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I see our time has gotten stale. / The tick-tock of the clock is painful, all sane and logical. / I want to tear it off the wall. / I hear words and clips and phrases, / I think sick like ginger ale. / My stomach turns and I exhale / I would swallow my pride, / I would choke on the rhymes, but the lack thereof would leave me empty inside. This Pin was discovered by Rachel | Pickles & Chapstick. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. Explore Rachel | Pickles & Chapstick's board "- i hear words in clips & phrases -" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Words, Thoughts and Wisdom.

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It would appear that there's an entire new batch of ding-dongs running round. To this very moment, I do not understand why people feel the need to blog in text language. You're not texting you techno-weenie. Not everyone who has the unfortunate circumstance to happen across your malformed blog wants to waste their time having their eyes violated. I don't even read most of them. Not even worth commenting on.

I Hear Words In Clips And Phrases

The blog reflects the users in most cases. And the new rash of: Is this site worth it? I tell them no and move on If you have to ask, please Without the droll and tards My blog at times would be With out your special-ed skills we would not have the standard of quality humor we have today.

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If you ever doubted if there was a dumb question, we turn to you for that blank look and just a touch of drool dangling from your agape mouth. You've put someone on block, I Hear Words In Clips And Phrases then put up a hate blog about them, forgetting in your stupidity That they can't even read it. You allow me article source my education, and help me know that Yes, I am indeed superior to many out there Cause I can use all the letters on my keyboard.

Thank you all so much for your help in a good laugh. May you find exactly what you deserve off this site, from what you put out there! For some of you With luck, you two tards wont be able to keep it for long. It may get raised right somewhere. And become a productive member of a blogging society And now for my blog: Desis ist was wier biete.

I Hear Words In Clips And Phrases

Ich komme, um einen von ihnen heute zu treffen. Isn't it fun to read something you have no clue about? If you're out in the woods alone screaming You're still an idiot for being in the woods alone where no one can hear you I like your writing, it is clear, and nicely spaced to be able to read.

I just wish they would SEXT on their blog It's not ok to call people tards anymore than calling them retards.

It's all the same thing. I get to hide in happy land and write about other things I think it is sometimes called "Not ready to suffer fools gladly". The people who seem to be living on the pithy surface and that will be their highest attainment in life are like fingernails scraping the blackboard of life. They buy whatever and hug the box it comes in, but can't deal with what it is in the box that is being sold. I can deal with the mundane, but I can't live in it. It has no nutrition, no depth, no truth, no feelings to support and nurish me in my growth and in what my motivations I Hear Words In Clips And Phrases.

It was terrific, as usual. Sometimes I get dizzy trying to figure out what some bloggers are trying to see more.

Call me old if you like but it drives me too Thank you, thought I might have lost my mind there for awhile OMG if you don't like then bleep off.

Is that ringing any bells for you. Kudo's to you Steampunk.

Log in to add a tag. General Comment this is an awesome song This girl is just evil. Chalk white and oh-so-frail.

Go to YouTube and search Orwell "" and watch some clips. When people of any world language are pushed by society or ruling Governments into totally.

Swallow my doubt turn it inside out find nothing but faith in nothing. SoCal is where my mind states, But it's not my state of mind. With out your special-ed skills we would not have the standard of quality humor we have today. Isn't it fun to read something you have no clue about? Swallow my doubt, turn it inside out, Find nothing but faith in nothing.

Speach or writings or any thing! Ienstin, Frank Loyd Wright, etc.

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I get a lil bumped when my Liberal friends tell me to say " Native Americans " because I say "Indians" Yes just that way, when they tell you " I am an Indian " that's the way they put it, cuz that's what they are Back To Blog Entries.

You can buy an el cheapo notebook for not much more than a dam phone so do us a favor and write so we can read it or keep whining Get with the program or get their own section on DH called text reading.