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Harry Up Hook And Do Hermione

J.K. Rowling changes her mind on Harry Potter ending

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3 Feb If you're anything like us, your emotions are all over the place after JK Rowling declared she regretted pairing Hermione with Ron, and that Harry would have been a better match for the intelligent, thoughtful Hermione rather than the laid- back but tactless Ron. We're not sure whether we're completely okay. 2 Feb JK Rowling admits she put Hermione and Ron together for "personal reasons" and she says they would have needed "relationship counseling." For long-time fans, this revelation changes EVERYTHING. 3 Feb No, the storyteller has instead revealed a major regret she's since had about her books and the movies based on them – that she ultimately had Harry's BFFs Ron and Hermione get together. These quotes will be printed in an upcoming issue of Wonderland magazine, but were picked up by The Sunday.

What those personal reasons are, and what wish Rowling was fulfilling, are not clear from the quotes that have come out so far. But, in any case, Croft is totally wrong: Not every Harry Potter fan wanted to see Harry get together with Hermione. The book series, that is—in the film adaptations there was no chemistry between Watson and Rupert Grint. Or Watson and Daniel Radcliffe, for that matter.

Do Harry And Hermione Hook Up

Where Hermione is high-strung and domineering, Ron is easy-going and relaxed. When Hermione takes things too seriously, Ron makes dumb jokes.

Hermione has logical-mathematical intelligence; Ron has interpersonal intelligence. He smooths out her rough edges, and she brings out his self-confidence.

Do Harry And Hermione Hook Up

Together, they are a classically well-matched couple. Harry, on the other hand … Harry is stubborn, short-tempered, and self-obsessed.

Why Harry Potter And Hermione Should Have Ended Up Together

Like Hermione, he takes things—especially himself—way too seriously. Imagining Harry and Hermione in a committed romantic relationship is like imagining two blast-ended skrewts locked in the cupboard under the stairs.

Harry And Hermione Hook Up And Other Things That Should Have Happened In Harry Potter

Both are far too headstrong, neurotic, and ambitious to coexist peacefully. Is it so difficult to believe that an intelligent, type-A woman would want to be with a kind, charismatic, supportive, but penniless guy?

'Harry Potter': J.K. Rowling Says Ron & Hermione Shouldn't Have Gotten Together

Harry, for all his personality flaws, is certainly traditionally successful—athletic, rich, famous. For Rowling to disavow it now is disappointing. It might have been more interesting if Harry realized that he was actually in love with Ron this whole time, or if Hermione decided she was too young, at 17, to commit to someone for the rest of her life. Then again, some couples who meet young really do go the distance.

And, as written, Hermione and Ron seem like one of those couples. Brow Beat has moved!

Share On more Share On more More. Best quotes about Europe and Europeans. That's one of the great things about being a fan of a series that's of our lifetime and written by someone who's available and willing to share her thoughts on it.

You can find new stories here. Wrong about Ron and Hermione.

Rowling admits the thought of Harry and Hermione together crossed her mind when she wrote the tent scene in Deathly Hallows. By the vibe I get, personality-wise Harry and Hermione come way more naturally while Hermione and Ron. The most obvious question is:

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