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Skinny Girl In Transit S4E6 : Casualty


Here are five things we learned from the enjoyable "Skinny Girl in Transit" season 4 trailer. Published: ; Chidumga Izuzu 1. There's a new guy. play. The trailer opens with Bassey from Big Brother Naija, showing off his ripped abs while introducing himself to Tiwa as Ayo. Anyway, nothing probably happens. 26 Oct Messages: 16, Date Posted: Oct 26, # Yes. If you think this is rare, then you'll likely think the opposite is damn near impossible. It seems that fit/ skinny women are much more likely to date a man who overweight, than a fit/ skinny man is to date a overweight woman. DapDaGenius, Oct 26, 12 Jan Ayobami Ayoola is a Nollywood actor best known for winning Project Fame West Africa () before taking a role in the web series.

We neva experrred it ooo!

Skinny Girl In Transit S4E4 : Retribution

Tiwa and one night stand in the same sentence, absolutely mind blowing. But I like it, it keeps the show real. Tiwa was starting to be a bit too uptight and righteous, good to know that she is human like the rest of us. A lot of Nigerian ladies under 50 indulge or have indulged in a one night stand at least once link because of the condemnatory nature of our society, they keep it on the very down low.

Lol Sisi, Walahi you got me laughing yakata all over the ground. Even me sef, I replayed the episode just to be sure what I was was right.

Esther Adeniyi March 1, at 5: Abdulkadir January 9, at He sabi the thing well well. I particularly love Bimbo and have been following the show for a while… it is just great when we have clear and non-malicious conversations and reasonings sessions about these things… and be clear and intentional about the messages we want to pass on…. The hilarious comedy series fleshes out the

Tiwa fell out hand but it's a show However, it should be reliable and Big Guy Dating Skinny Girls In Transit you said, one night stand is not our thing in Africa OK just guessing, u have no idea.

I really can't wait till this Friday o. Mama Tiwa will take her for deliverance if she hears this You're truly the best! Me I'm just waiting for what the scandal is about. As for one night stand, body no be fire wood na. At the end of the day Tiwa is a 30 year old woman that has agency over her body and it is her prerogative click here she does with her body.

I think it's wrong to impose our own moral ethics on anyone and say that women must not have sex before marriage. Women must make decisions for their own life. You may not be happy with a fictitious character's decision but they are ultimately hers. As women we need to stop policing other women and just mind our own. And what is all this gist about it not being a nigerian thing.

It has always been a thing in Nigeria since I was a teenager. Thank you for the reasonable comment. To imagine Sisi Yemmie makes it a blog post.

Hmnnn Nigerians its a soap Opera.

5 things we learned from "Skinny Girl in Transit" season 4 trailer

Stop the holier than thou attitude. Between Tiwa is not a virgin. So its not like a stranger disvirgined her. The way you all are going about the explanation as if its real life is ridiculous.

I was really disappointed too Was looking forward to TIDE17 myself Already imagining how Mide will feel wen he finds out. I was very disappointed to say the least. All I know is that they've lost a viewer.

How can a Christian have one night stand? We were enjoying the show until they brought in fornication. I hope parents will educate their children that they don't have live like that. May God uphold our youths in Jesus name Sexual purity is the standard.

Sometimes it happens as a mistake, other times its just a decision. That someone sins differently from you does not mean your Big Guy Dating Skinny Girls In Transit is better o.

We are all flesh and blood, we all fall. But PG is adviced. The truth is they just showed what happens daily in Nigeria. Don't confuse Nigeria with Obodo Oyinbo lol.

Mukasechic January 13, at It could also be the French guy- Fabrice. Did you watch it.

And to think I too was very disappointed. Not in the character Tiwa, but in the idea that the creators could inject immorality into clean humour.

But after this post, I realise how hypocritical I must be and I am amazed at myself.

Big Guy Dating Skinny Girls In Transit

I thought I was broad-minded! Anyway, to be honest Tiwa hasn't done anything many Nigerian girls of that age range don't do. Why are we projecting our utopian ideals of morality on the show then?

I was just a bit ticked off that it had to be with an oily character like that Air Freshener. His pick up lines are so weak and he's not just correct at all. Whatever the case they have my attention now, that's for sure. The guy's name is Fabrice, pronounced Fah-briss not Febreeze lol. This happens everyday honestly.

As much as you will say it's an Obodo oyibo thing e dey happen bet what do I know? Me I wasn't disappointed oh, so what if she had a one night stand? It happens in Nigeria and I feel like some Nigerians need to seriously cool down and stop with the heavy judgement. She's is 30, which means she is capable of controlling her body and making decisions.

All we have to wait to see is the consequence of that decision.

Web Series Review: “Skinny Girl In Transit” Is Simply A Brilliant Web Creation

I liked that finally, Tiwa opened up and did something jare. She was becoming too uptight if you ask me. And some people should not pretend like this is not the normal thing that happens in Nigeria. I'm just tired of all the judgement biko. If they don't want to watch again, oya bye bye to them. Though a lot of ladies are indulging in sexual immorality but a one night stand? With a total stranger? From across the boarder? They really messed up the story line. She could as well sleep with Mide given their chemistry of attraction but not a one night stand.

There are still decent people out there the media shouldn't try so hard to corrupt us all. I hope they restructure and make it look like a dream. I was actually shocked because I felt Tiwa is too good to fall for that guy just like that. I can't imagine how Mide will feel if he finds out. Im crushing gan on that guy. Anyways looking forward to the next episode like kilode. This episode was mind blowing.

I never expected Tiwa to have a one night stand. She was against her sister dating a married man now she went and did this. It was a great episode and I believe it just tells us Nigerians that people do these things.

We need to stop fooling ourselves and face reality. It might be just a Nigerian series but Big Guy Dating Skinny Girls In Transit is fact. Brace this web page you all.

Big Guy Dating Skinny Girls In Transit

I wasn't disappointed one bit. It's just that I didn't know the story would take the lane it took. I haven't seen this episode! Hardly watch TV, but I'm surprisingly http://1dating.me/lar/what-is-the-dating-law-in-idaho.php this one - what a twist! I was disappointed at tiwa trust hadiza to carry the gist around the office if she finally hears Supamoms. And I thought I was the only dissapointed one, I waited another week to find out the scandal was about payola.

I Think the show needs some fresh writers. Youtube comments wont kill me. I look forward to the comments. I missed this episode, I am going watch it today. Sisiyemmie you and this your scope WehdoneMa Please visit inmytwenties.

But seriously I don't think this should be a post. We Big Guy Dating Skinny Girls In Transit always too quick in judging people's action meanwhile the cockroach in some people's wardrobe, jeezzz Not everybody can stand the test of link. Yes, she had one night stand,so?