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10 Countries With The Most Beautiful People

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18 Jun Beautiful women, unlike leaders, aren't made -- they're born. Well, that's half-true in Hollywood. Regardless, some nations just have it better than others when it comes to sexy ladies. And in the interest of furthering human progress, a new survey by the slightly questionable dating site 1dating.me United States of America / Canada. Eugenie Bouchard Countries With The Most Beautiful Women Eugenie Bouchard – Hottest Canadian Tennis Player. American women are fun, independent and they know how to take care of themselves. They have their own kind of nonchalant attractiveness. Out on the streets of Miami. 31 Jan Top 12 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women In the World These stunning, sexy & hot ladies from each nation have their own exotic features, which is unique to the country. However, here we come with the top 12 countries with most beautiful women.

Where on earth can you find the biggest population of the sexiest women? While women in any country can be beautiful, there are many countries that seem to be graced with a larger percentage of really exceptional female beauties. They have a larger than average number of models and supermodels, sexy actresses, and just plain gorgeous girls next door between their borders.

Their women all seem to be well-shaped and utterly flawless, and everywhere we look, there are always more beautiful women to be seen. So what is it that makes such a large portion of the female population so undeniably sexy in these very, very lucky countries? Is it the culture? Perhaps it is the food they eat or the overall health of the nation? Is it good genes? The travel destinations we would pick to find the most drool-worthy eye candy in the world.

From the What Countries Have The Hottest Women beauties of the stunning Slavic region to the darkly exotic women of steamy South America, we will cover the hottest countries to find the greatest percentage of the most stunning girls on this planet. So grab your tickets, buckle your safety belts, and get ready for the hottest ride of your life! So many gorgeous women come out of Romania! This historic country, just south of Ukraine near the border of Russia, is filled from top to bottom with some of the beautiful people on the planet.

Nearly half of the female population is under the age of 45, and a large portion of the women are blonde and slim.

Most of the local population leads a healthy lifestyle; they spend a lot of time walking rather than driving and eat mostly homemade foods. It shows in their beautiful bodies and fabulously flawless skin. One of the most enticing genetic quirks of these sexy Slavs is the alluring arched eyebrows, as seen on the undeniably beautiful Romanian model and actress Monica Barladeanu.

What Countries Have The Hottest Women

Armenia, slightly north and slightly east of Turkey, is a beautiful country filled with kind people and amazing landscapes. But one of the most stunning parts of the country is its women!

Armenian women have been in the spotlight ever since the world fell in love with the very Armenian Kim Kardashian and beautiful family.

What Countries Have The Hottest Women

With their coffee-and-cream colored skin, dark hair, and enticing eyes, Armenian ladies are among some of the most beautiful people in the world. Armenian singer Sirusho exemplifies everything that makes these girls amazing; the deep tan of her perfect skin and those bedroom read article. The tiny island of Barbados has an incredible amount of amazingly beautiful women to its name, not even including the sultry singer.

These mixed minxes are a blending of African and Caribbean descent, and they go the best of both world. The Philippines are a collection of nearly 8, islands off of the coast of Vietnam. The country is well known for its rich culture, its amazing biodiversity, and some delicious rice-and-meat dishes that will leave your mouth watering. These lucky islands are also filled with some very pretty ladies! The women of the Philippines have a very link look; although they resemble their mainland Asian counterparts, they have a slightly darker, more exotic, islander look to them that is absolutely enchanting.

Ranked one of the sexiest women in the Philippines inJennylyn Mercado is the perfect example of the allure of the Islands. This conservative Balkan country is brimming with the most beautiful women! Bulgarian women are deeply seductive, with sexy Balkan lines and sculpted facial features. Nearly What Countries Have The Hottest Women Bulgarians have rich, very dark black hair. They almost nearly always wear head to toe black as well, giving them all a very sleek and chic air. Most Bulgarian women love to dance and are expected culturally to be spontaneous.

Rositsa Ivanova, a model and one of the sexiest women in the world, is a prime example of here stunning a black-haired, light skinned Balkan can be; needless to say, we are big fans! Lebanon is a small country just south of Syria and north of Israel and sits on the Mediterranean Sea; despite the upheavals around them, the country is filled with history and amazing locations.

It has some stunning views and scenery, but none more stunning than its lovely ladies! They have stunningly deep skin and dark hair and What Countries Have The Hottest Women.

Haifa Wehbefamed singer in Lebanon, really exemplifies everything it means to be a Lebanese woman, with her stunning figure, amazing voice, and exotic full lips.

What a stunning lady! Dutch women are probably some of the most aggressive ladies on this list; their culture is one that allows women to be pushy and go after exactly what they want. They are known to be loud and fun at a party and absolutely unapologetically beautiful.

Dutch women come in both blonde and brunette, and they make both hair colors completely stunning. After seeing Kroes, everyone will absolutely want to go Dutch! Serbian women have an angelic, girl-next-door look while still seemingly slightly exotic with their amazing olive skin and Slavic dark hair. These lovely ladies are some of the prettiest around, and they are also known for their femininity, which is highly prized in their culture.

Serbian http://1dating.me/wag/how-to-find-a-girlfriend-app.php usually like to get dressed up and wear makeup and try to look as sexy as possible for going out or for their man. One of the best examples of absolutely stunning Serbian woman is Ana Ivanovica very talented and unbelievably sexy tennis star who has won a French Open.

