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Now this is the weird bit - and the bit I really hope you don't judge me on, but I really want to date a pregnant lady. Please don't think I am some sort of weirdo or sexual deviant - its just I would love to be with someone special as they are going through something phenomenal as bringing another life into the. 1 Aug When I was pregnant, the last place I expected to find myself was on Tinder. But when I got dumped by my baby daddy five weeks in (despite the fact we'd been together for 12 months, it had actually never been that serious), I decided to dust off the heartbreak and embrace dating while I still had the. No I'm Not pregnant, but I've heard some women that while they are pregnant they still want to date other men. I wonder why they are looking to date still? I would love to hear from both sides of the coin.:) Plus I thought it would be a good topic to talk about. ***And yes I'm doing some research for a piece.

For curiosity sake, I was wondering if anyone would date a girl who was pregnant. Serious relationship seeking or other wise. Meet singles at DateHookup.

She'd dump my azz when she got her body back. As a single mom, I didn't have any offers while I was pregnant, but my best friend did. Well damn tater, we are damned either way.

I Am Dating A Pregnant Girl

I left my ex for several reasons, not knowing I was already pregnant. So do I abort simply because we aren't together? I never had a child and was told by physicians I never would, so abortion was not an option. I wanted my child, with or without my donor. Fortunately, I had someone there for me.

I didn't just date guys, he was a friend for many years. Just for whatever reasons we never pursued a relationship until then. When I found out I told him immediately and his reaction was very admirable and he is still very active with my son. Makes, the first line of my reply states, I'm not here to make a moral judgement. I then go on to ask specific questions that are based upon education and finances. Although there are always exceptions, it is proven that teenage pregancy is a big indicator that you will not finish high school or just go through high school without any higher check this out. This scenario is typically deemed the "working poor".

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This group constitutes those who are minimally educated, working low paying jobs that do not or barely provide enough to make ends meet.

FYI, there is a high divorce rate amongst these couples because they don't have the experience or maturity to handle a baby along with the stress of not having enough money.

I'm working off of many years experience and statistics. There are always exceptions but they tend to be far and few between UNLESS someone is mentoring and guiding these women. I'm curious if you would be good enough to answer the questions I posed.

Where are you and your baby living? An apt or with your learn more here What is your level of education? Are you seeking additional education via college or a technical school to I Am Dating A Pregnant Girl the skills to earn enough to care for your child? What is the level of education of your child's fathers and what type of work is he doing?

Of course you have the right and choice to answer or not to answer. I'm in the financial services field and also volunteer to speak to women in various stages of divorce with their finances. I'm also involved in animal rescue. Although, I'm big hearted and believe in giving back to those who are in need ie: However, it irks me as a taxpayer that I'm having to pay for people that make foolish choices that cost us all. No doubt,but it'd be my luck after she had the baby.

You are definately asking a loaded question. I personally have been there and done that for all the wrong reasons. Continue reading had the unpleasant task of I Am Dating A Pregnant Girl a single parent with 4 children. Seems to be a lot of nice people here. If she was 'newly' pregnant I would date her until it started to show.

I'm thinking though that a pregnant womans thoughts should be occupied elsewhere rather than trying to get a date. I did when I was in my early 20's. The relationship never really went past a physical one though because she was kinda crazy I dated while I was pregnant, I didn't know I was yet.

But when I found out I was uncomfortable sleeping with one guy carrying another's child. Actually he was very understanding and patient. He still treats my son as his own. I will never sever that bond, no matter what happens between us. If she was looking serious relationship i think they are sexer when there are pregnant.

I don't know if I would or not, because if she is still pregnant but single, I would be curious as to what happened in the last relationship, Now I know most women will say HE left me after I got pregnant, and half the time that is true, the other is could be she has no idea who the father is, or she screwed the guy over and he told her to piss off I would definitely half to get to know them first Only if i fall in love with the girl.

Wich means she's got to be drop dead gourgus I don't know how you read it where I say your damn both ways. If I'm the dad, I'd date her. If I'm not, no way. For several weeks I dated a very pregant girl about six months along when I was your age and had a lot of fun with her. Tater, I read it correctly.

I Am Dating A Pregnant Girl

I was saying that we are damned either way. I don't know how you are getting to that. I said that because we are frowned upon for being single unwed mothers. People assume the worst when they hear single mom. The double standards and assumptions that people have are often way I Am Dating A Pregnant Girl base.

So when I read your reply on having to see why she's not in the previous relationship. I think most women would prefer to stay with the father of their child. Unfortunately, we are often faced with decisions where we have to chose best between two evils. Do I stay in an unhealthy relationship to fit society's standards or do I step outside the box to do what is best not for me but my child. If she's mine well of course.

If she's not mine, no; and I approve this message. I fill not to that part of my life yet to be in relationship with woman that has kid or is going to have kid, beyond just to be friends. Life is too complicated as is without getting into that kind of a relationship. If there was no sex. If there was no money I'd be out there on the battlefield with my two Dwarven axes happy in my killrage!!

You'll forgive me for veering off topic but I can't help but ask a few questions: I'm not here to talk about morality. WHY did you get pregnant? HOW are you supporting your babies?


Have you placed this burden on your families? OR are people like myself and other taxpayers footing the bill? At 19 you should be dating and in school whether if be college or a trade school. However, because you elected to get pregnant your life is forever changed.

I was "Wow, I would be too busy thinking about other things. Would you date a pregnant girl? I really don't think someone who just got pregnant and has no intention of being with the father is in a stable enough place in life for me to want to date them. Because she was trying for one before but didn't happen, then she gets pregnant on. Wasn't any different from any other relationship, except for the fact that I didn't have to worry about impregnating her for awhile.

Now I Am Dating A Pregnant Girl you've bought a baby into this world the LAST thing you need to think about is dating! You need to focus your energies on being the best mother you can possibly be. This may mean taking parenting classes. You need to find out "how" to get into an educational program, whether college or trade school so you can acquire the skills to SUPPORT your child.

If you can't or won't step up to the plate consider placing your baby up for adoption with a family that is prepared for the task. I've dated a pregnant woman before. Wasn't any different from any other relationship, except for the fact that I didn't have to worry about impregnating her for awhile. This is in reply to rocket who obviously doesn't comprehend what she reads. I http://1dating.me/wek/dating-someone-who-broke-your-heart.php I was a single mother NOT pregnant, and you don't know me so dont attatch a label or in your case number 1,2, or 3 to me.

I'm not another statistic just cuz I'm My best friend is no longer pregnant she's also married. I said she had dating OFFERS while she was pregnant and was curious whether or not anyone would really date a pregnant girl or if as a pregnant girl you date.

So don't go moral values on me without reading through, thank you. Remember when you were 19 and thought you knew everything and got pissed off when old people told you what to do because you were a spoiled little twat? It depends on the situation.

I probably would depending how I felt about her and after we talked about the future.

Would you date a pregnant girl?

Truthfully, I don't want the responsibility of another child at this point in my life. I have no problem dating mothers, but their kids are not mine.

Remember when you were 19 and thought you knew everything and got pissed off when old people told you what to do because you were a spoiled little twat? Meet singles at DateHookup. But I probably wouldn't date a pregnant girl that I met, say, on online dating, for many of the reasons that others have pointed out -- ulterior motives, the father might come back, dealing with huge life changes with someone I barely know, etc. Anything wrong with a 26 year old dating a 44 year old man?

I'd never mistreat any child, but raising another baby doesn't appeal to me.