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I saw a lot, learned a lot, and recharged my resolve to keep doing archaeology. While I watched a number of excellent papers and participated in some good sessions myself more on that latera conversation at one of the Anti-Racism Workshops got me Science Based Hookup In Archaeology Ebook about the way we archaeologists behave when congregate together. A workshop participant noted how much the conference revolves around the bar.

Indeed, as we had inthe archaeologists nearly drained the hotel bar of draft beer in the first night. The hotel had to bring in more kegs just to keep the conference afloat. We prided ourselves on the fact that yet another hotel had underestimated the fortitude of our livers; but then I started to think seriously about how often this happens at an archaeology conference and the role drinking plays in our profession.


It seems like every year at conferences I drink much more than I normally do. This comment got me thinking about the wider phenomenon of binge drinking among archaeologists. Is it a problem? If so, what do we do about it? Or, should we do anything at all?

World Public Opinion Information and analysis about public opinion on international policy issues from around the world. Political Advocacy Groups A listing of national political advocacy organizations arranged by the issue they are interested in. Several times my supervisors have told stories of drunk behavior on field crews or at conferences. Many of us are introverts, so alcohol helps us come out of our shells.

Within weeks of us officially dating, my future wife noticed archaeologists, both students, CRMers, and professors, tend to be hard drinking people. Her education is in business and human resource management and, although she graduated from the University of Idaho a known bastion of binge drinkingshe was still shocked by how much the archaeology students drank whenever we hung out.

She told me few of the business students consumed as much as the archaeologists. In fact, the only people she ever saw tying one on as hard as us were known alcoholics that needed treatment.

Looking back, I now realize several Science Based Hookup In Archaeology Ebook these students were alcoholics. I hope they have stopped drinking at that level. There have been several times when I had to have difficult conversations with cultural resource management field technicians about how drinking was affecting their work.

Peer pressure plays a strong role in our binging. Several times my supervisors have told stories of drunk behavior on field crews or at conferences. Stories of drinking in the field while doing CRM during the s are common.

Tales of how drunken archaeologists destroyed hotel rooms at conferences in the s are also widely renowned. Today, this kind of behavior is viewed negatively but it still keeps happening. Which is why it is so difficult to know if archaeologists are simply letting off a little steam, participating in behavior we feel is customary, or actually have a drinking problem.

Binge drinking is bad, but what if it happens a few times a year? How many archaeologists are drinking at the conference level on a regular basis? Even though we all have experienced heavy drinking that archaeologists are capable of, few of us openly talk about it.

Fewer still believe it is a problem. Should I be proud or ashamed of our behavior when it comes to alcohol? I am also not the first one to blog about the heavy drinking done by archaeologists. Hutson who also came to an inconclusive conclusion when it came to understanding heavy drinking among archaeologists.

She draws on the reflections of undergraduate students who set out as sober ethnographers to observe and analyze peers at college parties. Within a Christian world of church services and formal religious education, they have been warned repeatedly about the dangers or sinfulness of premarital sex. After the Wrath of God Anthony M.

The top minds at Middle Savagery demonstrate the way alcohol is integral to archaeological fieldwork in this infographic. Notice how having a beer was the preeminent concern above even food. And, think about your response to the truth of this graphic. I was wholeheartedly in agreement that beer is necessary for fieldwork. Go here is deeply ingrained in our understanding of what archaeological fieldwork should be.

Alcohol use is considered normal in the field. I know some archaeologists that do not drink but most of us do. And, most of us do not pressure non-drinkers or underage students to partake even though that behavior does happen. But, is it a problem? Our behavior whenever we get together is the quintessential definition of binge drinking. I spent some time scanning the wealth of online resources related to alcoholism treatment and realized that some of us are on the path towards full-blown alcoholism.

This is no longer used because it infers some people can actually withstand years of heavy drinking. And, that their drinking is not actually affecting their lives. Online materials for alcohol addiction are confusing. Unfortunately, I do know several archaeologists that are closer to the final stages of alcoholism than others.

Based on the informal, seat-of-the-pants online research I did for this blog post, there are Science Based Hookup In Archaeology Ebook main stages of alcoholism FYI: Google it for yourself if you want to know more:. I believe most archaeologists over 21 years of age are in this category. Since heavy drinking is in in our professional culture, most of us can handle a large amount of alcohol.

Many of us are introverts, so alcohol helps us come out of our shells. Others are depressed at our life and career situation For example, a field tech with 8 years of experience or a third year PhD student. Drinking temporarily numbs the pain of our lives not being where we think they should be.

At this point, alcohol use has damaged their professional career. Binge drinking is what most archaeologists do.

Science based dating in archaeology ebook

I believe we are fine in our everyday lives and do not need alcohol every day just to survive no matter how much we think we do. Our binge drinking does cause problems. Supervisors say derogatory things while drunk.

Science Based Hookup In Archaeology Ebook

Students do things with other people who will become their peers ex. If taken too far, we all suffer hangovers that diminish our abilities and make life miserable. Our drinking effects each of our lives to differing extents. Heavy drinking lowers our inhibitions but, sometimes, this leads us to making poor decisions that can hurt other archaeologists. Admitting our heavy drinking as archaeologists is not a good thing was hard for me to say.

Science Based Hookup In Archaeology Ebook

We have all had good times while throwing back a few beers at the bar with our colleagues. I quit drinking for a whole year in At the time, I was a cultural resource management archaeologist at a new company that did a lot of fieldwork. This gets into the second part of this post: The way our drinking culture actually affects our career trajectories. The fact that some archaeologists do not drink may limit the progression of their careers and force them to remain outsiders.

As always, I value your opinion. Please write a comment below or send me an email. Having trouble finding work in cultural resource management archaeology? Still blindly mailing out resumes and waiting for a response? Full of amazing information about how blogging is revolutionizing archaeology publishing. Click Here and get detailed instructions on how you can land a job in CRM archaeology today! Over copies were sold in the first month!

Click Here and see what the buzz is all about. Join the Succinct Research email list and receive additional information on the CRM and heritage conservation field. A provocative and interesting article as always, Bill how I wish I could get you to submit pieces along these lines to the SHA Newsletter; sledgehammer hint.

I do think many SHA conference attendees drink more than they would at home. No one except perhaps the tiny number of teetotal senior colleagues I know read article whether this was a good thing or not.

So questioning the alcohol culture in archaeology, and the centrality of alcohol to our conferences, likely does us all a useful service. You raise some important points. Are we unique or unusual here? Alcohol consumption, like common sense, is to some extent culturally relative. For Science Based Hookup In Archaeology Ebook or for worse. Alasdair, thanks for reading the post and making suggestions.

What Is An Example Hookup whole concept is new to me so I would like to do some data collection first in order to gauge our alcohol use before writing something for the SHA. Each of your inquiring suggestions could be entire research projects in themselves. But, I think the connection between harassment and alcohol is the most timely given recent work on harassment in the field in association with some National Park Service incidents.

That would be a touchy subject but it would give us some useful action steps for the future. Keep my feet to the fire on this one Alasdair.

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