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3 Signs He's Flirting and NOT Just Being "Nice"

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There was no pressure or rushed feelings between the two of us. I never felt like he was begging for anything or making me do something I wasn't comfortable with. Any advice? I truly like him and would love to have/know there's something more than just this hook up with him! I told myself I wouldn't get attached to a guy I 'd. What does he want from you? A booty call? A real relationship? A good time? What do you think? Take this test and find out! Take this quiz! How often does he call/text you? How much do you think you mean to him? How would he react if you said,"Hey do you want go out tonight?" Has he ever asked you out on a date ?. 2 Mar Tons, we even have a favorite brunch place and we have been known to share food. 2/ Have you met any of his friends? Giphy. Yes, and they're all very cool and great, just like him. I've definitely walked past his roommate on the way to the bathroom and we exchanged nods. 3/ Does he ask you.

Does He Actually Like Me Or Just Want To Hook Up Quiz

All we did the first time was makeout. This past Saturday we hooked up again and ended up back in his room. Needless to say, more than making out link on.

However, afterwards, he says, "Don't you think we should talk about this? What do you want from this? I'm confused if I'm just a hookup to him or not. After we were done, he held me for the longest time and we just kissed and made out for literally two hours. He was very into it, he put his hands all over me and wrapped his leg around mine. We talked a lot and he says he wants to get to know me.

He talked about what he wants to do with his life, his major passions in life, his family, etc. He also mentioned he got extremely jealous when he saw me dancing with one of his friends earlier that night.

When we started to get tired, I asked him if I should go and he replied, "No, please, I'd love for you to stay. At one point I moved and he woke up, kissed the top of my head, and said, "You're sweet. I just don't see how he can treat me like that but only want a hookup. He was gentle, sweet, passionate, and never forced anything on me. Before we got too far into things, he stopped, looked me in the eyes and asked if I was sure about what I wanted to do.

Does he seriously listen to what you say?

There was no pressure or rushed feelings between the two of us. I never felt like he was begging for anything or making me do something I wasn't comfortable with. I told myself I wouldn't get attached to a guy I'd hooked up wtih, but the way he acted made me completely reconsider my feelings and now I can't help but feel something for him. Sounds to me like right now he was pretty black and white, right now he just want's friends with benefits.

Although the cuddeling and stuff means he might want more eventually if you stick with it, and him and show him your not gonna be that girl and freak on him and run away. Although it could mean, that he just wants to be a very close friend, have somebody there for him too, a shoulder a friend, some sex from time to time, and to hangout and have fun, but doesn't want to enter a realationship, because he's afraid of the rejection kinda sorta or what I mean is of breaking up.

He doesn't wana ruin what he has, he's just thankfull he has what he does with you, and he's greatfull. He just wanted to know what you wanted, and be straight with you from the git go on his want's and needs so you didn't Expect anything more perhaps.

Does He Actually Like Me Or Just Want To Hook Up Quiz

Or because you said your not sure. No man wants to be with a "girl" that is unsure of herself and what she wants that's a ticking time bomb.

He's flirty and really sweet. On the same day we had science I was partners with him and then he casually held my hand for like 30 seconds and let go and walked away. He found out I liked him and one of my friends dragged him over to say hi to me he said hi and I said hello back, I walked opposite of him so I could see his face and I went all red. The best thing to do is next time he says something like that. I really want to tell him I like him but Because of this i am scared of what he is going to say.

Atleast from expecience as a guy that's what I've learned and why I get the deer in the headlamp look and get scared away when ever a girl says those words to me. So you know him best look him and apply what I've given you here and see for yourself which it is, in time you'll know which of the things I've told you it is. He'll make it clear in his actions in black and white which it is.

I think he's quite confused. If you were just a hookup, the talk about life and passion and family--unnecessary, misleading, and a bad idea.

If you weren't, he could have kept the "I don't want a relationship" chatter to himself--unnecessary, misleading, and a bad idea.

How Guys 1dating.meial Girlfriend vs. Just A Hook Up

It's unfair of him to expect you to life in this grey area indefinitely. He might have just wanted to enjoy the moment. He might have thought the sex wasn't as great as he imagined it source he likes the other things.

Perhaps he let his other brain do the talking and allowed intimacy but realize that he doesn't have the time to invest in a relationship. But you are young and perhaps he is too and doesn't know what he wants. See him off and on not too frequently and allow it to build up. You will soon know. Just let him know how you feel. Tell him that you are confused as well because it seems he is too. He obviously likes and cares about you. But he may be afraid check this out get hurt again.

