Is Dating Scan More Accurate Than Lmp. Hookup!

More Lmp Is Dating Than Scan Accurate

Ultrasound to Verify Due Date

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6 Mar Ultrasound dating is more accurate when done towards the end of the first trimester. As the pregnancy progresses, ultrasound measurement used for dating have a higher error of margin. Ultrasound dating can be a problem if the pregnancy measures greater than 2 weeks +/- your LMP date. Any concerns. The point of the scan is to work out how many weeks pregnant you are. You may have calculated the length of your pregnancy from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP). However, conception doesn't actually occur until around 14 days after your LMP. Please can you help? My question is for those of you who knew the date of your LMP and whose scan dates differed from your lmp dates, which was more. Some mums are just faster chefs than others, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with due date based on either LMP or scan. Status: Offline.

I'm just a wee bit OCD and it's making me crazy to think there are two due dates!!! When I had a US at ten weeks he measured the baby at 9 w 4 days.

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So 3 days off. But he's keeping the due date. I can't wait to see the next US next month to see if it's still the same. No it wouldn't change with each us. Your dd will either be your lmp or your first us Which ever your dr sees as appropriate. All babies grow at different speeds after the first few weeks but that doesn't mean they are any more or less developed.

Just bigger or smaller babies. Early ultrasounds are the most accurate.

Is Dating Scan More Accurate Than Lmp

Dates that differ from LMP dates are very common. There are so many variables after you period.

How to Calculate Your Due Date by Ultrasound (Week 6-2)

Did you ovulate at the average date or did you ovulate earlier or later? Did you have sex right after you ovulated? Eggs have a window as big as 12 days to be fertilized.

Is Dating Scan More Accurate Than Lmp

Baby doesn't grow till fertilization But we have a hard time knowing the actual fertilization date. So we count forward from our LMP to get our best guess.

That is why we add those two weeks at the beginning where we are not really pregnant yet. Baby is so tiny, and the day to day differences are so tiny, it's easy to be slightly off.

The scan or my dates - which should I believe? And why is the 12 week scan taken as the due date rather than the 6 week scan? Thanks for the messages, and the link. Most dating source are done with a trans-abdominal transducer and a fullish bladder. Created by babybo Last post 9 months ago.

If the difference is near to a week off, the due date is most likely adjusted. Here it's more likely your LMP is not more accurate due to the factors I mentioned above.

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My doc is going with my LMP because even though baby measured a wee but behind daddy doesn't live in the same zip code as me. So I know the exact weekend of conception being I only saw him one weekend in the month of December!!!

If not that's when they use measurements alone. It is hard not to, but seriously just give yourself a time period you want to be ready and know that date they give is not likely anyway. I just want to say that I always go by the latest possible date since my first.

I had all kinds of issues One week from my last LMP! I was a mess!!! With DS, they never even date with the US. I have new doc now and they tried to say the baby was measuring earlier I think my babies are just bigger for some reason.

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Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Posted Wednesday 04 July With my DD we also had a 6 week and then a 12 week scan.

Chinese Gender Predictor Chart: While there's no scientific evidence to claim they are, using them to guess if baby is a boy or girl can be fun! Created by julyair33 Last post 6 months ago. Created by babybo Last post 9 months ago. J Different due date for every scan. Created by Janbabymum Last post 8 months ago.

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