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Skip to content Nothing about your Life is going to change unless it does. Life is what it is. Feeling negative about it is never worth your while. Someone asked me the other day if it is possible to not feel negative about Life at times. Of course it is possible.

Aiken Dating Site Video 2018 Wc Final Last 2 Ayat Of Sura

Such is the nature of thoughts. They will always keep swimming in your mind. But you can develop the ability to recognize and rid yourself of negative emotions as they rear their ugly head.

Inez was a superb cook who cooked without recipes. She was indeed a kind-hearted woman. Where training is inadequate or non-existent AEDs will not be used and therefore can play no life-saving role.

This calls for being both aware and honest. Be aware first of the futility of negative thinking. And is there any point in brooding over a problem that you cannot solve? Even so, negative thinking will insist — and ensure — that you brood. This is where awareness comes into play.

It is simple — if you are aware, if you observe your thinking, you will not heed the negative thoughts that will arise in you. Take self-pity and jealousy for instance. Neither of these emotions is constructive.

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Self-pity keeps your feet nailed to the ground and jealousy fills you with negativity. This when you must be brutally honest. What are you pining for?

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And who are you jealous of? Continue this train of awareness-based questioning: Is what you are pining for really so critical for your Life? Can you not manage without it? And is feeling jealous of someone going to make you get what you are http://1dating.me/zu/how-long-has-jesse-james-and-eric-decker-been-dating.php for?

These questions can have an awakening effect. You will be amazed at your own ability to realize that these emotions are wasted, unproductive and are shackling you. Out of that ruthless honesty will emerge the simple clarity that you are who you are. And what you have is all that you have. You will awaken to the reality that pining and brooding is not going to make you, or your situation, any different. Employ awareness and honesty to simplify your Life.

Being positive about Life may not solve your problems. But it will at least make you smile. As a line I often quote, ostensibly from the Guru Granth Sahibgoes: Whatever is due to you will come on its own.

And what is not due to you will never come to you — no matter how hard you try! Seeking deservance is a natural human tendency.

The quota assignments, required for all fishermen in the area, are doled out to prevent overfishing, with each fisherman entitled to a percentage of the total catch. It's not all about FB and Twitter. She was a homemaker and an accomplished artist who enjoyed painting, sculpture and ceramics.

Most of us are hard-working, sincere and honest folks who believe that whatever we do must be compensated fairly and our contributions must be both recognized and rewarded. But this does not always happen in Life. Tragically, he was among the who perished in that terror attack. His family, led by his mother Talat Hamdani, fought this humiliation and sought redemption.

Someone who goes in to help, ends http://1dating.me/zu/who-is-princeton-from-mindless-behavior-dating-2018.php sacrificing his Life, but is named a terror suspect but, years later, a Street is named after him — something that will stay on for posterity? But such is Life!

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When you bring in emotion into a fight such as this one, you are expending precious energy which may actually click useful for lasting the long haul. Righting a wrong is important. But perishing in the bargain, suffering, is avoidable.

Quoting a couplet from the Guru Granth Sahib, which says, pretty much, the same thing: It is not check this out religion that draws upon one line or school of thought. It is also the only religion that is not built on the teachings of a single Guru, but is based on the teachings of 10 Masters, with the Guru Granth Sahibbeing the final and ever-living Guru.

To me, it is not even a religion — it is a beautiful confluence of various streams of wisdom. Which is why Sikhism, and the Guru Granth Sahibare very contemporary and very relevant even today.

And The Truth, he said, was unspeakable. Which is why he, and his successors, sang it. Which is why the Guru Granth Sahib is in verse, containing angs limbs or literary sectionsactually hymns, complied and composed between and Perhaps, by virtue of their religion being so young, or maybe their upbringing is based on practical and liberal tenets, I have found Sikhs to be very fun-loving, friendly and caring.

They live Life to the fullest. They are never self-obsessed and choose always to get involved, and to serve whenever they get an opportunity. They are also the only set of people on the planet who can laugh at themselves.

Aiken Dating Site Video 2018 Wc Final Last 2 Ayat Of Sura

The innumerable Sardarji jokes that we come across is strong evidence of this. No click community will be so tolerant if they were to be the butt of so much global ribbing and ridicule. So, when a stricture is passed on such a wonderful people, it does shock and surprise. I have another personal reason and learning to share. Understanding and realizing The Truth that Nanak sang about, and that which every spiritual path will take you to, does not require abstinence.

In fact, intelligent living does not demand anything from you. It only wants you to be. To live in the moment and experience the Now.

Only when seeking outside is futile, does man consider seeking within. So, in essence, each one of us has to find our ways to get on to The Path — through experience, through stumbling, through falling and through learning. No religious diktat exists nor can any direct anyone to The Path, unless, she or he really wants to be on it. Simply, nothing outside can distract you or prevent you from here your True Self — and the Godliness in you — except you!

As Nanak himself has sung it so beautifully: Why search for Him without? NYC Officials with Ms. Talat Hamdani Picture Source: