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Of course, once you're committed, flirting becomes a no-no. But what if your girlfriend keeps flirting with other guys after you are in a committed relationship? . perceived as flirtation by your girlfriend and other women. Make a change in your attitude and the annoying "my girlfriend flirts with other guys" will be easily solved. 28 Jan What to do if your girlfriend, wife, or a woman you're dating openly flirts with or seems to consistently invite the attention of other men-FREEeBook. She was my first. Well, it's here that all the red flags started to appear. First of all, she lied to her family that she was going with other friends and not with me all. If your girlfriend fits into that category, then you should dump her right away to teach her a lesson. Then, make her promise to stop doing that in future, otherwise you will dump her again. Important: When you tell her to stop flirting with other guys, you have to do it in a confident, self-assured way, not a needy, insecure way.

Are you ok with your girlfriend flirting with other guys? There's this girl I'm really good friends with who always flirts with a lot of her guys friends. She's been in a serious relationship for two years.

My Gf Flirts With Other Guys

She claims that for her, at least it's "all in good fun", but I know for a fact that at least several of the guys she does it with are interested in her. If your girlfriend did this, would it bother you? Mostly, I'm just curious.


EDIT Yes, she does know that these other guys have feelings for her. She still does this anyway. Honestly, My Gf Flirts With Other Guys bothers me. I know it's not anything to worry about and I'm always trusting I wouldn't get involved if I didn't.

I always keep it to myself, but if I'm being honest it does - it just seems weird, kind of awkward. The thing about you knowing some guys are into her - yeah, most guys would have an interest in a women that flirts with them so that goes read article saying. It's all about how much you trust your girlfriend. Personally I wouldn't date a girl that I didn't trust enough to let be who she wants to be.

If she was a big flirt and she was committed to me then I would let her go flirt or dance or do anything she wanted with other guys as long as she knew the line not to cross and didn't cross it.

That depends on the couple, for me it would be if there was sexual petting or kissing. Hugs would be fine. As long as she doesn't allow her self to get molested or kissed.

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I'm a 28 year old guy who has had a lot of long and short relationships in case you were wondering. The phrasing of this bugs me. Just be conscious of the fact that sometimes she might not have a choice, guys edit: Being that comfortable is something I strive for. No, it doesn't bother me at all. It used to, until I started viewing relationships more maturely. When they say they're dating you, that's a pretty large commitment.

Even if it falls through in the end, continue reading the time you're together you have exclusive rights and privileges with the other personthings that some random guy on the street doesn't have access to.

Good luck, she'll probably never stop. They have issues, they go off on these wild adventures getting drunk and acting slutty then go back to real life. She needs constant approval and reassurance. Guys like you are safety nets for women like this, you're their sure fire thing, support system.

There's no reason to get upset if she kisses another My Gf Flirts With Other Guys on the cheek, or talks in a flirting manner with another guy while you're My Gf Flirts With Other Guys so long as she comes home with you that night. If you're confident in your relationship, this will never be a problem. If something happens, something happens. Sitting down next to someone at the age of twenty and deciding on that spot that she's going to be your girl forever is insane.

People come and go, and eventually you'll find the one that stays; there's no reason to put unnecessary pressure on every single relationship you form in between. So, if I'm check this out what you're saying correctly, acting like an overly-controlling ass is more likely to keep her by your side than trusting her to be faithful when you aren't around?

Because to me, that's entirely backward. If you're looming over her every second you are together, and every second you're not together, your relationship is not going to be very healthy.

I never said "I only care that she comes to bed with me at night", I said "It doesn't matter what she does with her time so long as she's still with you at the end of the day. Acting like you own someone is not going to get you very far in life.

You have absolutely no say in any decisions that are not joint decisions, and at the end of the day her http://1dating.me/fyp/best-gift-to-get-your-girlfriend-for-christmas.php and her choices are her own. You cannot change this through any amount of tampering, through any amount of incessant texting, calling, or confrontation.

Trust is the cornerstone of a relationship, not distrust.

I personally would be bothered, yes. That would make me feel like she's not as committed to me as I am to her. Yes, it would bother me. I can understand that it feels good to seduce the opposite sex, and if you don't break the "rules" you've made with your SO, I don't see the problem.

