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31 Jan Over the past 40 years I have been a breeder of exceptional quality, large-breed dogs. I have bread At Bickerstaff Dobermans we have maintained the old fashion Doberman Pinscher. This means they carry a huge bone structure and grow to out weigh most Dobermans seen today. Our old fashion. Older puppies have a lot of advantages. If you see a puppy older than 8 weeks for sale, it does not mean nobody wanted it or that there is something wrong with it. It's not uncommon for us to not even release puppies for sale before weeks. Many puppies from large litters will only catch up in size and development by. Lyles Dobermans Studs and Puppies for sale at a great price located near Chicago. We currently have large Boned European ~ German Bred Working Doberman Puppies for sale bred specifically for your families personal protection and companionship.

These European Dobermans are breathtaking in their "Regal Authority" look. Dark, with intense markings. It was boredom, I think, when I chewed up the chair; They agreed I should go as it just wasn't fair. He will appreciate a romp outside or a long hike, but he is most content to just curl up on a rug in the house next to your feet. They want to be with you, or at least in your presence, even if it is just lying at your feet while you http://1dating.me/zi/how-long-should-i-wait-to-say-i-love-you.php watching T.

Dark Angel Athos has been very successful in the last few months in Western Europe winning: Dark Angel Athos WT: Dobermans are, in general, a gentle, loyal, loving, and highly intelligent breed. However, people often tend to misunderstand their genuine roles - because guard dogs are trained to neutralize unwelcome intruders, many people mistakenly believe that Dobermans are vicious.

The Doberman has been used as a protection dog, due to its intelligence, loyalty, and ability to physically challenge human aggressors. A typical Companion Doberman, well socialized and raised as part of a family, attacks only if it believes that it, its property, or its family are in danger. Many Britton Farms Dobermans find homes in excellent families, and all people who have had first hand experience with our dobermans will tell you that a well-bred and properly socialized Doberman from Britton Farms Dobermans proves to be an excellent Family Companion, suitable for Big Boned Doberman Puppies For Sale with other dog breeds, excellent with young children, and even cats.

The Doberman is a loyal and devoted family member. C lick Here to See Animus' Gallery. Animus Alvaro Di Altobello. Animus at 2 Years Old. Animus with his IDC trophyItaly.

Here is a really great web-site to order any products you may ever need for your doberman. They do have a D. Ask for Chris Mallon or Matt Search Engine Optimization and Free Submission. Dog, Dogs, a Canine Wonderland! Free Search Engine Submission. Click here to see Animus' Progeny Page. Click here for more pictures of Athos in his Gallery.

International Champion Neven Lipar Land. Click here for more snow pics. Here at Britton Farms Dobermans we strive to improve the Doberman breed with every mating we make.

Big Boned Doberman Puppies For Sale

We are constantly importing the best available bloodlines in Europe to assure that we have the very best bloodlines here in the United States Big Boned Doberman Puppies For Sale you. We plan to provide you with the best possible doberman to fill your desires and needs. I link admired the Altobello Dobermans for many years and am proud to be the owner of one of their finest European Doberman Studs.

Dejan and Elena were very helpful and friendly throughout the acquisition of Animus Alvaro Di Altobello. We are working directly with The Top Doberman Kennels in Europe to help to fill the needs and desires of the rest of the Doberman fanciers here in the United States that would otherwise not be able to acquire a doberman of this caliber here in The United States.

These European Dobermans are breathtaking in their "Regal Authority" look. They are truly what a doberman should look like. The Doberman originated in Europe and they are still breeding closest to the original standard of anywhere in the world, so we have gone back to the roots. These European Dobermans are very heavy boned, not like the tiny spindly boned dobermans we have come to see here in The United States.

We have imported most of our breeding stock directly from Europe where they still have strong selection pressures. The dogs must pass temperament evaluations, and often must have working and conformation titles before they are given a license to breed.

