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10 FATTEST People In The World

2 Dec Let's find out together just how big some of the world's fattest kids are. 1. Jessica Gaude World's Fattest girl Ever. Jessica Worlds Fattest girl 1. Meet Jessica Gaude, the girl who was once the world's fattest child. the sight of her like this is indeed gruesome, and it may make you think and suspect child abuse. 12 Feb Jessica Leonard, 5 year old girl weighed lbs (Kg). According to an article in Woman's Day magazine by Graeme Culliford V (reposted on Bodybuilding forums) Jessica's weight problem had become life-threatening, made her unable to walk, and caused severe respiratory and circulatory issues. Jessica Gaude was considered “the fattest girl in the world” at the age of seven. Weighing in at a “whopping” kilograms, which is equivalent to about pounds, Jessica was five times the size of an average seven-year-old. However, Jessica was not born this way. Her mother, Carolyn, neglectfully allowed Jessica to.

Maintaining healthy eating habits is a struggle for many Americans. In fact, inthe CDC released a report that said as many as Jessica Leonard was just one of those children.

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They ordered that Jessica be sent to an obesity clinic in Virginia. In an effort to maintain any progress her daughter would hopefully make at the clinic, Carolyn was also told to attend parenting classes.

That way, she could help Jessica stay on the right track once she was well enough to return home. Incredibly, during her time at the clinic, Jessica was able to lose pounds thanks to a strict diet and exercise routine — no surgery required!

Jessica WAS Worlds Fattest Child

Once Jessica returned home, she was finally able to attend school. She keeps a strict schedule of physical therapy five times a week and her diet is carefully monitored by Carolyn.

While the young girl will need to have surgery to remove the 20 pounds of loose skin, she is finally able to live a carefree life and enjoy her childhood. Videos Make Me Smile.

420-Pound 8-Year-Old Makes A Remarkable Transformation To Get Her Childhood Back

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Fattest Girl In The World Jessica

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Fattest Girl In The World Jessica

Lists Get Healthy Love. Every day that you get to read about the many people who survive cancer is a good day. First impressions can make or break you.

Due to her high body weight her bones were severely distorted. Something had to be done soon, or little Jessica might not have lived long enough to celebrate another birthday. One day Jessica suddenly developed breathing problems and found herself in the ER of a hospital.

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