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14 Jan This week's episode really highlights how much better Battle of the Exes works when the couples are actual exes and not just people who made out one time. Jonna and Jay seethe and revenge-kiss as their exes/partners, Jenna and Zach, inch toward hooking up, and Johnny's not-even-veiled contempt for. However, Jonna has little time for Jasmine when she cuddles up with a hunky player (Zach Nichols) on an opposing team, a move that could infuriate other competitors. But opposing teams beware because, as Jasmine warns, "Anyone messes with my family, they're in for a rude awakening!" Will Cancun's close-knit bond. Jonna found herself in that exact situation on this season of MTV'sBattle of the Exes 2” when she wasJonna, zach still dating. Okay, Ashley., so everyone saw you living with Jonna before when you guys weren't together; now you're living with Jenna More News: The success of the show, hookups., the popularity of the .

This week's episode really highlights how much better Battle of the Exes works when the couples are actual exes and not just people who made out one time.

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These are actual stakes, and we feel them through the screen. People keep talking about how much it sucks to "work together," which would be hilarious except that this really is their job. The challenge this week involves running around a baseball diamond which is more of a square, and which Teej calls a "baseball field" while doing a different task at each base, with the last place teams being eliminated at every stop. The first one is suck and blow, because most of these people are too young to have seen Clueless and only know Alicia Silverstone as a weird lady who bird-feeds her kid.

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The second one involves unscrewing a bunch of bats and balls, because body-part symbolism? Then the third one involves tongues, because absolutely no one on this show needed help coming up with stupid single entendres. The final three couples are CT and Diem sob!

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I'd say that these three couples could wind up being the ones in the finale, except that we all already know what happens to Diem during the filming. Bananas and Nany ultimately win and are that week's "Power Couple," which means that Nany probably wants to get back at some of the girls who have been slut-shaming her all week Theresa, Nia, Theresa again.

I literally quoted the description of what OP said. Vendettas - Spoilers Megathread. What did Jenna ever do to her?

When they eat some kind of Power Couple pizza, they invite Wes and Theresa to threaten-slash-bargain with them, and Theresa tells Nany that she should have "more respect for herself, as a female. Even though Nany, by her own admission, is dying to send Wes and Theresa into the Dome, she ultimately goes along with Bananas which everyone does on this show, for whatever reason and votes for newcomers Thomas and Hailey, who have committed the venal sin of not being friendly enough to her.

CT takes care of her while also trying to make out with her and gahhhh. Their lack of sexual interest in each other leaves Sarah plenty of time for one-liners.

I hope she's right and he really has changed. I though she was like 25 lmao. And also, its her right to not discuss it. This is what her ankle has devolved to https: Derek Chavez and Jonna Mannion Team cancun.

The herd really needs to thin out a bit so I can get more Leroy on http://1dating.me/zi/bro-code-hookup-your-friends-ex.php TV. How did his internet swim lessons work out? Why does he have so much jaw? It won't work forever, though. Luckily, Saint CT gives them a pep talk to remind them that they should love money more than they hate each other, and that fire helps them pull out a win in The Dome.

Averey accidentally calls Johnny "baby" as she's pushing him to the finish line, though, and tries to act like she does that to everyone.

Zach And Jonna Still Hookup 2018

I honestly hope I never have to hear Thomas talk about losing his virginity ever again. CT nearly wins the challenge, takes pity on Jay, inspires Johnny and Averey to deal with it, and takes care of Diem while only trying to force his mouth on her once or twice.

Theresa admirably refuses to apologize to Nany or give a shit about anything, but that isn't an effective long-term strategy. Between that and her lightning-rod partner, she should expect a lot of quality time in The Dome. Jordan helpfully waves his less-functional hand at the screen when the "twist things off with both your hands" portion of the challenge is announced. They couldn't be prettier; they couldn't be dumber. If Zach weren't so hot, he, his long unkempt hair, and his America t-shirt would be Ted Nugent.

The Wrath Of Teej: Teej congratulates "most" of the teams for doing here good job, specifically burning Averey and Johnny, saying that they have bad communication and that they suck.

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Zach And Jonna Still Hookup 2018

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