Britton Farms Dobermans has been raising and training Doberman Pinschers for over 15 years. Our dogs have the right temperament, color and conformation, you can't click wrong!

The information and opinions expressed here are believed to be accurate, based on the best judgement available to the authors, and readers who fail to consult with appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries. Outgoing and friendly personality. Quite why I was born, I'll never know.

We want to help educate people and show them what Dobermans are really like. They have had a Hollywood Reputation of being Vicious and Un-predictable. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here at Britton Farms Dobermans we will not sell you a puppy and disappear!

Our pups do cost more than many available out there, and for a good reason. Isn't the help and education worth a little more? Like everything in life, you do get what you pay for.

We will be here for you if you need help raising and training your dog wherever you want or need help. We have several upcoming litters, if you are interested in a new puppy, or a started dog, call Many People wonder why I chose Dobermans over all the other wonderful breeds out there. It has mostly to do with my early life experience with them and the wonderful experiences we shared.

Big Boned Doberman Puppies For Sale

Growing up as an only boy my parents bought me a Black Male See more. Radar was his name. His name fit him quite well. We lived in a small town in Central Texas with a population of about It didn't take long for the whole town to get to know Radar. I took Radar everywhere I went. Living in a rural town we hunted white tail dove a lot during Dove Season. I decided to train Radar as a bird dog. Finally I decided to spring my "Fully trained Bird Dog" on my buddies.

They all showed up with their high dollar Bird Dogs, and laughed their heads off when they realized "Radar" was my "Highly Trained Bird Dog". Well Radar Hookup Behind The Explain Principle Radiometric stand it, he would run like the wind and jump feet into the air and come down with the wounded bird and then bring the bird back to me. Needless to say after that day there was no more laughing about Radars abilities in the field, or as my Loyal Companion, or his Protective Instincts.

The Doberman was selectively bred to be what it is, and the type of mind, spirit, and athletic ability they possess. The Doberman has beautiful lines, balance and elegance that I feel no other breed possesses. They have so much power balanced with Big Boned Doberman Puppies For Sale and kindness, that you can't help but notice if you ever have Big Boned Doberman Puppies For Sale chance to spend any amount of time with the breed.

Dobermans are a kind and sensitive breed, eager to please and easy to motivate. They live for Praise and Human affection, and that is all they ask in return for a job well done. They are very funny and entertaining Companions, who love to run and play, wrestle or learn advanced maneuvers. They can entertain themselves without getting into trouble, if you do your part and train them as to what they are allowed to play with.

They do well in packs, pairs or singles so long as their human family becomes part of their "pack. They are very affectionate dogs. I personally refer to them as Velcro Dogs. They want to be with you, or at least in your presence, even if it is just lying at your feet while you are watching T.

They will Big Boned Doberman Puppies For Sale personal attention if you don't volunteer it. They are honest, there is never a hidden agenda. They come to want the same things you want, and look forward to your routine.

They do like structure.

Big Boned European Doberman Pinscher Puppies For Sale

They will not be a dog that just lays on the front porch to bark at strangers. They want a job. They want to please you. I tell people, they do not have to be mean, all they have to do is stand there and bark and Look Intimidating, yet if you want a Trained Protection Doberman, they must be trained to develop real protection maneuvers.

The Doberman was developed by a Tax Collector in Germany. He wanted a dog to travel with him door to door link collect taxes.

He also wanted Companionship. He was on the road a lot, and longed for Real Companionship, and he found this is the breed he developed and came to be called the Doberman Pinschers.

Large Boned Doberman Pinscher Puppy For Sale

I will refer you to the link below if you want more specifics: I believe the correct Doberman is bred to the International Standard where character and temperament are still tested first, then performance ability, then if they pass all of that and a conformation evaluation, they are given a breeding license. Here in the US any two people with dogs can get together and have pups and no one seems bothered by it. Here is a link to the standard that we breed to. Zeus De Britton is a 2 year old male from: Zeus De Britton 2 years old from: Travis Britton Jodi Britton

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