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My Esteem My Husband Self Destroyed Has

Do Dating Apps Ruin Men's Self-Esteem?

Your self-esteem is not up for grabs, so don't let some man destroy it. Your partner is always going to look at other ladies, but that doesn't mean he thinks they're more beautiful than you are. 2. Masturbating to online sex Everyone has their own preferences, so no two men are going to find the same woman beautiful . 5. I have been married for a little over 2 years but have been with my husband for 9 years. Fast forward to our marriage - I had 2 children from a previous long term relationship and my husband did not have any children so we knew we would have a child My confidence and self esteem was falling fast. 8 Apr Sheila's Marriage Moment: When Your Husband Makes You Lose.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of My husband destroyed me. My husband destroyed me I have been married for a little over 2 years but have been with my husband for 9 years. While dating this man was perfect! He treated me like gold.

He made me feel beautiful and I knew he only had eyes for me, the way he looked at me just made my heart melt. The sex while dating was amazing, he was so affectionate and caring and very eager to please. My Husband Has Destroyed My Self Esteem were head over heals in love and that lasted the whole 9 years. Fast forward to our marriage continue reading I had 2 children from a previous long term relationship and my husband did not have any children so we knew we would have a child early in our relationship.

I got pregnant months after our marriage and as the months went by my husband became distant and his actions towards me began to change. I feared it was due to my gaining weight which I tried to keep under control but 3 pregnancies and being in my 30's didn't help. My husband began to reject my sexual advances which I has never happened to me ever not braging just stating this was a huge hit to my ego. When we did have sex there was never any foreplay or fondeling for me even though I did all I could to please him.

My husband also stopped looking at me or complimenting me and would never buy me gifts on special occasions. The day after I had our My Husband Has Destroyed My Self Esteem was mothers day and he told me I didn't deserve a gift because I argued with him 3 days earlier, my heart broke.

I have tried numerous things to make him love me and I have not changed any of the things I do for him but none of it worked.

Why does he threaten to throw me out of 'his house' at the drop of a hat? Joanne on April 13, at 3: He said had he have known he would have got rid of all of it years ago. I have personally been on a journey recently to uncover and root out my insecurities and I am shocked by how much they were negatively impacting my marriage.

On my birthday he planned nothing, I was qweezy all day but later that evening I was told again that I did not receive a gift because I had not earned one and should behave differently if I expect something meaning no arguing over anything no matter what it is.

As the months past I never received gifts for anything there was never any comiments he never looked at me like he used to and the sex was the same - all one sided with me doing all the giving.

My Husband Has Destroyed My Self Esteem

My husband began to ogle other women while out in public with me and even while we were with my children. I told him how it made me feel and he would promise to stop but instead it got worse and worse. My confidence and self esteem was falling fast.

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I finally had enough and blew up at him about how he treated me and my husband confessed- he looks at these other women and fantasizes about them, life with me is boring, I'm boring in bed, I need to change how I look and act and I'm unworthy of sexual pleasure or gifts My whole world came crashing down. I did everything for this man and loved him completely and sadly still do.

You are not the problem. Well, the good news is that UncommonHelp. About sex and marriage.

We argued about this for 6 months straight. Now the dilemma and my question is - my husband has apologized and is now taking back all that he has said. He told me I don't have to change a thing and he will be nicer to me. The problem is that the damage is done. I feel so inadequate and useless and ugly and miserable and boring.

How do you be happily married to someone knowing the way they feel about you? Knowing that you aren't good enough and here want you to change who you are?

Do I change for him and then will this broken heart mend? Changing means I'm not me and be only loves who I have changed into.

I'm Sooo confused, hurt and desperate to survive this. Don't put energy into changing for him. I made the mistake of doing that for mine and nothing was ever good enough.

Now I am separating from him and I feel like I've waited way too long to My Husband Has Destroyed My Self Esteem it. The way he visit web page you is appalling. Yea he says he's going to change, but it could all be just an act. Click was all an act I mean the "perfect" part.

He held it together and faked it as long as he could for nearly 2 years. Then his true side came out. Consider yourself lucky now and you can make a decision based from reality not the fantasy that he projected. This is the real guy, the one who mercilessly torn you down and broke your heart. He is willing to take all the back now since you are completely destroyed and his property now to toy with at his leisure. If you stay with him, you are signing on to years of hell and manipulation. This guy knew exactly what he was doing and you have to be strong with your last burst of self worth and break away from him.

