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What Color Is Your Aura?

What Color is Your Aura? | Playbuzz

Find your aura color with this fun aura color test. Click the 'Continue' button to start the quiz. At the end of the test, you will get the results with your aura color and what it means to you! Continue .. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions. 23 Nov The aura is an energy field that surrounds humans and ALL living things. It's believed that the aura reflects a person's thoughts and feelings! Are you ready to find out the color of your aura? Can You Solve A Murder Case? Do you have what it takes to get to the bottom of it? Are you a master detective. Everyone has an element, a season, a personality, but what about their aura? Why do you think a hurt soul should always survive. It depends on what kind of person they are.

This is an amateur quiz. Sorry if it offends, that is not the intention Enjoy! Published June 30, What color aura do you have? Put up walls and keep all other countries out. Pull out of all wars and battles. Try to solve problems with enemies.

Help the poor around the world. Use taxes and create more public displays, festivals, etc. Try to fix as many of its problems as possible. Make treaties and alliances with other countries. Tax the people and get more money. Try new things and hope they work out. Control everybody and everything. Pick it up and take it away. Look for the owner.

Trip over it because you were listening to your iPod and didn't notice it. See it and begin to daydream about your significant other proposing to you. Make sure nobody is looking, then pick it up silently and walk away.

Smile, but leave it. Rip it in pieces because it reminds you of bad memories in life. In a field of daisies. At a party, where the crowd is at. When I'm in a quiet place.

What Aura Do I Have Quiz

When everyone is getting along. When I feel adventerous. Only when I get my way. They may be necessary to gain control. We should do them to see if it helps and pull out if it doesn't. Whatever works for what we need and want. No, we should isolate ourselves.

Drawing upon techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBTthey offer two effective methods for overcoming our own negative thinking patterns. Reiki Therapy at the Norton Cancer Institute video. The aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds every creature that exists. The content on Soulful Path is designed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment. When I'm in a quiet place.

No, that's not very fun. Wars are not good because it kills people's loved ones.

What Color Is Your Aura?

Everyone should just get along, don't spill blood. Think of my favorite things get the reference? Help people get along.

Is something watching you? How will you look like at 18? Letting my heart get broken.

Go somewhere quiet and relax. Spend time with loved ones. Get away from everything. In the bathroom, crying. Innocently trying the punch. Leaning against the wall, watching. Chilling with my friends. Being the life of the party, of course! Sitting outside and listening to the crickets. Breaking up the fight. Playing with all the buttons on the DJ stand. Telling people what they should do to be cool. Try to make sure I was in their will.

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Ask them what they were dying of. Try to reject the sad news. Helping them settle their affairs. Making sure they were not in pain. Help them go out with a bang. Be sadder than anything because I love them so much. Hiding read more true feelings.

Confused on how something like that could happen. Crying; this has happened too much. Loaning money to people I don't know will pay it back. Letting my heart get broken.

Getting into other's problems. Gotten into things purely because of curiousity. Log in to add to the discussion. Log in or sign up. What do your tears hold? Which High-School stereotype are you? Valentines Day Quiz What are you?

What Aura Do I Have Quiz

How will you look like at 18? Do you have Anxiety? Is something watching you? Are you sweet or dark? Create an outfit and I give you a hairstyle that suits your taste in clothes. Who is the Perfect Boy for You?

What Color is Your Aura?

Where Do You Belong? What is your hidden godly power? Are you cute according to standards? What Type Of Girl are you?