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Harvest Moon Tale of two Towns - Alisa : Wish (Wonderfuls), Proposal and wedding

The Flower Events

12 Oct Bachelorettes - Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns: There are six eligible girls in Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns for your male character to woo. I have been trying to woo Cam and I have given him a gift every day since Spring 3rd, its now Spring 30 and he still hasn't asked me on a date. And I also checked a site that said you need 5, FP to have the person ask you on a date. And according to a gift guide I've given him 6, FP worth of gifts (I. 19 Jun Nintendo DS and 3DS game Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns launches in Europe on 29th June , Rising Star Games has announced. The 3DS version o.

IGN uses cookies and other tracking technologies to customize online advertisements, and for other purposes. Romance is an integral part of the game and Courtship can lead to Marriage. One of the Initial Requests deals with social interactions.

If you live in Bluebell, Cheryl will give you the Tutorial. If you live in Konohana, it is Ayame who will impart some information about making friends. Cheryl will tell you: To improve your friendship with people, just talk to them every day! People naturally become better friends with some one who talks to them every day!

Greet every one you meet! Fulfilling requests and taking part in village events are good, too! Did you kow that you can give gifts to people? To give some one a gift, talk to them while holding what you want to give them! Primary is the ritual of 'meeting and greeting' every one regularly. If you can do this on a daily basis with every one in both Villages, so much the better.

If not, try to alternate between Characters or Villages so that you do not neglect any one. It is not necessary to give Gifts to Characters in order to raise Friendship Levels but Gifts are worth more in terms of Friendship Points than simple conversation.

Remember when you speak to any one to speak to them two or three go here. The first dialogue will be no more than a greeting.

Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns: Hiro REVERSE proposal and marriage. ENGLISH

It is when you speak to some one again and then once more after that in the course of any encounter that you will learn interesting facts and details. Only one Gift can be given to any Individual per day. If you attempt to give a second Gift, it will be refused very politely. The successful completion of a Request will raise Friendship Levels as well as giving Rewards in the form of special Items, including new Tools. At the start of the game, Request Rewards in the form of Cooked Dishes often will be a means of obtaining Favourite Gifts for other Characters that otherwise could not be created or purchased in the first or second seasons of gameplay.

Harvest Moon games are driven by social interactions. New options are unlocked often when you attain a specific Friendship Level with a Character. As Cheryl will instruct you, a Gift should be an Item that the Character likes in order to have a positive effect on Friendship Levels.

An Item that the Character dislikes or loathes will decrrease Friendship Levels although the effect is not permanent. There is one special Gift that is worth far more than all others for each of the Eligible Girls and Bachelors.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is one distrinct Item that is an object of Utter Harvest Moon Tale Of Two Towns Dating Guide when given to just click for source Individual. The value of this Negative Gift is Friendship Points!

What pleases one Individual may disgust another.

You will not meet Alisa at the start of the game. Also, if you feel like it, you can still go on dates with the other marriage candidates after you are married. You can't celebrate your birthday until after you're married. The rest is up to you! But if you do so, you will start to rack up the jealousy points with your husband or wife.

Although Rubbish Items are scorned by most Characters, there usually is some one who will perceive at least one of these Items as useful or desirable. Paying attention to a Characters's Responses is an important aspect of gameplay. Apart from the Gifts that have significant value in Tale of Two Towns, there are far more that are simply Acceptable. There is no time limit where Friendship or Courtship is concerned. A Player should not be too focused on 'Most Favourite Gifts', especially at the start of the game, when most of those Items will be unattainable.

Flower Events

Make the effort to 'Meet and Greet' every one instead and to give an Item that is Acceptable whenever possible. You will find that Click here Levels will increase fairly quickly if you follow this plan. As Courtship and Marriage are very popular aspects of any Harvest Moon game, this Guide lists Eligible Girls and Eligible Bachelors first, followed by a section that is devoted to all Other Characters.

You will find basic information, including Birthdays and Favourite Gifts included here, as well as a brief description of each Character. Easiest Gifts, usually Items that are found in the Wilds or are extremely inexpensive, are suggested whenever possible. Actual Responses to Gifts are included. The Items mentioned in connection with these Responses are not the ONLY Gifts that would elicit the Response in question but rather are Items that actually have been tested.

Any Gift that elicits a specific Response will have equal Friendship Points value to any other Item that prompts the same Response. Using simple inexpensive Items that are plentiful and can be given to a number of Characters is a good strategy in any Harvest Moon Tale Of Two Towns Dating Guide Moon or Rune Factory game.

Any Item in Harvest Moon can be detested by one Individual and loved by another, so you need to know when to give an Item and when to withhold it. The Easiest Gifts List can be a useful tool in this respect.

Classy Outfit Favourite Wild Animals: She, with Nathan, preside over the Church ceremonies and whatever rituals occur unseen by others.

Harvest Moon Tale Of Two Towns Dating Guide

You can marry Alisa in Tale of Two Towns, but she has special requirements as befits a priestess of the Harvest Goddess. Although you can marry Alisa, she will not have a child, presumably because she has taken vows of chastity.

Jealousy Points (TToTT)

You will not meet Alisa at the start of the game. You then can experience her Introduction Event by walking to the Mountaintop between Nathan will become the local Priest at the Church on 3 Winter of the first year. Alisa has the same likes and dislikes as she had in Island of Happiness and Sunshine Islands. Seasoning Set, Black Egg Loves: Her Father, Grady Favourite Outfit: Work Outfit Favourite Wild Animals: Georgia loves all Animals, wild or domesticated Georgia lives in Bluebell Village with her father, Grady, who owns and manages here Animal Shop.

She loves Nature in general and any Gift of a Flower or Insect is acceptable. All Flowers, Insects Actual Dialogue: I thought I'd take a walk since it's my day off. But I couldn't stop wondering how the horses were doing.

Harvest Moon Tale Of Two Towns Dating Guide

Actual Responses Harvest Moon Tale Of Two Towns Dating Guide Gifts: For Magic Blue Flower: I just love this. And you got it for me? Why, is that for me? On Spring Harmony Day: For Chocolate Sponge Cake: Why, what delicious-looking chocolate! Grady and I talked about our daughters for 3 hours. It must be her way of taking a little break. Article source father, Howard Favourite Outfit: Urban Outfit Favourite Animal: She is a very elegant girl with upswept blonde hair.

Laney loves Sweets, although her trim figure shows no evidence of it. She is very fond of Flowers, whether they be cultivated Flowers or the Wildflowers you can find in the Mountain Area. Everything I bake is delicious! That's one of my favourite things! This makes me really happy! This is for me? For Weed or Butterfly: It's not my favourite, but since you got it for me Oh, Harmony Day chocolate!

So look forward to Winter Harmony Day! About my beloved girl. I decided to write down what my daughter does so I can understand her better.

Now times to go home and make dinner! Her grandfather, Gombe Favourite Outfit: Wild Outfit Favourite Wild Animals: None Disliked Wild Animals: Egg Custard Nori is a traditional farmer who lives with her grandfather Gombe in a house on the east side of Konohana Village.

Her grandfather sells Crop Seeds.

Nori loves Rice Dishes. From spring through summer, I grow wheat. And at this time of year, I grow cucumber and asparagus as well. On days I don't have to work on the farm, I like to take walks in the village. I love to chat with Reina when I get the chance.

Central Fiction Crash Bandicoot N. What are you giving me this for? How did you figure out what I like? Flower events can be trigged once you reach the approprate friendship level or you are higher than the required friendship level:.