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Bored Daughter gives her Dad a BIG SURPRISE

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13 Apr 5) I would be worried about being on the hook financially for the kid in some way 6) I would be .. Otherwise, if I come along and try to have a family of my own with a woman who already has a child, I'm basically just an asterisk to a family already in progress, made by someone else. No thank you. 2. 22 Sep And my older two kids are at the hook up age. Already, some of my thirteen year old daughter's classmates are having their first proper kisses. So what is normal when it comes to 'hooking up'? I talked to Dani Klein, Clinicial Psychologist specialising in adolescents. When does hooking up generally begin?. 30 Oct Just like, don't hook up with younger dudes. Shit looks weird. Sure, it's perfectly normal for older dudes to hook up with younger girls le duh. But if you' re an older girl looking to get after some fresh meat, you must be critically desperate.

Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. Do men in their late 20's to late 30's typically avoid dating women with children? I have a successful career and am fairly attractive I'm not sure how to politely say I'm not hideous or overweight but am also no model.

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It's been weeks and I haven't been asked on a single date. I get that dating a woman with a child might be unknown territory and can also have a few hurdles but there are also many pros as well. So I'd love to hear it right from the source Why wouldn't you take a chance on a single mom? Delete Report Edit Lock Reported.

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Kingslayer Send a private message. If I were a single dude with no kids, I wouldn't date a single mom because: Seeing a woman cry is hard enough, seeing a kid cry is gut wrenching My Daughter Is Hookup A Girl I would know that I am always placed on the back burner, the kid's needs come first rightfully so 5 I would be worried about being on the hook financially for the kid in some way 6 I would be worried about mommy read more the kid against me as leverage to guilt me into shit 7 I would be worried about not having as much sex as I'd like to because of the extra responsibility and time involved with raising a child That's all I can think of for now.

Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. All that plus "You're not my daddy" ringing in your ears I pulled that with my step dad all the time It does go a little deeper though.

But on the other hand Your children may, at any time and for any reason reject your partner and then create a dilemma for you. That is futile…you are right…. Ohim sorry man. If I were you, I would leave my son out of my dating profile.

This man was in his forties and never had kids or really been around kids much. His idea of discipline was to put his hands around my neck or push me into the wall Efforts were made to coexist but we never really made peace and he died when I was fifteen No, I didn't kill him.

There's still that part of me that regrets never having the opportunity to take him on as a grown adult. Show him that hitting me wasn't as easy as it was when I was a child. Edited on April 13, at All valid points, I appreciate the feedback. Personally, I feel you shouldn't have to worry about 1, 5, 6 or 7 with an emotionally and financially stable single mother. But I am glad you brought them up as I never realized those are the types of fears a guy might have.

This see more was removed by a moderator. Ohim sorry man. I didnt mean that, it was just a joke you being cruel. I understand how you feel about him. He was a total punk may he r. You dont have to hold on to the hate. It was a long time ago and it's past. I'm too worried about my future to let it bother me.

I wasn't completely innocent either. I used to steal his porn knowing he couldn't do anything My Daughter Is Hookup A Girl it.

The guy may be noncommittal, or worse, in another no-strings relationship. They admire strong women and like their independence. This is how i experienced dating single mums a few years ago, it really put me off.

He couldn't tell mom on me and he couldn't come after me and have to explain it to mom either. CaliMAn Send a private message. Unfortunately, last I checked, there's no official way to guarantee when meeting a woman for the first time just how emotionally or financially stable she is or isn't Sorry we kinda got off track for a second there Edited on April 14, at Gabri Send a private message.

As a stable single mother I second this. But can understand any good man would feel this way, at the same time any respectable women wouldn't bring their kids to the first date. I think you may be over thinking it. Bradley Send a private message. I am a 20 year old guy, currently dating someone Age 21 with a child Aged 11 months The father is still involved in both the baby's life and her life too They get lifts together to places etc etc I am not allowed to go to the baby's 1st birthday party.

I am constantly told that a relationship with her is a relationship with her baby At the same time i'm constantly told that I will, and i quote: I've gotten along fine If i can even call it "fine" but she seems to lack any sympathy about how hard it is on my end to have to sit down every-day and see the baby, knowing it is half hers and half her ex's I can see her ex in My Daughter Is Hookup A Girl baby's face I agree with every single point you've made and I honestly My Daughter Is Hookup A Girl it so difficult sometimes, trying to urge her to understand that I am fine with the father being involved in visit web page baby's life still, just not hers!

IanLang Send a private message. When someone signs up for a here site, even if they're just seeing what's out there, there's still the broad presumption that they might meet someone to date seriously, and maybe marry, and maybe have kids with. Most younger guys, if they're thinking of having kids at all, are probably angling to have their own, not necessarily raise someone else's.

Using a dating site makes it even harder because people have the luxury of being picky. When you meet in public, you have a chance to get to know each other before the subject of kids even comes up, and they might decide that the added wrinkle is still worth it.

But online, they can see that you have a kid and easily say "next.

To all of it. I was going to post something really similar before I saw your answer. Justin Send a private message. Men on those sites are complete strangers.

Not a great idea for your children or your own heart. There is someone out there i can promise you that. Make sure he wants to build a friendship with you and dont just introduce your kids right away if he breaks your heart he would also break the childrens. He has to make you feel about everything he has to be a friend before a lover.

My Daughter Is Hookup A Girl

He has to know your children come first. HE has to be patient and open with you all the time. Asking about your children is great but wanting to know just as much about your kid s as he does you putting effort by asking her if she needs anything if they need anything. If he does things to make you say you didnt have to do that or leaves you thinking wonderful thoughts. Just remember no man is more important then the love you give to your kids. Tessa Send a private message.

I noticed some of these things with my bf. Its amazing to have someone divide your struggles and share your joy with. Edited on November 18, at Dating is challenging enough as it is Some guys don't want kids at all, ever. Some guys aren't sure about kids yet. Some guys may be amenable to kids but would rather meet a girl without to have their OWN kids with. And other guys may have kids My Daughter Is Hookup A Girl, in which case your kid just adds an extra complication. You say there are pros to dating a woman with a child.

Bored Daughter gives her Dad a BIG SURPRISE

Because I cannot think of any. There are some elements of dating women with children that are not negative, or are tolerable, or some that may even possibly be enjoyable Now don't despair, some guys out there WILL tolerate the existence of the kids, and may even some day grow to love them as their own. But without knowing you from Eve? As a general preference, all things being equal? Yeah, read article want to avoid the baggage.

Listen, full disclosure, I am a happily married man in my mid's with 3 wonderful baby daughters. They are the meaning of my life. I love my girls to death.

My Daughter Is Hookup A Girl

Actually, that's an understatement, because having only one in my hand at a given time feels like a vacation. Those moments when all three are screaming and crying to be picked up and held at the same time while my back muscles are spasming S. Forget dating other women with kids, my kids barely allow me to have a date my own WIFE. Or have a quiet sit-down meal with her. Or even just a conversation longer than 90 seconds without interruption.