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How to protect your Facebook profile picture

11 Jul As you might have not noticed, each time you change your profile picture (or cover photo) on Facebook, it becomes instantly public. However, there might be some instances that you might not want people to see your profile picture due to privacy reasons. So in this article, we are going to show you how to. 11 May No matter how securely you've locked down your Facebook account, you can't make your profile pic and cover photo private. Whatever Facebook's reasons for the policy -- maybe it's just so you could verify an acquaintance's identity before adding them as a friend -- it's long been a part of the social network. 2 Oct How to Make Cover Photo Album Private. Now, as your current Facebook Cover Photo will be public, you can still go through each of your older Cover Photos and make them visible to friends only or only you. This will essentially make your cover photo album private. If you're like me and have been on the.

How can I make profile pictures and cover photos private?

How do I add or change my Page's profile picture? You must do this separately for each photo in the album, including your current profile picture. If you don't want your high-res photo splashed all over the Internet, crop and resize it prior to uploading it.

How do I make my profile and cover pictures private? How do I see my old profile or cover photos?

How do I add or change my profile picture? If you don't see this option, the photo in question is in a user-created album and cannot be made private. Answer this question Flag as

How do I add or change my profile picture? How do I add or change my Page's profile picture?

How Do You Make Your Cover Photo Private?

How do I turn on profile picture guard for my current profil How do I add a frame to my Page's profile picture? Back to Help Centre.

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Ask a Question How do I make my profile and cover pictures private? I've read questions on here asking the same thing and everyone says to go to the individual picture and make them "friends only" visibility to make them private to the public.

I've done that, but every time I view click from the 'public' perspective it shows all of my profile pictures and cover pictures.

How To Make Cover Photos Private

Asked about 4 link ago by Kayla Anderson. You can hide all your profile pictures except the current one, it is public and anyone can see it. I'm a survivor of domestic violence, although I've changed my name he found me through my pictures. I'm very afraid of him.

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Indeed you can also make other albums besides cover and profile photo You can make almost every profile photo private except the current one, and I believe that it is possible with the cover photos. In that click, you can either delete the current cover profile photo, or make it so it is not identifiable.

I haven't tried to see what happens if I try to delete the cover photo.

How To Make Cover Photos Private

But if you want to keep any photos, but hide them in the other albums, it is possible, otherwise, just delete the albums. Was this information helpful?