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M'ale I'm going. Good-bye. Mon chè, ou al trò lwen kounyea My friend, now you are overdoing it. Ki kote pou'm kouri ale? Where can I run away to? Ale ak To match. n White (man). Stranger, foreigner; clever, comme il faut. Blan mannan Poor white. Also: Blan poban. Yon blan meriken An American. Yon blan franse A . See more ideas about Girl scouts, Caribbean food and Haitian recipes. My name is Marie Blanchard and I am 26 years old(Dear God time flies .. Haitian French Toast Recipe - 1 day old French baguette 1 cup orange juice cup heavy cream 2 eggs 1 teaspoon cinnamon cup white sugar 1 dash ground nutmeg (I use. Project progress: I'm still working on improving the nutritional intake of the residents of this orphanage, as reported in my last post, but progress has been slow. . wrong, I love fried foods, too, and have been gorging at the empanadas, plátanos fritos (fried plantains) and even fried yuka (the edible root of the cassava plant).

Culture Name

Huge speakers mounted on trucks and pounding out Soca or Calypso music, gyrating bodies covered in paint or used motor oil! It also sounds pretty rambunctious and overwhelming, attracting thousands from around the world. Carriacou, an island directly north and part of Grenada, celebrates Carnival in early March. Since we are here for an extended length of time this year, we decided to take a few days to experience Carnival. There is a long build-up to Carnival with events occurring over a couple of weeks.

During this time, a Carnival queen is crowned and Soca and Calypso bands compete for the title of best band.

Mas is short for masquerade. I was late in planning our trip to Carriacou. Karen knows everything a visitor would want to know about Carriacou. I expected this charming shop to be serving rum but this web page is actually a custom made sandal shop. Karen laughed when I told her we wanted to come to Carnival and were looking for a place to stay.

She said, everything had been booked for months. Carriacou is a small island with about 7, residents and the population swells to about 14, for Carnival. HOWEVER, about an hour earlier she had received a cancellation of a nice 2 bedroom apartment right on the edge of town.


We booked Saturday through Tuesday. Next I contacted our Connecticut friend Im White And Hookup A Haitian Manioc Images Of Angels, who had threatened to come to Grenada, to let her know our schedule and she booked her trip to encompass those days.

I made a quick call to Karen to secure the second bedroom and we were set. Our plan was to take the Osprey ferry, a large boat that carries about people and takes between 1. Everyone was in a great mood and started the party right then and there. Diane and I went up top to the open air section so we could see all of Grenada pass by and Michael stayed downstairs because he thought it would be less rough lower in the boat.

The boat was rocking and rolling with the waves but most everyone was having a wet blast. We passed a couple of deserted islands and finally pulled into Hillsborough harbor. We met up with Michael who ended up having a rougher trip than we did because he was up near the front of the boat and everyone was being literally tossed about, out of their seats.

We grabbed our bags and started looking for Raphael, the apartment owner. We jumped into his vehicle and got a short tour check this out the town. Hillsborough is basically 2 long streets that parallel the beach for about a mile and a half. Most of Carnival was going to take place near the ferry dock and our apartment was at the far end, right across from the beach. Raphael lives on the top floor of the house and has converted his lower floor into a sweet 2 bedroom apartment.

It was clean, airy and perfect for our check this out stay with a lovely covered veranda in the front of the house which was great for liming and people watching. Raphael was a perfect host and we got to know him pretty well over the 4 days. After settling in, walking to a grocery to get provisions and relaxing on the porch for a bit, we headed out to get some dinner.

I was concerned about finding a place with room to eat so I had called ahead to make reservations at what appeared to be the largest restaurant in town.

The woman was very nice but a little hesitant. It was a buffet style set Im White And Hookup A Haitian Manioc Images Of Angels where you ordered what you wanted, paid and then they gave you a number and they brought your food to the table. The woman who had taken here reservation also greeted us and guided us upstairs to a roof top deck.

We were the only ones eating up there. She took our orders and served us like a regular restaurant. The local food was filling and good. As we ate, more people came up and were looking over the railing to an open air dance club next door. The beat was pounding, everyone was moving to the music and source we looked over the rail, we saw that they had sprinklers high up in the air that would spray on the dancers below and it was called a Wet Fete Party!