See how it works out. Just be open with him and remember to point out all the great things you two share and that it only seems natural to date. Don't confront him just be positive with him and honest. I know its not easy but it takes the pressure away from forcing him to commit to a relationship.

I would say considering his past relationship, he is a little wary to jump in. And from the click of it, he is into. But don't push it, just let it be what it is for now, give him time to feel comfortable with it. I had a similar situation with one of my past boyfriends. When we started dating he didn't want a relationship, we just took it slow, hung out and whatever, eventually we made it official.

Does He Want a Relationship or a Hookup?

Just be patient with him, don't get clingy or start acting like your already dating, he's a little broken right now, be patient and help him mend. I think the biggest problem girls in this situation encounter is when they try to jump in too quickly, they try to be his girlfriend and they give their hearts away, when he's just not ready yet. I was in a pretty similar situation not too long ago and the guy ended it when I was starting to be around too much and act like when we were already going out when he didn't want a relationship - at least with me - cause of his past experiences but just the making out and friendship with me.

So hate to say this but it might just be hooking up and a friendship so don't expect a real dating relationship with him at least any time soon. Try not to get too attached or have high expectations because if you do you'll probably get your heart broken like I did: That's exactly what I'm so worried about--I don't want to find out he just doesn't want a relationship with me, but if another girl comes around he'll settle down.

I don't think I could handle that. And I'm not suggesting that he'll settle down with another attractive girl as soon as one comes around but that he has a fear of commitment and doesn't want a girlfriend at all right now.

That I know of my guy isn't even interested in another girl though it's been a little over a month since we ended. I was in this situation before my advice stick around he may say he doesn't want a relationship right now but if he acting like that who Does He Actually Like Me Or Just Want To Hook Up Quiz a relationship. I like that last thing you said. There is no need for a label.

It's only there for everyone else. The title changes nothing between you and him. It may make you feel Does He Actually Like Me Or Just Want To Hook Up Quiz because then its an "open relationship" but if he likes you I was in an open relationship but I never saw anyone else because I liked him.

We never had the title either I tried to act normal around him because I truly like him and have no problem talking to him. But the only time I saw him after our hookup was for him to give me back the earrings I left in his room. Here was our conversation: I'm so confused by why he'd act like that. Just be honest with him and tell him you would love to be friends and if he wants to talk and get to know you as a person you are open to it, but let him know you cannot have sex with him because it is too intimate and personal for you and would prefer to have sex only in a relationship.

He will either backtrack real fast out of your life because the only thing he was interested in was sex and not you or he will really respect you for the awesome person you are and try to pursue you on a personal level minus the sex.

Either way you win. You have to realize some guys will talk personal things with girls because it is easy, we listen, but it does not mean he is not using you for sex at the same time and is only fulfilling his own needs If he changes his mind, he will realize you are a quality person who is worthy of pursuing because you are not a push over or someone to be used. We really just click for source to go back to the days when girls allowed themselves to be pursued rather than be the pursuer.

Guys are having a hayday with all that booty out there and believe me they know which buttons to push to keep girls coming back Personally, I don't think his actions means anything because I've experience this before. The guy was so sweet and gentle, but doesn't want anything more. Basically he was looking for a good time.

I would take his word for it. If he wants more, he'll have to tell you straight up. You don't want to wait around and wonder because he was nice to you. Guys can be nice, but when they say they don't want a relationship, they don't want one. There's no point of waiting for them to come around. That's how it went down link the two of us, we talked and it turns out that he doesn't want anything more.

It's really frustrating because he definitely said that he wants to get to know me, but now he just wants to be friends. He says it's going to take a while for the "awkwardness to go away. I knew I was in over my head. Also close this question.

He found out I liked him and one of my friends dragged him over to say hi to me he said hi and I said hello back, I walked opposite of him so I could see his face and I went all red. Ok if your friend is only dating him to make you mad it sounds like she is really not your friend so ask him out. If he not into relationship then why does he gets mad about what I do? He kept brushing my hair away from my face and just kinda sweetly petting my head, and his arms were around me.

Am I just a hookup or does he want something more? What Guys Said 4. What Girls Said 7. How long ago was this hook up and was that the only time you spoke to him since. The hookup was on Saturday and I spoke to him yesterday. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.