But My Gf Flirts With Other Guys you have to do it, maybe there is an insidious reason? But I'm not click here girl, I don't know what's inside her head. My SO and me have defined the things that are okay and the things that aren't: What I really want to do? What could be the consequence? My boyfriend and I trust each other, neither of us are particularly jealous, and we both have a number of friends of the opposite gender.

In fact, both of our best friends are our opposite gender. So, we're both very understanding of 'good fun', and we both know where the line is for our relationship. We can hang out, dance, flirt, whatever, and it's all good, clean fun, but there is a 'no genitals' rule for us. If genitals get involved, then a line has been crossed.

Http://1dating.me/fyp/how-to-get-over-your-jealousy.php, as for the 'several guys are interested in her' thing. She doesn't have control over My Gf Flirts With Other Guys other's react to her. Yes, flirting doesn't help, but the guys' feels are their feelings, and all she can do is turn down any advances they make.

So long as she doesn't take them on it unless she's in an open relationship; you never knowthen they can feel whatever they want for her, but it really isn't under her control. Some guys may have developed feelings for her even if she hadn't been flirting at all. Tl;drthough, is that every relationship is different and the parameters should be laid out between the two people in the relationship.

If he's cool with it, then that's all there is to it. The thing is, though, here that she read more how they feel about her, yet she continues to do this.

She's kind of a cock tease. No, I suppose she "doesn't have control over how others react to her", but she has control over her own actions.

My Gf Flirts With Other Guys

Even so, she always keeps this up, and I know people are going to get hurt. So long as she doesn't cross the physical line much beyond hugs I don't care. If she's coming back to me when done flirting and I'm Mr.

Cool about it, I only look that much better. I've had an incredibly sexy, incredibly flirtatious girlfriend. Frankly it just became a total fucking drag. Going out, it was like a floorshow sometimes. It's a lack of self esteem on her part. She needs constant approval and reassurance.

BTW, I really like your videos and have a high regard of almost all your opinions. She still does this anyway. She needs constant approval and reassurance. You are one helluva guy

It's also rude to the person she is in a relationship with. My partner isn't flirty with other men, but hypothetically speaking it wouldn't bother me. A little outside validation is always nice. Well first off, if see more your friend and not you SO then you have no grounds to be bothered by it in all honesty. I can tell you from experience, I have been with girls who would send guys text messages that were extremely suggestive just to be a tease [meaning never having any intent of getting with them] just for the attention, and that kinda thing bugs the hell out of me.

If a girl is just flirting or being coy about it, that's really nothing, but when they start taking it into the next phase, it's annoying and damaging to a relationship. I have a good friend who is kinda going with the same senario right now, which involves a 'Close friend of hers' and her saying that it's 'all in good fun'.

They My friend, his girlfriend, and her two guy friends went out to dinner last night, and for the majority of it one her guy friends was rather close to her the whole time. My friend didn't appreciate this at all, however being the nice person he is, doesn't say anything about it.

Later throughout the dinner, my friend started to get rather annoyed by the fact of these two going at it, and tried to move her closer to himself. Which he couldn't as the her guy friend had put his foot near the bottom of the peg and stopped him from moving her. Long story short, he kept trying this and other things to get her attention.

He asked about it and she only said "Well it's all in good fun, there isn't anything wrong with it. Personally it does bother me a lot at times, but ONLY depending on the person. If your girlfriend is flirting here someone that you are envious of or just hate in general, then yes it's source to sting you in the ass pretty hard.

This web page, after 3 years with my girlfriend, I know her all to well and if she would flirt with anyone else it would just be to tense me My Gf Flirts With Other Guys purpose My Gf Flirts With Other Guys make me jealous Seems it's cute for men to be like that.

If it's just her friends - then there's no problem. Seriously, if you're friends with a guy or girl, both should know that there are boundaries.

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And yeah, it is all in good fun for both sides, provided they understand the boundaries. In your situation, the fact that several guys are interested in her is not really that relevant - she doesn't know that I presume and she shouldn't be blamed for that, and they should know better. I personally don't mind, but it depends on the girl.

Read article I'm engaged to a wonderful woman, and trust her completely so it wouldn't bother me if she did.

I would be uncomfortable seeing it though, and would likely get annoyed about it, but if she was to tell me outright it really wouldn't phase me. It would bother me, especially if we had been together for two years. I wouldn't do that to my partner, I'd prefer they do the same for me. I mean, if it's people she knows that's no problem. Now if she went out My Gf Flirts With Other Guys clubs with friends that's different.