Some of the women had shower caps on their hair so they would still look good later or the next day. It looked like a lot of fun. It was picture perfect and there were only a few people on the beach. We had a great, relaxing day. Canboulay is the first event and is where local families and friends come together and cook a huge feast on Sunday evening and eat together — usually starting around midnight.

We were lucky and got invited to a Canboulay feast. Just another day in Paradise — All the beaches in Carriacou are spectacular. We were thrilled to join. When Sunday came around, Louise and a friend picked us up at the house at about 2: Diane ended up backing out — she was just too tired.

Im White And Hookup A Haitian Manioc Images Of Angels

Michael and I had a good time — good music, good food, good company and killer rum — literally — a local brew that tasted like gasoline so I stuck with water.

When they passed our house, there was no sleeping though it — the windows were vibrating hard from the volume of bass. The trucks all converge in the center of town and everyone has a big jump up dance party. It was controlled chaos. Michael took a chance with his good camera and got some fabulous shots.

They were so cool looking. Then they headed back home to eat again and then slept until the first Mas masquerade parade begins. Carnival in Carriacou is a pretty laid back affair and it was hard to nail down what was happening, where events were occurring and at what time. Before we arrived the schedule kept changing, major changes — like events being moved between days.

For example, the first Mas was going to start — at the airport, at the playing field, on the main street, in the outdoor concert arena — all depending on who you asked. And none of these locations were necessarily near each other.

And it was going to start at 2: It all kind of fell together in the late afternoon and the big trucks started around town again, each blaring their favorite music with costumed groups following them dancing. All in all, a very fun time. Later in the evening, when we were sitting on our porch, an evening Mas came through and everyone had those glow-in-the-dark sticks as headdresses, torches, sparklers and necklaces. What a lot of energy! It was great seeing this gyrating crowd, moving to the music with the lights dancing.

It is a battle of wits using only lines click Shakespeare plays. It starts in a designated place in the country where costumed actors recite Shakespeare to each other, entertaining the crowd and sometimes whacking each other with sticks if the other person makes a mistake! They move onto the next spot with the crowd following themmore costumed actors join and the spectacle continues.

I think it was to alert the crowd to back off so no one got hurt. At some point, it kind of turns into staged fights with Shakespeare thrown in from time to time.

A couple of locals told us we had to eat at the Blue Moon Beach Grill so one Friday night we headed south for dinner. Victoria Hislop Expat credentials: Lovely Ruby is the perfect server and does all the behind the scenes work.

I could not really understand what they were saying so it was mostly the costumes, the gestures and the see more that was intriguing. Everyone finally end up in the center of town. By the time they got to town, there were so many people watching, it was impossible to get close enough to really see anything.

The ridiculously fabulous view from the cafe where we ate breakfast and lunch most days. The extraordinary food matched the view. After that, we grabbed a bite to eat at a lovely seaside restaurant, packed up and Raphael drove us to the ferry.

The extraordinary food matched the view. When you see L-O-R-D in caps, that is the name. I love Haitian Culture and i proud to Haitian.

After we left, there was one final Mas, late that afternoon, which was a repeat of the first Mas. The ferry trip home was much calmer — we were riding with the waves instead of against them, and a lot of people slept — a very different atmosphere from the trip up.

All in all, a great time. Now we are talking about going to Trinidad next year to see the spectacular extravaganza they put on if we can connect with a local to guide us.

Dominican mosquitoes are not my friends

How do we get to your place? Oh, and look for a bridge and a rum shop. Ah, yes, getting directions in Grenada is an adventure. He is always smiling and ready to make sure you have a good time. So off we go, trying to find his house in the country.

I know the sign for Laura Spice so we drive there, turn right and then I call John for the next steps. He says good, now turn right after Laura Spice and I realize, once again, how imprecise language can be. John said turn right after Laura Spice — does this mean we should turn here, pass Laura Spice and then take another right OR does he mean we pass this right turn to Laura Spice and take the next right? You get the idea.

Im White And Hookup A Haitian Manioc Images Of Angels

Of course we choose the wrong route. We turn right and head down a road that gets smaller and smaller. I love this ad and had it hanging in my office for years. We get to Laura Spice and see a man walking. A couple of miles in, there it is. We stop and I jump out of the car. Before I say hello, the owner says …. In Grenada, up means UP.