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Natalya tries to reconnect with her fiancé, Tyson Kidd: Total Divas, Aug. 18, 2013

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14 Mar Recently, Wrestling Inc.'s Founder and President, Raj Giri, spoke with the sons of Bret 'Hitman' Hart, Blade and Dallas. The Harts discussed whether they ever thought about getting into the professional wrestling business, whether their late uncle, Owen Hart, should be in the WWE Hall Of Fame, the. 3 Mar Misha looks at the sometimes problematic image of female wrestlers in the WWE Divas Division. Well, for a while now, the scum that is Tyson Kidd (yeah, I'm telling you how I really feel) will get into a pickle against an opponent and use Natalya as a human shield. So, not only are women emotional and. 24 Apr The Charlotte/Natalya feud has such incredibly bad acting from both sides that I can't get invested in it at all. permalink; embed Natalya is the epitome of what would happen if your friends really cool mom somehow made it into the WWE. She's really cool . Tyson Kidd had the same problem. Too much.

Come here to discuss pro wrestling in all its forms and factions. Get your flair here! Past Discussion Thread of the Week: Post Elimination Chamber These communities are not moderated by the SquaredCircle moderator team. Anybody else find Natalya kinda awkward? I may be in the minority, and I feel like I'm going to get down voted, but I can't be the only one.

Like her hairstyle is exactly the best, the way she delivers her spinning clothesline is kind of weird, when she won her match against Charlotte by DQ and went to the ropes to celebrate was cringe worthy to watch imo, and her back stage segments are just awkwardly delivered.

Like her segment with Charlotte and Ric Flair at Road Block she was standing to her side in such a weird freaking way. It didn't last very long and never Wwe Natalya And Tyson Kidd Hookup anywhere. I guess I'd be more surprised if a farting gimmick did lead somewhere, but whatever. That's another reason I'm happy she's getting a proper push. I wasn't around as a fan for that, but knowing that it happened makes me really want to root for her since she What Do Mean Pof to go through it.

I want my hairstyle to be the best To comb it is my test, to mousse it is my cause.

Natalya and TJ had only been married a couple of years when he sustained that horrific injury. These communities are not moderated by the SquaredCircle moderator team. Also it tickles me that Charlotte's gimmick as a heel currently is that she uses her dad to protect her spot, but Natalya's been doing the exact same thing with Bret Hart for 8 years and we're supposed to sympathize with her. Plus there's her dominatrix outfits which somehow simultaneously cover a lot and almost none of her body.

Did OP mean to say she has the best hairstyle or was he being un-obviously sarcastic, or did he just pull a sin cara on us. I suppose we'll never know. When you pull a Sin Cara, that means you botched something messed something up.

As Sin Cara has been known to botch a lot of moves. Bold Strategy Cotton [0: I was actually surprised that got a legitimate pop from the crowd in LA.

Wwe natalya and tyson kidd dating, why was the relationship of the couple in trouble?

I cringed at first, but the crowd response really helped carry it so I was happy she got a response. Sort of a mob-mentality thing I guess, it's why laughtracks work. I think the reason I'm willing to let Natty go with it is that she's so likable.

It's like she's your awesome goofy friend who doesn't have the best delivery, but they're a good person at heart. Plus there's her dominatrix outfits which somehow simultaneously cover a lot and almost none of her body. I think it's just because her side-hip area is see through.

So yeah, I like Natty. She seems goofy and awkward sometimes, but that's part of why I like her.

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You've articulated everything I like about Natty with words I couldn't have come up with myself. To be fair I don't really mind her doing that too much. I actually link her yelling like that. She seemed annoyed that the crowd wasn't as hot as they should be. They really got into the match after being called out on it, too. I don't think she's comfortable trying to play the character WWE wants her to play.

When he had started wrestling, he also lived with Davey Boy Smith and his family for a period of time, and he was constantly staying with Matt Hart too — they treated him like one of their own and he was welcome at any time. He is extremely smooth, fluid, crisp, and dynamic. You are commenting using your Twitter account. She never came off as sympathetic, just a whiny loser who felt she should be more successful because of her family. We all have our opinions.

