship more than anything I think he really cares for me but every time I get that feeling we are getting too close I back up I am so afraid I just want him to come out and say how he really feels and then I can truly express my feelings but he never does at least in words I am straightforward and honest and expect the same in the man who holds my heart but maybe someday.

I'm a Pisces male, I love Taurus women very much but I can't get sexual with them, it would be too overwhelming for me. I like building friendships with them, I know this pisses them click the following article and for this I am sorry. The truth is I'm just too spineless to deal with that kind of intensity, Taurus women are so beautiful and sexually charged, I can feel them from across the http://1dating.me/fet/free-local-hookup-and-chatting-apps.php. I love my Pisces man sooooo much to the point where I feel like he's my soulmate, but our relationship Pisces Man And Taurus Woman Dating really complicated.

He's away right now and he will be away for 3 months.

Pisces Man And Taurus Woman Dating

I don't know what's going to happen to us when he gets back. I have a feeling things are going to change, I hope for the better though.

How do I know if he's really in love with me?

I am a Taurus woman and met my Pisces two years ago. Ok commitment they're afraid of! I've been dating this Pisces man for a month now I am a Taurus woman.