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True, SLC has no proper “bar crawl,” and its liquor laws are noticeably more restrictive than in other cities across the nation. However, to the great joy of revelers, the recent decades have brought about a rapid loosening of these laws. And what the city lacks in back-to-back pubs and free-flowing pours, it makes up for in. 25 May Meeting new people can be hard and dating can even be harder! We have put together a list of the top ten ways to meet the opposite sex in Salt Lake City. Reviews on Bars to meet older women in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City, UT - Whiskey Street, Liquid Joe's, Lucky 13, Sugar House Pub, ELEVATE, Bourbon House, Keys on Main, Beerhive Pub, Urban Lounge, Brewvies Cinema Pub.

Read The Forum Rules: We have a clear set of rules to keep the forum running smoothly. Click here to review them. Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Since high school I have been living inside of Utah, and about once a month I go into Salt Lake City to hit up some bars and clubs.

I think it's about time I drop some info on the city. You can't sleep with a Mormon - You can't sleep with a devout Mormon, and if you date them for a while they are human too so even they slip up.

Salt Lake City Hook Up Bars

But there are plenty of Mormon girls who are not very into their church. You can find these girls at clubs and bars.

I Am The Ocean @ Metro Bar in Salt Lake City

Facts Bars close an hour earlier than most the country 1am - Plan for that, because of the mormon pull in the state they have all sorts of weird liquor laws. Beer is half the alcohol. The Girls Utah is one of Salt Lake City Hook Up Bars skinniest states in the U. There are plenty of bomb shells. There are a lot of blonde girls. But most Mormon pioneers were British. So a lot of the girls look like British girls would look if they all took care of their teeth and ate better.

Girls will usually come from middle to high class families, and most families in Utah are very large. So even the bad girls will still be family oriented types. Salt Lake City Hook Up Bars are usually very close with their family, even if their family is mormon and they aren't anymore. Most of these girls are Mormon just might not follow the rules, and all of them have good mormon friends.

If you want a shot with a girl, it's best just not to bring it up. If they bring up their mormon past, just say "cool" and move onto something else. Girls in Salt Lake City are a lot like girls in other cities.

If you find yourself gaming a mormon girl you will have to turn your game PG rated. But if you meet her at a club just treat her like any other American girl. It still might be a little harder to pull in SLC because there are a lot more guys who fall away from the mormon church than women.

Internet Game I'm not a fan of internet game inside the US. Even so I think it's not the best choice here, cause you will not find the girls you are looking for. Day Game Day game is very ineffective here. You have no funnel to get rid of the good mormon girls.

Also it will blow your mind how many hot 19 year olds are married here.

Salt Lake City Hook Up Bars

However if you are going to do it I would suggest doing it around University of Utah campus. Don't go to the popular spots like temple square.

It's full of mormon tourists. Night Game This is your only real way to get chicks here. It's easier than you might think.

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I don't even live in SLC and the majority of my bangs are in this city. And all of them are from night game. And I consider myself to be bad at night game. A Bar Check this out Sue - This is a bar filled with college aged girls.

It's the bar I have done the best at. It has a small dance floor for a band, but it's not too loud if you are on the other side. It's a good place to go on the weekends and it's usually pretty busy. Of course she used to be mormon. But I ended up walking to her Salt Lake City Hook Up Bars from the bar and getting the same night lay.

It plays popular club music. I haven't done very well there, but I have no dance club game. My brother has pulled a few girls from there though. It has a pretty sweet dance floor. I think it's a good spot to go during the weekdays. Hookah Bar - This place is always packed on the weekends. And there are always hot girls there. It's just as much a club as a bar.

Off and on in terms of how busy it gets. I would not suggest going to the clubs that let in 18 year olds or that don't serve alcohol. You will see tons of cute girls but most of these will be good mormon girls. You will be able to walk to a bunch Salt Lake City Hook Up Bars bars, and won't have to worry about transportation. This isn't a bad idea. Just get out there at night and run your normal game. This post was last modified: Oddly enough I'm in Utah now.

In the Provo area. I come out here to get trigger time once a year, but with my schedule it's kinda hard to "come up".

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I can verify that the women out here take care of themselves. I was on the range with two older females, sisters in their mid thirties, and Salt Lake City Hook Up Bars were both in great shape. MILFs like these could get worked on. If I had the time to run some serious game on them I'm pretty certain I could spend the evening marinating in panty gravy. Yeah to be honest they have great mentalities. If you want to get married they will want to cook and clean and take care of the kids.

Feminism hasn't hit utah as hard as other places. Yeah women here take care of themselves. It's too bad only 1 guy will get to enjoy it. Feminism hasn't hit utah as hard as other places Do you have to be Mormon yourself to do that though?

Downtown seemed very clean and safe, so that probably helps. Is this what they typically look like? I have heard good things about both the city and the resorts. Just ask, verbatim, "Where can I find some sluts?

Is this the same for non-Mormon girls too? I would have never thought that I'd once uphold Mormons at least those who follow their religion and don't devolve into feminism as exemplars of anything, let alone sexual habits. Do you have much experience Salt Lake City Hook Up Bars the ski link immediately surrounding Salt Lake City? I have heard good things about both the city and the resorts.

Would the area be good mid-Winter players playground? I live in SLC. Night game should be the same as other states. My advice is go to mormon church if you can deal with wearing boring black suits, listening to bishop's BS speech, talking to some weirdos.

There are actually pretty cute girls OR Try ldssingles. I'd wear a suit, but never anything traditional - loud colors. Worked as a DHV. Not sure how they are in Utah, but those desert mormon chicks thought it was great. I don't here that much experience at the resorts other than canyon inn.

The club can get crowded, but it's a terrific place to meet people and get a sense of Park City's vibrant seasonal life. Facts Bars close an hour earlier than most the country 1am - Plan for that, because of the mormon pull in the state they have all sorts of weird liquor laws. But most Mormon pioneers were British.

Which is pretty ballin. Do you have to be Mormon yourself to do that though? Sometimes the girls are just so desperate to get married it doesnt matter.

But they'll probably try to convert you. Utah is weird state. People bitch about living here and they feel sorry for each other. The way I dress was perfectly normal in L. A when I visited I felt like I belonged It would be considered too fashionable in utah.

Wearing a blazer with v-neck and jean is the highest I can go. Wearing a full suit and shirt will look trying too hard or old. It's like a normally dressed person http://1dating.me/wag/how-to-text-a-scorpio-woman.php CA will get stared in Utah and a normally dressed person in Utah will get stared in Wyoming.

If you go to Bars, it would be full of white people. If you go to clubs, you will see a lot of black people you don't see during the day plus other ethnicities.