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17 Jul Ross Williams, 37, founded Global Personals with Steve Pammenter in , providing technology that allows media owners, brands and individuals to build their own niche online . They are single consumer brands, whereas White Label Dating provides dating sites on behalf of other media partners. Early on, Williams was joined by Steve Pammenter, a recruitment consultancy owner who helped set up Global Personals Limited in order to fund and launch 1dating.me In WLD announced annual turnover of £25 million, hired Darren Damiano from 1dating.me as financial director and secured a further . MENU. Home · About · Blog · Our sites · Press · Contact Us. © Global Personals Ltd. All rights reserved. // GPL is part of Venntro Media Group // Privacy policy.

Millions of people looking for love sign up for internet dating sites every year. They hand over intimate details about their lives in the expectation they will meet genuine daters. They also expect their personal information will be looked after.

But most of its 2. That is because it runs dating websites on behalf of other companies.

Key Executives for Global Personals Ltd.

Two former employees of Global Personals have described to Channel 4 News how the company carried out industrial-scale deception to dupe innocent daters into parting with their cash. Each team member would be running as many as 15 different personalities: They would use these fake profiles to send flirty messages to innocent users — as many as link an hour were sent by the team.

Global Personals tried hard to keep the practice a secret. New recruits had no idea what the role would involve until they started work, and were told not to discuss the job with friends or family. Most innocent users had no idea that the flirtatious messages in their inbox came from a fake profile created by Global Personals.

White Label Dating Global Personals Limited

A user can register on a Global Personals website for free. The more messages the pseudo team sent from their fake profiles, the more likely innocent users would be to subscribe, or continue their monthly subscriptions. With fake profiles you can get 50 per cent more revenue, sometimes even more.

White Label Dating Global Personals Limited

The pseudo team could string along a girl or guy for up to 24 months, and they pay membership fees every month.

There were loads of cop-outs you could use.

White Label Dating Site (Free) Generating Money - Tutorial

Sometimes, having given an innocent user a brush-off from one fake profile, the pseudo team member would then message them from a different fake account to continue the fake flirting. That did play on my mind a little bit.

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In a statement, Global Personals said: For almost three years we have actively encouraged other online dating businesses to also stop this practice. The company claims it stopped using fake profiles in Ryan and Tom told Channel 4 News the pseudo team was wound up in It now makes this stock of profiles available to its network of sites. So if your profile is on the database, it will appear on every site on the Global Personals network, regardless of whether you want it there or not.

For White Label Dating Global Personals Limited, Channel 4 News spoke to Jenny Beard — she registered with justsingleparents. I want to meet someone who has kids and understands what that life is like.

In NovemberChannel 4 News revealed that the company had created a team of employees whose job was to create fake accounts for its network of websites, in order to send large amounts of flirtatious messages to genuine users. Christopher Graham, the information commissioner, said: They would use these fake profiles to send flirty messages to innocent users — as many as messages an hour were sent by the team. Private Company Information - Bloomberg".

Global Personals told Channel 4 News: We have a customer support team that can advise members which other sites their details may be seen on and who can advise accordingly. But at any time, anyone can set up a new dating website using Global Personals service, and gain access to their stock of profiles. This makes it hard for users to keep a track on where their profile appears.

Christopher Graham, the information commissioner, said: Skip to main news content Skip to news search Skip to news navigation Skip to All 4 navigation.

But most of its 2. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Launched inGlobal Personals Ltd is one of the largest privately owned online dating and social discovery companies worldwide. This page was last edited on 10 Augustat

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