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9 Jul "Black Cat" was the best part of it. Everyone knows Britney stans What makes it special: "The Hook Up" was always a secret highlight for me on the Onyx Hotel Tour. . It's also one of the only times she performed the Penelope Magnet ( M-A-G-N-E-T) remix of it (though it's not the full remix). NFLney, y'all!. 25 May Same song all the time. Then, you gotta loop it and can't even "mix" it right! .. You DJ so bad,when the promoter asked you what you play, you said basket ball, chess, video games.. sixxx AM . We already have DJ Disturbed's Cat spinning tonight (see my 1dating.me page). sixxx AM. 10 Nov All-American girl: Illinois-native Erin Heatherton went for a super-hero theme in PVC and glass wings . Most watched News videos . what he see's in her, to be fair she is a very sweet girl, but you could never imagine someone like Adam Levine with a truly powerful woman who would walk all over him.

What makes it special: This is the only professionally recorded live performance of "I Will Be Click the following article known to exist jk there is one at Click here Ashe tooand it's important that we don't forget about this classic album track.

The Disney concert special, in general, was cute, and this choreo is cheesy AF but perfectly Britney. The Crazy 2k Tour wasn't that much different than the The magic carpet production value! Those live vocals and that iconic flippy-bob haircut too!

Probably the only time we'll ever see Britney perform a Christmas song though can you imagine if she randomly bursted out into "My Only Wish" on Piece of Me? Kenny G could never. I will always have a special place for this performance Cat Lady Hookup Video Remix 47 my heart. It also has her most famous concert sing-off. Huge stage, that ponytail, and random live vocals. It's also "cool" how she switched to the Rishi Rich remix mid-song.

She's also wearing an iconic half-silver top thing. The performance concept, while simple, is just so damn cute. You can tell she really enjoys performing this song every time. A Femme Fatale tour favorite. This is on the list for more symbolic reasons because it was the first time she performed "Gimme More" after the VMAs. Also this performance screams "Godney: Queen of the Nile.

Out of all her early "Baby" performances with live vocalsthis one is her best. She is most comfortable on the stage, and the live band ads Cat Lady Hookup Video Remix 47 really raw and urban? Brit's summer stage stint on the Today show was v.

What a time to be alive! This performance of "Lucky" is on this list because of the live vocals and her adorable microphone choreography.

I almost put her Top of the Pops performance of "Lucky" on the list but I think the Today one just slightly beats it out. Britney's only live Grammy performance!

The dance break is awk AF and everything about this performance doesn't really make sense but still, this performance is unforgettable. What were you thinking, Britney?! What was this even?

Britney uses the entire Letterman studio, which is One of Britain's first gay fathers has throat cancer and 18 months to live: Alec Baldwin, 59, hobbles on a crutch in New York City Has she found love again? It also created a minor celeb out of Banana, the snake.

We probably Cat Lady Hookup Video Remix 47 never find out, but this was the strangest "tour" Britney's ever had. The Baby tour was relatively basic no shade — it really wasand the '80s medley was definitely a standout.

Visit web page knows Britney stans for Janet more than Madonnaand it was dope to watch her sing this in concert. That purple fur thing is also iconic. Your faves would never be barefoot on a stage like that! Britney gets a lot of flack for her lack of leg movement nowadays, but it's easy to forget the elaborate choreography that goes into each performance.

No place is that more apparent than "Get Naked" on the Circus tour. Also this performance is pure sex. The dick euphemisms are iconic. Ladies and gentleman, it's Barefoot Naturalney at her finest. How can you not FEEL when she gets on her knees! This list wouldn't be complete without Britney's purple catsuit from the Oops tour.

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Love the doors at props. Love this underrated performance. The pole-dance choreography with the pink cowboy hat!!!!! Every time I watch this performance I feel like a stronger woman. I think she wants to battle me. That shit was cool. This was obviously the first of many memorable Britney VMA performances. It's short and sweet and the dancer introductions are iconic. This was the debut performance of "Me Against the Music. What makes this special: Her best TV performance of "Womanizer.

Britney Live was a solid Britney special.

Cat Lady Hookup Video Remix 47

Her performances were great. Around this time period, she was performing "Oops" with live vocals all over the place. This is one of the better times. Britney uses the entire Letterman studio, which is Her live vocals give me life. This list needed a performance from her Live in Hawaii special because duh, and her early live versions of "Crazy" were such a treat.

I always liked how she did the album version of "Crazy" because the bridge sounds great live. The best Super Bowl halftime performance of all time!!!

The 50 Best Britney Spears Performances, Ranked

Britney and Justin walking down the catwalk looking at each other makes me long for happier times. It's the opening number in Vegas and basically sets the mood for the whole show The big dance sequence at the end is always something to look forward to.

The rigid motions and "military-esque" choreo is everything. That animated video broke my heart. Still, it was nice to see it included in the Piece of Me set list. The breakdown has quickly become one of the highlights from Piece of Me. Everyone here makes the pilgrimage to mecca Planet Hollywood knows it's a highlight of the show.

Cat Lady Hookup Video Remix 47

Britney always brings a little extra to the AMAs. She totally hits the dance break, and this is simply her most memorable performance of "Stronger" ever.

Shirtless Florida gunman does backyard target practice wearing one of the President's Her biggest set- and production value—wise VMA performance! That purple fur thing is also iconic.

Holy shit is this a hot performance! Those leather pants and that midriff I remember being upset with this performance back in the day, but now I appreciate its greatness. This is just a completely flaw-free, no-frills performance of "Toxic.

How she holds back with the chorus until the end gives me butterflies. The chair dance and link toss are huge. One of everyone's favorites from the Circus tour. She always felt the fuck out of this one. The hair flips and caged gyrations. I'm gonna ask a question: Have you ever heard a song that kind of just took over your body? I don't know, you just felt like a slave to the music.

She totally nails the choreography and the green top is everything. The pole dancing and back bend at the end do things to me. It's also a huge mystery. For some reason, three performances were broadcasted on Japanese TV. Even stranger, all three performances featured live vocals. Your favorite folklore could never. Anyway, the "Overprotected" choreography from the Dream Within a Click here Tour was fucking awesome, Cat Lady Hookup Video Remix 47 this performance was rock solid.

Now someone please leak this whole show! Two pop legends on one stage for one time only. The chemistry they have is undeniable. That green dress makes me want to be a better person.

The fact that this performance is so memorable and there is basically no choreography shows the power and natural magnetic draw of these two together.

This Crossroads -themed performance!!!! The breakdown at the end with her backup singers gives me life. The best part about the kiss was the roar the audience gave after it. Stunt-wise, this is the best VMA performance of the past 20 years.

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