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'Sextortion': Online blackmail of men

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12 Feb In this blog post, Sourabh Makhija, from RDVV – Jabalpur, guides on the steps that can be taken if you're threatened by your boyfriend/girlfriend or your ex- boyfriend/ex-girlfriend who use your nude pictures to blackmail you. Introduction. Had a breakup? Are you afraid that your ex might publish your. 10 Feb What to do if someone tries to blackmail you - CEO, Lachlan McKnight, explains what steps to take if someone is attempting to blackmail you. 23 Jul As it becomes increasingly easier to share every aspect of our lives on social media, the chances of personal stuff getting into the wrong hands is quite likely. You only have.

The interpersonal connectivity of the Internet has created many wonderful things, but unfortunately it also has a dark side.

One of the more pernicious of these is online blackmail. Also check out our related articles on the topic:. Blackmail is related to extortion, although they are classified differently under American law. Blackmail is the use of a threat to prevent someone from doing something they might otherwise be entitled to do.

For example, the threat of spreading salacious photos of a victim if he or she reports a crime constitutes blackmail. Extortion is the use of threat to demand payment or delivery of property or services. An example of extortion is a hacker that threatens to delete the contents of your computer unless you pay a ransom.

A third related crime is libel, which is the threat of spreading malicious rumors unless a fee is paid.

What To Do If You Re Being Blackmailed

Subsequently, the blackmailer demands either financial compensation or more photographs. In the article source case, this crime is sometimes colloquially referred to as sextortion. If the blackmailer takes control of your webcam to generate compromising images or videos, the crime is referred to as webcam blackmail. Often the blackmailer has multiple victims. One sextortist had over targets.

In the United States, many online blackmailers target teenagers. The truth is that online blackmail can affect anyone, anywhere, no matter your age or gender. First and foremost, blackmail regardless of the method used, is against United States law. Many blackmailers will claim that the lack of specific online extortion laws shields them from prosecution.

Blackmail is a crime, and there are no loopholes that an Internet blackmailer can use to avoid being prosecuted if they are found.

Cyber-blackmail: How to keep safe and deal with it

Sextortion in particular may violate a number of additional state and federal laws on top of all of these. Laws surrounding sexual assault and coercion may be involved, and if the victim is underage, child pornography laws may also be relevant. First, contact the police, especially in cases of sextortion. Even if you have done something wrong or potentially illegal, you risk significantly greater danger if you try to deal with the situation alone. You may think that by agreeing to do what they want, they will then leave you alone.

Blackmailers are unlikely to stop targeting you as long as they have link source of leverage. The potential for go here and threats is enormous and can ruin your life. Cooperating can end up being worse than the possible shame you might feel if the worst happens and the blackmailer follows through with his or her threats.

Third, since the blackmail likely originated from a hack, you will need to completely stop using your computer, smartphone, or other hacked device, at least temporarily.

To get the removal process started, fill out the form below. One must not just wallow in such thoughts and let the situation go out of control. TheDress - What's behind it all? Consult a lawyer regarding what the law is in your jurisdiction.

Power it down completely so that it cannot be accessed remotely. Fourth, using a different device that you know to be safe, change all of your passwords, including email, social media, and online banking. Educating yourself on the ways online blackmail works is the first step. One blackmailer targeted victims he knew by sending them a video with an embedded virus.

Another way you can avoid being blackmailed is to not keep compromising information or photos on your devices. If you do need to keep sensitive materials like this, make sure they are stored in an encrypted, password-protected file that cannot be accessed by a hacker.

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For additional tips, check out our rules to keep from oversharing on social networks and our suggestions on protecting your children from stalkers online. Also check out our related articles on the topic: How to deal with online blackmail The different types of Internet blackmail What is blackmail and how is it different from extortion?

What To Do If You Re Being Blackmailed

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What to do if someone tries to blackmail you

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For the sociopath this makes it almost a perfect crime, a crime without consequence. Shockingly, thousands of revenge porn videos and pictures are posted on the internet here day. Ask for them to stop. A third related crime is libel, which is the threat of spreading malicious rumors unless a fee is paid. Of course, porn stars are an exception.