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Can you tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

Tell us something unique or interesting about yourself! Also not sure how unique that is, but it sure impresses the nieces and nephews. .. Growing up fashion forward in small town Ohio didn't go over so well in the dating scene when 1/2 the population was still wearing feathered hair the other 1/2 prayed to the aqua net. That will tell me a join date if you're having fun quizzes. Wondering how 'bout we grab drinks on in fact about self-betrayal gripped me a crush on a man is the ordinary. Possibly you to write about yourself having fun wherever you questions. Take it often, maybe even go something about you just lazy and have 3, love. 3 Aug Six weeks ago, I changed my Grindr status to "Instead of 'hey', feel free to start by telling me something interesting about yourself!" I got, shall we say, a variety of responses. Some of them shared a little Some of them shared a lot Some of them were educational Some of them wanted to get the.

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Q4 Tell us something interesting about yourself.

Hating the pop up ads! What the title says. Something just kind of out of the ordinary. And please for those of you with some sexual fetish, keep it to click. I only like to wear black socks.

I will only wear black socks. I can't remember the last time I wore a pair of socks that weren't black. If I was to wear a pair of white socks, I'd feel strange and funny the whole day.

I'm a twenty-three-year old guy whose best friend is a gothic fifteen-year-old girl. She had no idea that this guy would turn into a problem like this. Im also banned from a funeral home.

I'm 40is and still sleeping with a Teddy bear. In summer I forgat to take him with me I couldn't fall asleep. Next day I went to buy something, I got a tiger plush one.

If a guy asks you to tell you something interesting about yourself? - GirlsAskGuys

My hubby tolerate my need. Follow me on Twitter: Here are you doing?

My first one is that when I go to bed I must be able to cover my whole head up and wrap the blanket around and under my feet. If it is degrees I still have to cover up. I use a seperate twin size blanket to accomplish this without leaving my husband blanketless! My second one is that I have to put the right sock on the right foot. Now I know people are saying that it doesn't matter, but it does. Once you wear a pair of socks you have unwittingly assigned them to a specific foot.

You can't wear socks on the opposite feet because your big toe will be cramped and your pinky toe will have to much space to roam. I feel like I can't breathe if they are Tell Me Something Interesting About Yourself Dating wrong. Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums. I have inherited from my dad's the ability to go to sleep in any position.

Have recently found out that just like my dad, I can go to sleep standing up. I think there is horse or cow in our learn more here tree.

Come to think of it, there were a few farmers opn both sides of the family!

Tell Me Something Interesting About Yourself Dating

I love the old This web page monster movies — all of them. I can usually indentify the monsters by name. It gets me in good with the young year old crowd. Although I am naturally left handed Link have never been able to write with my left had.

Which I count as a blessing since one of my passions is fountain pens. Originally Posted by amazinglygraceless. Although I am naturally left handed I have never been able to write with my left hand.

Originally Posted by Tlynnsmith. You're my long lost I collect fountain pens. I lose as many as I collect, but you get what I'm sayin'.

Ok, mines not weird just neat Clothes in closet all up facing same way color cord and seperated by type, t's short sleave polo, long sleave polos, short sleave oxford ect ect.

Oh ya all white hanggers Under wear folded socks balled up I will never, ever wear a pair of Tell Me Something Interesting About Yourself Dating that aren't 's. I love the fit and the button fly.

Tell Me Something Interesting About Yourself Dating

As a matter of fact, it's probably been about 6 years since I wore another type of jean. I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok. I have a few! Those are the two worse condiments ever! I get shivers just thinking about it!

I keep wet wipes on me at all time just in case I get a spec of dirt on them. I keep a Tide To Go with me for my white tees.

If a guy asks you to tell you something interesting about yourself?

And mini lint brush etc. Originally Posted by P. When I take my shower in the morning I re-wet my hair before I leave and I have to wear these two rings that I have everyday!

I have a couple I will only wear Doc Article source shoes and boots. I got a pair when I was in high school and never realized how much my feet hurt before then. I actually had problems going to the gym until they started making sneakers. I have over 11 pair. I cannot stand to have them near my food. Even the smell will make me sick to my stomach. I will tell a waitress at here restaurant that I don't like them and that I don't want them to even touch my plate.

When I have Tell Me Something Interesting About Yourself Dating food that has a pickle touch it, I send it back. I had to do that at a restaurant 3 times during one meal. I think the people in the kitchen were testing me.

I now tell people that I am horribly allergic to them and that I will die if they come in contact with my food. I can't fall asleep unless the TV is on.

Next day I went to buy something, I got a tiger plush one. And then when a Stop sign is ahead i do a Emergancy stop. They are just dipping their wick in the oil for no other reason than they apparently have nothing better to do. The guy that acts out with a woman is also the guy that would act out in many other situations. I guess in terms of interesting

I set the sleep timer for minutes every night before I go to bed. If I don't I always have the feeling that someone behind me is starring at me or is going to do something. I brush my teeth times a day. In the mornings at home, a few times here at work, and of course at night. I just can't stand not having a fresh mouth. I can't ever answer my landline without saying something stupid, like "House of rock n' roll I can't eat watermelon — can't even stand the smell of it.

Originally Here by realbeach. Originally Posted by Mr. My Sad Story, happy ending Impressed with Android.

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