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My question to you ladies is, do you think I'll regret going to the courthouse to get married? Has anyone done this and then had a wedding later? Is it inappropriate to have a wedding AFTER you are already married? Is it wrong of me to care so much about having an actual wedding? Should I just wait?. In Response to Re: A Note to Those Who Want Courthouse Weddings, Then Have a Ceremony Later: How did your Catholic priest reconcile your having been married in a civil ceremony with having a Catholic ceremony? Many Catholic priests won't go along with this. I think vow renewals, especially in a. We did it for military benefits and to help save up for the wedding. We wouldn't have been able to pay for it without the extra money we got from getting married. I 'm happy with how everything turned out except for not taking pictures at the court house and not having that same feeling at our wedding when.

I agree with the others that it is absolutely your choice and you should do what is best for you and your SO. However, I just wanted to add that it is totally possible to plan a small wedding in a short amount of time. It wasn't super expensive either. We put a lot of it on credit cards, but had them paid off in less than a year, I think. So if you want the church wedding, I say go for it! But if the courthouse route with a bigger celebration later fits you better, then that will be just as meaningful.

Wait, in what state can you get married at the DMV? AudriannaMaria clarification please, is there a specific office you have to go to or is it based by county? How does this work? The Bump Baby Registry.

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Getting Married At The Courthouse Then Having A Wedding

September in December Moms. I don't know where to ask this and you guys seem knowledgeable on most things. So, SO and I have planned on getting married next summer for a little while now. We hadn't announced it, yet and planned on something small. For many reasons, some personal and some legal, we decided that we would like to be married before the baby is born.

It doesn't bother me to have a courthouse wedding. But I've always a traditional wedding with my Father walking me down the aisle. I am the oldest daughter and my sisters are quite a bit younger than me, my father has health problems and I don't want to take away his possible only chance of giving one Getting Married At The Courthouse Then Having A Wedding us away. We don't have see more time or means to throw together a small click here before baby, though.

Is there anyway we can go about doing a traditional, small Church ceremony perhaps next summer? Maybe a vowel renewel kind of deal? Report 0 Reply to Post. Courthouse wedding with ceremony later? You can do whatever you want. I know several people who did a courthouse marriage with a wedding that followed later.

If you're concerned about some family members possibly missing out, then invite them to the courthouse ceremony. From what I've gathered, this is an unpopular concept on the bump. I think if you really wanted to be married before baby arrives you can pull together a small church wedding before. Hubby and I went back and forth on this a lot when we got married. What we ended up doing was getting married in my grandparents' church by their pastor for free with just a few close family.

Afterwards we went back to my grandparents' house and had food my mom and grandmother had tossed together turkey, ham, rolls and pot luck kind of stuff and a small sheet cake we'd ordered from a grocery store bakery.

It fit us perfectly and we've never felt the need to go back and have anything after. The whole thing was simple and relaxed. There wasn't a set program and with so few people it went very smoothly. Maybe something like this would be an option and then your dad would still be able to walk you down the aisle? I say make it happen. Sounds like a lit of meaning to having it sooner than later.

Getting Married At The Courthouse Then Having A Wedding

We moved up our wedding 4. Which lead to us expecting our first. If there's a will, there's a way. There is nothing more important than family and I would have given anything to have my dad give me away.

I just got married this past Sunday.

OUR WEDDING VIDEO!!! *Vows to 4 year old daughter*

To be honest, with my FIL'S health going up and down, the baby and some other factors, I am happy we stuck with our date. It was totally worth it. Now, I'd love to see you come back and say you share those sentiments about your own wedding decisions. I think that doing a city hall ceremony, and still having dad walk you down the aisle, is important. That way you'd get both the memory for you and dad and the read article and the legal stuff taken care of before baby.

You can then later on have a more dream like ceremony. People who love and support you Getting Married At The Courthouse Then Having A Wedding your little, growing family will come regardless. It's all in how you go about it. You can keep city hall very intimate and family only, and then open up the ceremony you do at the church or whatever venue, open to extended family, friends and loved ones. You aren't being "gift grabby" or anything.

You are trying to be thoughtful for your family and that's not a bad thing. Do what you would like to do. Just make sure you present it in a way that shows your genuine intentions. Personally i feel like people who do a courthouse wedding then a 'real wedding' with all the trimmings after the fact are devaluing their actual wedding. Which was at the courthouse and still something to be honored and celebrated. As you said there is nothing wrong with a courthouse wedding. Is there a reason your dad wouldn't be able to present you and be your witness for that?

Is it important to you to also be married in the church? My See more and I threw a surprise wedding. We told people we were getting married earlier in the day and said we wanted everyone at the reception.

The most cost was food. We got our license and we knew someone from our church who is ordained and was willing to perform the ceremony. We had a blast and it was very Getting Married At The Courthouse Then Having A Wedding for everyone.

I say do whatever you want, but Im not sure that all church's allow wedding ceremonies if the couple is already legally married. Don't know for sure, but something to consider. I've only see the courthouse marriage with a ceremony somewhere else later when the second place wasn't a church. Courthouse for the win! I'm "old fashioned", and think that babies should come after weddings So yeah, there's my personal bias.

Get hitched now, have a party later, and get a fancy dress once you have your body back. Marriage is about the legal commitment to one another anyway, not the pretty dress.

The unexpected benefits of "getting legalled" before our wedding

Plus it'll be way easier for baby and you to have parents with the same last name!! Congrats on getting married ChiccoBeanz!!!!! I think that you should do what makes you happy. My first wedding was only my husband, myself and our parents.

If the two of you are going to be apart for the year following then a renewal may not seem all that awkward. Until next time, tortor We did this too, since my husband came on a fiance visa. I married my teammate.

We had a second small wedding and repeated the ceremony for our very closest friends and family. We had a fabulous brunch following. Yes, there were a lot of people that were disappointed that we didn't have a big wedding we both know a lot of people and have large social circles. It was not what was expected of us… But it really wasn't their place to say anything and we were very glad to do the wedding when my father and MIL were still relatively healthy.

I wouldn't change a thing. I don't care what people think and we did what was right for us. I would marry my DH times if I could. We did not have a registry and did not accept any gifts.

Their story got out to a local newspaper somehow and they were gifted a really nice second wedding at a country club a few months after his return. It was actually my mother-in-law's idea! I also said we are also paying for the entire thing ourselves, not my parents, not his parents, not anyone except DH and I. Apparently the family was livid. But we are concerned about my parents.

All of the checks that we were given were never deposited. People that absolutely insisted made donations to a charity of their choice. September edited September It's totally up to you -- its your wedding! My hubby and I did a city hall wedding with just our two closest friends as witnesses as we were time crunched before our overseas click here. Then the following summer we threw a real reception and had a minister friend take us through our vows to each other again and do a lovely bit on the importance of our friends and family support for a marriage.

Not a full ceremony, but that was just our personal choice. My hubby and I did that.

We were engaged and our wedding was book and planned for October He is Canadian military and got posted the U.