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Find and follow posts tagged omegle questions on Tumblr. The question comes from a third stranger who will be able to watch your chat, but unable to participate. Of course, this is still completely anonymous! On omegle's front page now there's a button: Or try spy mode (beta) Spy mode lets you ask a question and watch two strangers discuss it. (The strangers. Their age is a rough estimate of how many experiences they've had. For example , every job is a unique experience. This is an observable quality that doesn't require a question. Although, this is a poor question to ask on Omegle. For example, I enj.

A new way to troll Good Questions To Ask On Omegle using spy mode Good Questions To Ask On Omegle. I have 2 people that have been arguing for the last 30 minutes. My strangers are currently sharing awkward smores as they camp out and wait for the other to leave.

Actually, there really are girls on Omegle. I made a good friend once, and I still keep in contact with her. It's just extremely difficult to find one You actually make a good point, I'm a girl and met one of my best friends on Omegle. I've never met him, as he lives in Denmark, but we still talk all the time. Remember that Beach Boys tune "Surf City"? They went there because it was "two girls for every guy. I have a female friend who has brought up omegle in conversation before.

She was using it to make nickleback jokes. You put a question in, and then you watch two strangers talk. You don't get to talk to them yourself. There's a description in the picture, but basically you start a chat room with a question for two people to discuss.

By posing the question you get to spy on what they say about the question, and what they say to each other etc. Are you retarded or just trolling? Just go to the dumb website, there's a button right there that says spy mode, then it asks you to type in a question. I hadn't been on omegle for months either until I saw this, but in the picture it explained it well enough for me to be correct when I later only after I was worried I was giving you wrong information tested the new function.

Basically, the idea is that this new spy mode is available if you start a chatroom with a single question. Then people can join that chat room and answer your question and talk amongst themselves.

Hey, want to be spied on? It's a fun new feature! If you volunteer, we'll give you and a stranger a random question to discuss. The question comes from a third stranger who will be able to watch your chat, but unable to participate.

Of course, this is still completely anonymous!

Or try spy mode beta Spy mode lets you ask a question and watch two strangers discuss it. The strangers volunteer to be watched. Ask anything you like, but try to keep questions open-ended and thought-provoking. Who will win the prize? I might be mistaken, but I believe there are more words that violate the rule than there are ones that follow it.

Do you like My Little Pony: Jun 23, 4. Good, I'm glad you don't look at yourself, that's weird.

After more than five hours people are finally starting to catch on, and actually play along with my lines of text. Also, I tried to make a redirecting script but that didn't work for some reason, It was gonna send them all over to the animal house!

Good Questions To Ask On Omegle

Haha making people say things indeed. It went exactly as planned. I have a feeling there are torrents out there that literally have terabytes of porn on them, and I can see people sending it on slideshow while it's still downloading.

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I asked the question "Which of you is a man acting as himself, and which of you is a man pretending to be a woman? Some humorous responses, but one of them was just awkward when an eighteen year old guy tried to convince a fourteen year old girl to sex chat him.

Keep in mind there is a character limit to this so you cant just put anything in there unfortunately: Yesterday I brought my bunny to my room and he say under my bed and I read him HP6 my favorite chapter, spinner's end. All I saw was my ski bag, I didn't see you! I asked some seriously puzzling questions, some from Google and Microsoft interview questions, and just got instant disconnects.

Then I lowered my standard to asking about what the best video game is, and I had one person say Warcraft 3 while the other person was wanting to know if the other guy was a male before disconnecting. Finally, after giving up on society altogether, I here asking when the Narwhal Bacons, and had correct answer one after another.

Whoever you are, I agree with you completely. Check my comment history I am not to blame for Good Questions To Ask On Omegle downfall of Reddit. I'd assume they exit if there's a question because they don't want witnesses to them creepily trying to cyber. They choose if they get asked the question, I set my question to "Why do people exit immediately instead of answering the question" and they replied, "Because the question is stupid". Oh, I wasn't aware of this feature. I guess I know what I will be doing for the next few hours.

After putting up this question I found that almost every single Good Questions To Ask On Omegle their first concern would be about sex. What about those nuclear reactors? Welp, that was fun while it lasted. You're now chatting with a random stranger.

Omegle: Spy Mode fun :D | Just For Fun Discussion | Know Your Meme

What's your worst secret? There was an XSS issue, but it's fixed now. Basically, Adobe is retarded. Assuming it's a girl, I must find and marry Stranger 1 http: I posted the condensed version continue reading those who don't care to read 20 pages of spam.

They aren't talking to each other at this point anyway. I gave you an upvote for the misunderstanding: It seems they are having a stand off for now. This is brilliant, I'm trying it and two people are both telling each other it must be a joke.

But both refusing the disconnect. I think "Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? This spy mode is bullshit. I'm giving people amazing questions and they disconnect immediately. Seriously though, not the Good Questions To Ask On Omegle I was thinking I'd get Here it normal to have sex with random people? You're now watching two strangers discuss your question!

What is your darkest secret?

asking questions on omegle

You can tell that this girl isn't on birth control, as BC prevents ovulation, and there is little to no cervical mucous produced as such. You can use this method as a natural birth control - google "billings method" or "cervical mucous method" - since you know when you are most likely to get pregnant and when you aren't.

Fisty sounds nice, I think I would like him. You should put him on. However as soon as he starts showing an affinity towards your general air of incompetence at life, I will post-haste slice off his small and crinkly balls. The trauma is quite similar to what your mom went through the first time she saw you.

I just posed just click for source question "What is the most disturbing thing you have seen on the internet" and the conversation got turned towards reddit: Then I cried again.

Spy mode would be a lot more fun if you could interact with the two people. You're obviously a shitty high class hooker then. These simple folk know how to whore to the max for minimum wage.

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Oh, and boil them, then shove them into his bulbous nose. I'm having fun answering questions. You're now chatting with a random stranger. Or try spy mode beta

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