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Meeting the Right person at the Wrong time

Story of my life Meeting the right person but at the wrong time

29 Aug Timing is everything when it comes to well, a lot of different areas in your life. But especially for love. We often hear about women missing out on the “one that got away” for this very reason. Whether it's because you were already involved with someone else, were too young at the time to settle down or. Maybe we have to figure ourselves out separately before we can be together. 11 Sep You met someone and after a few dates, you realised that he or she is the 'one'. The person might not have the most ah-mazing looks, the coolest job, a swanky car, a great sense of humour or any other specific reason to fall in love with—but you feel an instant connect, almost magical and unbelievable.

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Right Person, Wrong Time?!

We are bombarded with information that tells us we are imperfect and that we must strive to attain success. Popular culture tells us article source we need to work very hard and use all the resources available to us to make sure we reach our fullest potential, the pinnacle of success and superiority.

Nobody strives for being average, for doing just OK, or for simply being. So, when we think we have made the wrong decision, or missed out on something we believe we are entitled to, we feel a sense of loss that is hard to shake.

This can apply to a job opportunity, or promotion, a property or commodity purchase, and even relationships. It can impact us for a long time to come, resurfacing 1 when we least expect it and preventing us from moving on. Holding onto these feelings are the only connection we have to the elusive thing that has slipped through our fingers and so we focus on the negative feelings as a security blanket instead of letting go and moving on with our lives.

When we meet somebody who seems ideal, it is only natural to want to make that connection and to manifest a relationship with that person.

Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time

Those feelings may even be reciprocated and we may even begin an intimate relationship. But if that seemingly right person comes along at the wrong time, for us or for them, the relationship is doomed to fail.

Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time

Although all the other boxes are ticked; attraction, values, life goals, geography; if the timing is off, neither party has any power over the course of the situation and the reality needs to be accepted. If you meet the right person at the wrong time, chances are they are in fact, the wrong person. Dealing with unfinished business when you think you have met the right person at the wrong time, in fact making them the wrong person, can be confronting and painful.

Right Person Wrong Time: Why This Happens to Us All

The struggle 3 is real and you will experience a number of emotions that could leave you confused and depressed. The key to coping and moving forward see more not only communicating 4 with the person, to resolve the issues between you both and deal with the deterioration and cessation of the relationship, it also requires you both to do your own individual purging of feelings by confronting your grief, extracting the lessons and moving forward.

Writing a letter 5 to the person, regardless of whether they every read it or not, is one useful exercise to consider. Here are some other ways to address unfinished business when we meet the right person at the wrong time:.

Sometimes having to let go of someone, makes your time with them even more significant, specifically because it was so short lived.

That includes saying things that are uncomfortable, may feel really wrong, and hurt your feelings. Farmer unable to fund his 5-yr-old's surgery. Maybe this set up calls for one of those difficult, brave conversations where you put it all out on the table, and give the person a chance to make a decision, or to walk away. These 10 struggles felt when you meet the perfect person at the most imperfect time may be relatable to any of you who have been in a similar situation. Rose exhibition attracts hundreds of visitors in Jaipur.

Use your time reflecting on the good times instead of dwelling on the negatives and the fact that it had to end. When you meet the one you think may be the right person at the wrong time, it is tempting to change yourself and your goals, in order to fit into the criteria that you believe will preserve the relationship. The best thing you can do for yourself is to be true to yourself; your desires, your life goals and where you are at in your life.

And if in the end we end up together, then it's beautiful. There is the right person, and then there is the wrong time. Let me preface this — I am not smoking anything right now.

It is OK to be sad, angry, resentful, confused, even bitter. All feelings are valid and denying them only intensifies them.


Life is all about ups and downs and the idea that it will always be smooth sailing is false and fabricated by the aforementioned manufactured ideals we get from popular culture. Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time times we feel most alive and connect deeply with our humanity is when we experience loss, which by the way is inevitable.

It is the human condition to know and to feel and therefore to grieve. We want to protect ourselves from this pain and disappointment and to make the best possible decisions to avoid unnecessary hurt, but sometimes not everything is in our control and we only gain this information and the tools to go here better decisions through bitter experience.

Meeting the right person at the wrong time is an opportunity to gain these life lessons and in time, most people tend to look back with hindsight and are able to appreciate the reasons why things evolved in the way they did.

They say timing is everything.

When we meet the right person at the wrong time, we feel like missing out the good. To move on and meet the right person, learn from the relationship with this wrong person. Here are some other ways to address unfinished business when we meet the right person at the wrong time: Feel the bitterness, this helps you to recover faster.

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