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Bird What When You Poops On A Mean It Does

Is bird poop considered good luck?

Closer to home, this superstition is rumoured to have started in the streets of Pretoria by students who were heading towards campus to write their final exams . If you were lucky enough to have a Jacaranda blossom land on your head, you were bound to pass. 5. Having a Bird Poop on you Means Good Things are Coming. 28 Jun After watching this, you will want a bird to poop on you. It means a bird pooped in your head. The consecuences? It depends. Seed/ Insect eating birds: Extra nutrition for your scalp. You may grow healthier hair. Carrion eating birds: You need to take a shower. You're gonna become cleaner.

Learn how using wipes can revolutionise your life. A man in New Zealand won big after a poop incident.

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The man, who lives in the Bay of Islands in the north of the country, said he bought the instant-win "scratch" card after friends told him that the bird droppings were a lucky sign. I plan to start a new life with this win. Did the bird poo have anything to do with it? Is it good luck when a bird poops on you? Hence, although, it is really yucky and a major inconvenience, when something like this happens to you, take comfort in the fact that this is described as good luck being just around the corner!

The high uric acid in bird droppings are why brace yourself some luxury spas use bird poop for a facial ingredient. Nightingale poop, in particular, is the latest rage. Some report that Asian women have used nightingale droppings as a skin treatment for thousands of years.

Got bird poop atleast 8 times in last two weeks. Thank you for writing such an amusing post! It felt like bad luck to me.

Speaking of models, 20 year old Brit super model Cara Delevingne got hit by poo and instagrammed two pictures of it to her 1. Well at least it's good luck. You can find out more about cleaning bird poo off your car here. So there is lucky poop and beauty poop, but remember bird poop is definitely not good for your car! Have you got any bird poop stories?

What Does It Mean When A Bird Poops On You

What do you think, bird poop, lucky or not? Is bird poop lucky or yucky? I got bobbed on after a hard day in the school holz when I finally Sat down on a bench whilst my daughter was on a zip wire in the park and it went all over my right thumb whilst vapeing!!

Mon August 21 Crow poops were fallen on my right shoulder.

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Is isn't good luck?? Sat May 27 A bird pops on my left shoulder. The bird were in the air. Mon October 10 On Friday last week a bird pooped on my left boob and this week monday on my left shoulder all of this happened when I was walking under the trees.

Anyone who knows the meaning of this? Tue September 6 It just happen to me is it really good luck?

What Does It Mean When A Bird Poops On You

MY mom said some people think it is,so is it? Thu May 19 For my birthday a bird crapped on me Tue March 29 Its true, I had birds poop on my car a week later I won almost 4, at the casino so yes it is true Wed September 30 I was laying on the beach and I just hung up the source with my teenage son and he jokingly said put some ex lax in a piece of bread and throw it to the seagulls and watch them poop like crazy.

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As soon as I hung up a seagull flew over me and pooped on my knee, funny it landed right on the spot where I have a problem with my knee. Now here What Does It Mean When A Bird Poops On You sit posting this and a commercial came on about knee braces for problem knees. Any comments would be appreciated Sun August 2 I was walking to the bus stop. There were severs others on the bus stop already. However a bird pooped on me. It hit my shoulder and the front of my dress Tue July 7 I was sitting in my backyard with my mom when a bird pooped on my shirt.

I wonder if I'm going to have good luck!!! Wed April 29 Every day I go out to get into my car an orioles bird is sitting on my driver side window and pooing. This has happen every day all day long.

I try to run him off, but he please click for source comes back!

I don't get it, why my car and it's still doing it! Sat April 18 I was walking to school this morning with my friend and out off no where a bird shit drop right in my face and in the middle of my hand! Tue December 9 You may also like. Paws at the Ready:

His entire story is transcribed source with said word omitted. Each to their own if you want to believe it though! I think we can consider my luck neutral during the post-pooping hours. I always used to think that you make your own luck in this world. However a bird pooped on me.