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This panchang page is based on Indian almanac system providing Tithi, Yoga, Karan, Nakshatra, Muhurta, Lunar Month and Karan. It also provides auspicious and inauspicious times as well. Hindu Calendar App serves Full Hindi Calendar, panchang with results of planetary calculations, Kundali, Horoscope match making, Festivals, Hindu Time and Astrology. For each Feature, it has different tab at its home page. One can head over to them as per their need. App allows to change Calendar year type and. Complete Guide and information library about vedic indian astrology, hindu astrology, horoscope predictions, love astrology, match making prediction, cure , zodiac signs, compatibility, rashi, scientific astrology, dasha, planetary influence, tarot reading, dreams, god, deity, panchang, aarti, astrology science research center.

The name Panchang is a Sanskrit Word.

Panchang The name Panchang is a Sanskrit Word. This matching is also necessary to ensure the compatibility of prospective bride and groom. Sunsign Calculator know your Surya Rashi.

Panchang consists of two words "panch" means five and "ang" means parts these 5 parts are as follows: Tithi, Day, Nakshatra, Yog and Karan. The basic purpose of Hindu Panchang is to check various Hindu festivals and auspicious time and muhurta.

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These Panchang calculations are based on Drik Ganit i. The Ayanamsha used is Lahiri or Chitrapakshiya. The current day sunrise is taken as the time to calculate planet positions and accordingly other drika panchang calculations.

Note - This is also called Poorna Deity - Viswadevas Summary - Auspicious day to start important businesses, msgruction, spiritual ceremonies, household work and physical activities. Note - Auspicious yoga,Good for all auspicious undertakings.

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Meaning - Comfort — loves ease and luxury, lazy, lascivious. Note - This nakshatra is also comes in Udharvamukh Nakshatra Ruler - Moon Deity - Hari Summary - It is favourable for undertaking travel, acquiring conveyances, gardening, going on processions, visiting friends, shopping, and anything of a temporary nature.

Horoscope Matches In Panchang In Hindi

Deity - Vrishabh Summary - This Karana falling on Amavasya New Moon is suitable for vanquishing enemies through Tantric methods It gives success in all business related to four footed animals,particularly cattle. Your Personalised Horoscope 70 pages beautifully designed and equipped with personalised astrological details, remedial measures, dosha reports, planetary profiles and much more.

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Avail our best discounted offer now. Panchang The name Panchang is a Sanskrit Word.

The accuracy of these calculations is based on the traditional systems of Indian Astrological Computations. By grasping and getting into such rules the marriages of children can be made worry less and their future is secured. Select a different location below:. This Kundali app will help you in the most certain ways.

Panchang Basic Details Sunrise 7: Hindu Month - Amanta Pausha. Hindu Month - Purnimanta Phalguna.

Horoscope Matches In Panchang In Hindi

Shaka Samvat - Hemlamb. Vikram Samvat - Sadharan.