I think she should be booked like a female Dean Malenko; a no nonsense icewoman type character. It would really make her stand out compared to the others because it would be different, and would emphasize her strengths and hide her weaknesses. She is a strong technician in the ring who can work fast and effectively. I don't get why anyone cares about her hairstyle, but I get what you're saying about when she talks and stuff.

I think that's just the type of person she is, it doesn't really bother me much. I'm thinking he wrote herstyle and it autocorrected to hairstyle. I hope that's what it was. I like Natty's backstage promos more than Brie Bella's, at least. Brie was great, but her backstage stuff sounded awkward. I disagree about the charisma. She's clearly subpar on the mic, but that's only one part of charisma.

Wwe Natalya And Tyson Kidd Hookup

In my opinion, charisma matters most in the ring, and she has it there. I don't think she is very polished though. She looks awkward running the ropes, everything she does is quite sluggish and doesn't sell well. Awkward is the word I'd use. She always looks and sounds like she's acting.

And her yells sound like a wounded cow. I think the WWE misuses her and gives her the wrong material. She's not a wrestler who oozes charisma that's for sure, but I feel if they gave her a more realistic character kind of like Bret she would be able to deliver. Like a very technically sound John Cena. Everything she does is like reading from a cookbook even tho she makes dope food.

I agree in that she looks uncomfortable and very rigid most times. I disagree in calling her "cringy" and "awkward" one of the 2 most undeservedly overused adjectives in this site as far as I'm concerned.

Wwe Natalya And Tyson Kidd Hookup

I have no idea how much of that is serious, how much is sarcastic, if people are just playing the role of fervent Trump supporters It was a whirlwind Wwe Natalya And Tyson Kidd Hookup consciousness. But yeah, call "SJWs" the edgy ones for disagreeing with your opinion. I can't remember which match it was, but I remember her selling naomi's standing kicks in the most awkward way ever.

I haven't seen anyone sell those well It's a fun move, but it's so rapid that everyone ends up just kinda standing there while it's happening. I feel like she's tries way to hard to be poised and elegant all the time and it comes of as really unnatural.

I think it's probably a consequence of coming into WWE when there was a high number of 'model' type Divas and her feeling like she needed to fit into that mould, rather then being the straight up athlete that she is. Hopefully with the landscape changing she'll feel more comfortable, because you can't deny her ability. I guess the being awkward on the mic is from her dad and her uncle.

I don't see a problem with her discus clothesline, though. I love Natalya and think she's very crisp and fluid in the ring which means none of her stuff looks robotic or rigid. She does great work as a spokesperson and sells ads well but I guess her promos could use a little more I don't know what. Her "come Speed Cap Act Atlanta 486 Hookup Companies you guys!

Does she just act "too normal" or something? Natalya is the epitome of what would happen if your friends really cool mom somehow made it into the WWE.

She's really cool, but she somehow just She definitely doesn't feel like the others, and it seems like she's forcing it much in the way "cool mom" does. She has this played-out, rehearsed way of "if I do this, they'll love me. There's just no flow to how she performs, it's too rigid! I don't watch, but in the previews I see it seems that way.

It's like she thinks "oooh, the kids will love it if I do this!

Natalya is too upset to talk

I can see her going home, putting on Wwe Natalya And Tyson Kidd Hookup super hip pajamas from Victoria's Secret, and curling up with Fifty Shades of Grey, a golden retriever, and a bottle of Pinot Grigio in the way-too-nice house that she won in a divorce.

I think they actually call her Mama Diva when they call her in to talk Paige out of a giant Tattoo. You are totally not alone in this. She's a great wrestler. She's not my least favorite women on the roster but see more I find her incredible awkward.

Brie Bella level awkward. I think the problem stems from her facials. She is too busy thinking about the psychology of the match that her face doesn't match the emotion her character should express. Tyson Kidd had the same problem. Too much thinking, too little going with the flow of the match. Sure, he may be a tad forced but even then he has improved so much in that regard. In the ring, though? He is as natural as natural can be. He is extremely smooth, fluid, crisp, and dynamic.

The biggest complaint I've seen about him is being unable to carry that in-ring charisma to the backstage interviews and whatnot. It's like two entirely different people. He is a wrestler, definitely not a "superstar". His ability in the ring is absolutely tremendous though, and when the bell rings he just screams "comfortable". Emma is kinda janky in ring