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Generally speaking, the easiest places to get laid overseas are also some of the least safe. Robberies and kidnappings are common in Africa, South America, and Oceania. I had a friend just a couple weeks ago survive a kidnapping ordeal, in a third world city I've spent time in. They got into absolutely every bank and other. 8 May If you're willing to brave nine months of winter and risk hooking up with someone hiding under 14 layers of North Face, you'll find Chi-town the easiest place in America to get laid. The third-most-popular Tinder locale has four bars per thousand people, and with % more women than men – and friendly. I come from a country which is not known and not popular at all and once they hear this they lose interest almost immediately. At the same time I have seen thousands of times how guys without any game or any good look from Italy or France, just for example, get laid with beautiful girls in another country.

I lived in Hong Kong for a year. No games hardly ever. All you had to do was say hi, and your chances of getting laid was around 75 percent or higher. Any dude stuggling with a chick in the U.

Where Is The Easiest Place To Get Laid

Go to some Asian countrys. There is no official statistics stating anything, some have said the Nordic countries are easy, some said the UK, some said eastern europe. Truth is, women very from individual to individual, women do not all have the same set of characteristics because they deff have different upbringing and views on such topics. Also this is sort of an insult to a particular Russia, making out that the women in Russia are this way in comparison to others countries when in fact, some women all over the world exhibit such characteristics.

It seems to me here in the U. People have this high guard, and you more info to game, and make sure you say everything perfectly in the introduction part, or the girl will no be interested.

What happened to just say hi and talking for the sake of talking.

So many games now. I didn't experience that at all in Asia. I'm guessing anywhere in Asia is gonna be easier. Always hear about the sex tourism and there are just so many people there.

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Doubt you need to be rich, good looking, and good social status to get laid over there. All you have to do is know how to say hello.

I understand what you mean, women in some parts have a high social pedigree and wont give it up so easily, guess what, the same happens everywhere, even in those asian countries.

It all comes down to the individuals involved and from what you are discribing, sounds more like a jungle fever situation to me cause i have been in those situations several times too.

I think explaining the discrepancy is that simple in the UK to be honest. And to your other point. Good luck to all of the fat, balding, blue-collar British idiots who think they can come here and score a 10 for a one-night stand because they have pounds to throw around on drinks for a weekend. You are saying all this because you want to keep it how it is and you are only thinking about you.

When i went for my national service in a distant region, the girls from that place where all over us, there is something exciting about the sexual racial curiousity that gets some people.

Sweden puts out more on the first date please click for source to Manswers.

I embrace female sexuality and happily accept their lips around my balls. I was in Japan staying in Shibuya for 7 days on business and we went to roppongi ever other night. My god that was fun. I took a woman home each night we went to the district. Japanese woman are bad ass My Japanese counterpart said they like the blonde hair. Aim for countries that are relatively poor or have a high social stigma on male versus female approaches and you'll be good.

Some parts of East block Europe Where Is The Easiest Place To Get Laid Japan are quite good if you are looking for a easy lay. That being said, the amount of effort put in seducing someone remains a significant part of the enjoyment.

America seems, in my opinion, one of the hardest due to the high emphasis on looks. UK had very easy women while I was stationed there in the U. D, especially the British nurses, great times.

Where Is The Easiest Place To Get Laid

I could hook up with the hottest English girls for a fraction of the work I needed for even an average American gal, let alone the hot ones. Might be read more now, not sure. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. DaBrainz Follow Forum Posts: I've never been to those countries but US girls are easy. Also this is sort of an insult to a particular Russia, making out that the women in Russia are this way in comparison to others countries when in fact, some women all over the world exhibit such characteristics megaspiderweb09 Or maybe, some women live in a cultural setting that don't have such a brick wall guard to people trying to nicely talk to them, in safe environment.

NL, or did you mean without drugs? Deadpool-n Follow Forum Posts: Haven't gotten to Japan yet. Would like to though. DaBrainz I really need to move. MrPraline Follow Forum Posts: From experience, the above with the exception of america and the UK are really generally more traditional societies, where the reptutation for eroticism and sex tourism comes from either western bride-shopping which involves, you know, marriage or the paid sex industry.

I found that american exchange students are relatively easy in comparison but idk.

I'd love to get more insight on this as its really expensive and I would probably only be able to afford a short jaunt. You bring back the confidence, but you have to actually game. Hume March 27,

Allthishate Follow Forum Posts: Lonelynight Follow Forum Posts: They have women there? UK the girls are easy here.

Hey! Chase Amante here.

Saudi Arabia for sure. Australian chicks are reputed to be quite easy. Girls are easy to get when your tough: I was sad when i left.

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