What a stunning lady! South Korea these women have an innocent and cute faces with appealing personalities their fair and glowing skin glossy black hair and supple and curvy body with medium Heights make them extremely appealing. The resort was founded by entrepreneur Kristina Roth who decided it would be a great idea to have a women-only paradise.

She is the perfect blending of everything that makes the gorgeous women of Serbia, Serbian! There is something amazingly unique about Egyptian women. They are dark, sexy and exotic. They have a honey-colored skin and delightfully dark, wavy hair. Their almond-shaped eyes are dark brown or black and very alluring. These stunning, dark-skinned beauties are What Countries Have The Hottest Women usually quite young; the majority of the female population is under 40 in Egypt.

Thankfully, when women were given the right to vote inthe government began to allow these stunning ladies to show their faces for the first time. For an example of stunning Egyptian beauty, look no further than Arwa Gouda, one of the most beautiful women in the world; she is an actress and model and is living proof that Egypt houses some very sexy ladies.

There is something inherently romantic about France. The language, the culture, the art, and the people all seem to be deeply romantic. They are in love with all things beautiful; food, wine, relaxation, and their very beautiful women.

These 10 Countries Have The Hottest Women in the World, According To Study From GirlsOnAMap.com

The ladies of France are light skinned with a variety of hair colors, but their stunningly beautiful girl-next-door looks are made exotic by What Countries Have The Hottest Women amazing accents. French women always seem to have very kissable, pouty mouths and a desire to show off What Countries Have The Hottest Women figures with their designer clothing. The pinnacle of French beauty can be found in the Academy Award winning Marion Cotillarda stunningly gorgeous example of how beautiful the French ladies can be.

Argentina is known for its love of soccer. The country is huge, covering most of the southern part of South America. These ladies are incredibly hot! Girls from Argentina are long ago decedents of the Italian and the Spanish invaders, mixed with a little Native American, giving them a stunning diversity that will makes our jaws drop.

Some have the exotic, sexy darkened skin of their ancestors while some are delightfully, beautifully light-skinned. The gorgeous actress Julie Gonzalo is a stellar example of an Argentinian; lucky us, she moved to America as a child, and we are so lucky to have her sexy self! Italy is deeply rich in history. The countryside is dappled with grapevines and olive branches, its people deeply in love with art and philosophy and history.

They are experts in producing things of great beauty, from amazing food, stunningly deep artwork, and some very, very fine women. These beauties are classically European with friendly faces and slim figures. Italian woman are sexy, smart and love to be chased. Nothing says sweet and sexy and gorgeous all at the same time article source a real Italian girl; for example, the stunning Giusy Buscemi, a model who also is working hard on her film career.

Girls in South Korea are undeniably some of the most adorable women in the world. Most women in South Korea have soft, round faces with wide eyes thanks mostly to the incredibly popular double eyelid surgery rather than genetics. Their faces resemble porcelain dolls: Korean women are usually slim and small and oh-so-sweet. Korean culture makes everyone much more welcoming than Americans are used to, so Korean women far friendlier and easier to talk to.

An example of one of the most beautiful South Korean women in the world is the girl-next-door, deliriously pretty actress Go Ara. India is the land of home-cooked meals, curried spices, and tradition.

Bikini bodies with great tans V 73 Comments. I believe there are only some ten to one hundred thousand models in the U. We will take Canadian and American women on the same level.

They have some of the most beautiful cultural costumes in the world with the high intricately decorated sari. But even more beautiful are the Indian women who wear them.

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India is a South Asian country with some of the most gorgeous people in the world. With the honey glow of their skin to the amazing shine of their perfect black hair, Indian women benefit from an array of all natural beauty secrets passed from generation to generation, and they are definitely working for them! The country of Venezuela sits on the coast of the northern part of South America, just north of the equator.

Its lands are stunning and tropical and its people are a melting pot of Roman Catholic Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. The Spanish-speaking country is famous for its history, oil production, natural features and its amazingly beautiful women.

The ladies of Venezuela put a lot of effort into standing out and being pretty; they have dominated so many of the international beauty What Countries Have The Hottest Women. Just take a look at actress and model Gaby Espino or Norelys Rodriguez; either would win any contest she entered! Imagine the most classically stunning pretty girl that we could take out to the club after taking home to meet Mom. They all look like the prettiest girl-next-door ever anyone has ever seen, but there is something smoldering and sexy in their eyes.

They will spare no expense to look their absolute sexiest while still being classically feminine and deeply What Countries Have The Hottest Women oriented. Brazil seems to produce more supermodels, stellar actresses, and well-known stunning women than any other place on earth. They were host to the World Cup, a series that not only showed off their love of soccer, but also the incredibly sexy fans that came out to cheer all the teams on!

Brazilian women are famed for being stunningly beautiful, sexy, and easy with a genuine smile; this is the country link produced the gorgeous actress Catherine Zeta-Jonesthe-step-above-supermodel Gisele Bundchenand the racy and steamy Megan Fox. There is just something in their eyes and the way they speak that makes us want to get to know them better! Despite the unrest between them and Russia, Ukraine is a booming economy filled with amazing sites and fun things to do.

10 Countries With The Most Beautiful People

Ukraine is also an Orthodox country filled with crazy ancient Christian relics and beautiful cathedrals.