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Similar to Moon Zero Two. The credits are a scuba fiver hitting on a mermaid and being harassed by a hungry piranha. It ends and leads into a party on the beach! With lots of fire! Also dancing read more women. I can get behind this movie.

Then a Danny Devito look alike sneaks into a house and tries to rob it. A cop goes by and misses him despite being in plain sight and making lots of noise. The cop blows a whistle and it cuts to a ship whistle. Two people go on a boat called S. Catalina and they apparently know one of the ship workers. Also the thief goes on the boat and apparently he stole a scroll worth half a million dollars. Then the comedic relief shows up and trips on nothing. The lack of a mic and the sound of the ocean is going over them.

One of the guys meets a girl and they talk about the ocean. Tom Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Can Mommys Framed Bikes is immediately smitten by her. Then his friend takes her away with women. Then they put on some music and start singing Little Richard. Holy crap that actually IS Little Richard.

Well that scene was a thing that happened. They get off the boat and ocean girl has a boyfriend, which makes our male lead unhappy Named Don! Thief talks to a guy and his family who visited Catalina to pass off the scroll, but they want to give a fake so they can sell the real one for more.

Also comedy guy is spying on them. Then he falls again. From how the glass is positioned and lit it kind of looked like it was censoring her chest. They meet the man Arthurhis wife Anneand Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Can Mommys Framed Bikes very old son Tad. Don, Charlie, and Tina go scuba diving. Then it cuts to two guys talking about the scroll land how they know Arthur will betray them. Don and Tina talk about scuba diving and make sex jokes. You can cut the sexual chemistry between them with a spork.

The thief and Arthur talk for a bit about the business of crime and the trade off.

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They get the scroll for him, but in a struggle they drop it in the water. They get out of the water then Don hops into the water and Charlie jumps in after him.

The man sent to get the scroll, for no reason, attacks Don. He disconnects http://1dating.me/lyh/cat-lover-hookup-video-bobby-rydell.php air supply and Charlie saves him.

They get back to the boat and…. Charlie, Tina, Don, and the gal pals arrive at a yacht party. They party and show close ups of women dancing.

I watch movies…and suffer through them. Nothing a little riffing can't solve!

Then they play some beach volleyball. This movie whishes it could be as awesome and gay as Top Gun. Don then hangs out with Tad. Tina however is unhappy. Almost twenty men run after her at the mere sight…she might be a succubus. Wait no she droned on and on about click here. Tina takes Tad with her to try and make Don jealous.

Cut to more beach volleyball. Creepy girl and Don meet up in the water and I think her top fell off. They make small talk. They go looking for creepy girls boyfriend and it cuts to the evil diver getting two other divers to help him look for the scroll later.

From razors to soap, you'll have everything you need to make the dorm showers feel like home. Of all the people that could have lived they do? This is why I hate kids.

They get into an argument and fade to black. Then…Charlie is inspecting all his girls and they go in a kissing line. How does he do it? Must be the bleach blonde. Tina shows up and is giving Don the silent treatment and becomes super bitter when Creepy girl shows up.

She flips out and leaves. Through Tad they find out that Angelo is working for evil diver. Then she slaps Tad and Don for not getting there soon enough.

I could say a lot of words…. Then all the girls just start slapping all the dudes. I could use a lot of words, but I am a gentleman. Then the guys walk off.

Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Can Mommys Framed Bikes

This scene is completely superfluous. Then the band plays more music to mend the hearts and party. Arthur and the thief show up on the beach and they talk to the gang. He convinces them to come aboard his yacht for a scuba diving party, when in actuality he is having them search click at this page the lost scroll.

They all go down to search for the scroll and the evil divers show up. Back to the plot apparently! Someone comes up with the scroll and the evil divers take it and ru- I mean swim off.

At the same time Tad and Don were right next to them. Also the scroll they found was a fake one. Tina apologizes to Don to for fake drowning and slapping him. Don distracts them and the evil divers follow him as Creepy girl shows up and they take the scroll from Don. The evil diver urns off and they start a Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Can Mommys Framed Bikes with Angelo.

This movie over uses jokes as much as Family Guy. They knock Angelo out and they chase after evil diver. Not even a smirk. Just a frustrated groan.

More partying and credits. Invention exchange is the Literal Tank Top for the Mad and Joel turns a bazooka into a tickling device.

Bmx trash can jump

Odd, but funny, especially the Literal Tank Top. Next skit is Tom singing about his love for Creepy Girl. Joel and the bots talk about the movie and how it made no sense so Joel busts out a flow chart.

No one knows where this brother is apparently. He is brought to the room of questions which I assume I just futuristic Jeopardy. A Tote Bag Every collegiette wants to look cute as they head out to class.

A couple fell in lover over MST3K and announced their marriage on the show. The movie can be summed up in one word. This is an episode where the sketches were really funny, but the episode fell flat.

In the short we have Read more Lugosi play a mad scientist. And he has a beard. It looks kind of good on him. Bela does some science and some guy complains about something he has that wander around and goes crazy.

That thing is a cool robot. The robot foolishly walks into a wall, but Bela has it fix the wall and go back to sleep. Bela leaves to go with some lady. This kind of seems like the second part. Bela has developed a way to put people in suspended animation.

Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Can Mommys Framed Bikes

He plants a disk in something and a little robot spider goes to the disk and when it arrives the spider explodes and puts them in suspended animation. He also found a new element. His former partner says he shall give the element and Bela says screw him, but he walks away to his lab. Bela developed an invisibility belt and it looks like he was having a lot of pain. He says his assistant had failed so starts to improve it.