Hey copgirl I am sooooo sorry for you, if you read my past posts you will see I kinda was in the same boat I am not fat either, I work out a lot and am always under lbs and if anything I was high maintenance with my hair and makeup and clothes trying to look good for him I am not sure why men seem to get so abusive towards their wives!!

My Husband Has Destroyed My Self Esteem

The last words he called me the night I left was the C word over and over And I felt it not fair at all because I never did that when we were together. The only time i started checking guys out was a week after the divorce went through and then I felt like a kid in a candy store and I thought how disrespectful he was to do that the WHOLE time we were together I never did that to him I never was so low to him Your not the only one whose husband has told them they were bored and thinking of other women Now my husband never said that to me but he always WAS fantasizing about movie stars, oogling over tv actresses and looking them up all the time, he would check out women non stop mostly teenagers and jack off to porn And he would check out the neighbors too I know a lot of women though whose husbands have verbalized more info and been like, "we are bored, we fantasize about other women" etc So back to about your self esteem.

Trust me, most of the time I want to sail off a cliff the last year including lately because he made me feel so low about myself But in the meantime I am working on my self esteem little by little I was at the dentist earlier and I am gonna get veneers next year I am gonna get a boob job next year I have extensions in already, I got a membership to a tanning salon he never let me tan, he hated hair extensions and he said If I got a My Husband Has Destroyed My Self Esteem job he'd leave me.

Esp not in the last year!! I joined a gym, when I first met him I worked out all the time then he told me I could not work out and gave me a huge guilt trip and a month ago he said If I joined a gym he would kill me and people would find my body dead in a ditch!

So for you I would recommend reading a My Husband Has Destroyed My Self Esteem called "The Weigh Down Diet" by Gwen Shamblin which is how I got my weight down and kept it down in my early 20's Then do P90x at home, you can get the dvds for 40 bucks on Craigslist! Eventually when you get money, I'd recommend some botox, around the mouth maybe crows feet area I mean, I have no idea what you look like but I am trying to help you get your self esteem back What does your hair look like?

Do Dating Apps Ruin Men's Self-Esteem?

I've done research and they said the number one thing a man notices about a woman is beautiful bouncy shiny locks So invest in a good hair conditioner, keep it soft and shiny and healthy Buy some nice perfume from Sephora- you can go get samples for free! Find one you like that suits you Are you boring in bed? If you think you are, you can go read the Kama Sutra about diff positions. They sell sex pillows, sex toys, all kinds of stuff to try Victoria Secret etc The number one thing I have learned in life is Worry about getting over him.

If he's lucky enough to change and save his marriage it would be a miracle but in the meantime work on loving yourself and spoiling yourself and making yourself LOOK and feel amazing Last edited by avman; at This guy sounds like he had his inner demons hidden while dating you all those years and then unleashed them when you got married. I'm sorry, but he sounds like an abuser.

Now that you're married, he feels like you are his property and is treating you as such. You are not the problem. You must know that what he is doing is unacceptable and that you deserve better.

Leave whatever happened in the past behind.

My husband destroyed me - Marriage Advice

He has finally shown you his true colors. I must add that abusers always say they will change, etc. This man is abusive. Start re-thinking your dating life Abusers will slowly start the abuse during dating http://1dating.me/gico/best-hookup-websites-to-get-laid.php then once married and they know you are trapped and can't leave so easily, the Mr.

Nice Guy personna disappears and read article abuse starts in full force. The abusive part was not a phase he was going through Nice Guy that was the phase during the wooing stage. So start re-evaluating the dating period and forget about the nice guy part Go here this guy going to revert back to Mr.

As in most cases of abuse, he might for a while but soon enough the abuse will come back again. He has already shattered your self-esteem People with abusers walk on eggshells never knowing when the abuse will start up again. You are far better off exiting this relationship and getting emotionally healthy away from this man who has the potential to turn on you again.

So what do I do now that he has told me I don't My Husband Has Destroyed My Self Esteem to change anything and he will love me and will treat me better and do everything he can to make it up to me? What really can he do to make me think that he doesn't think I'm worthless and boring in life and in bed and that he no longer fantasizes about other women.

He has stopped looking at other women well in front of me anywayshe is more attentive and affectionate but I no longer want or enjoy sex let alone him touching my body. I notice every women My Husband Has Destroyed My Self Esteem passes by and now compare myself. The damage he has done to me mentally and emotionally is unreal and I don't know how to get over it. He seems to believe that if we just forget about the past and move on and he treats me the way I want to be treated that everything will be great but how does that solve what's going on in my head?